Upcoming Changes and Events starting June 23!

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  1. dreamweaver Community Relations

    Hail Norrathians!

    We're rapidly approaching our patch on the 23rd of June so we wanted to discuss some of the upcoming changes and events beginning with the patch. We've got lots to talk about so let's dive right in!

    Familiar Season 7 Begins and Familiar Revamps

    As part of the launch of the seventh Familiar season the underlying systems used by familiars have gone through a complete overhaul to reduce the amount of data stored on each character and the moving parts that the system uses. While the majority of this change should not be noticeable in play, there are a few interface updates that are a notable exception.

    The familiar level and experience is now listed directly on the familiar item and can be seen on mouse-over or examine.


    Event and promo Familiars now clearly state that they cannot be consumed for familiar experience as part of their description.


    in addition to the above changes, familiars no longer cancel themselves when leveling, and instead recast themselves automatically to force their stat buffs to update when they level.
    Looking forward to season 7? Take a peek at the familiars below


    Expert Dungeons

    The enemies that fill the dungeons of Luclin grow in strength! All Blood of Luclin heroic dungeons now have an Expert difficulty level available! When selecting difficulty for your heroic dungeons you may now select the Expert difficulty for increased difficulty and rewards! The first Expert dungeon entered each day will grant a Grace of Norrath buff, allowing less experienced and geared players the ability to ease themselves into the higher difficulty tiers of heroic dungeons.

    and don't forget completing daily and weekly heroic missions completely within Expert dungeons will grant increased rewards.

    Blood of Luclin Summer Ethereals

    There are some changes coming to Summer Ethereals as well! Completing any weekly mission will grant ethereal rewards, based on the difficulty of the mission. Heroic level missions will grant the lowest amount of reward, then challenge level rewards and finally expert dungeons. Weekly missions must be completed fully in the highest level of mission to receive that reward. For example, if you complete a weekly mission in a normal heroic, you will get the least amount of ethereal currency, in a challenge heroic you will get a medium amount of ethereal currency, and in an expert dungeon you will receive the highest number of ethereal currency.

    Rise of Kunark opens on Kaladim

    While itemization is still ongoing, we know that lots of players are excited to start RoK! Thanks to everyone that assisted the dev team with the beta!

    Pride Bunnies hop on by with some new friends

    and last but not least, Pride bunnies have returned to Norrath and have been joined by 3 new friends! Don't miss out on picking up the fine furry leporidae, You'll be able to claim them from the marketplace for free from June 24th through July 31st.

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  2. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    If itemization for RoK is still ongoing then why are you opening it? I want to play RoK, but playing RoK if it's a mess is just an infuriating letdown. Haven't we had enough of that over the years on TLE?
  3. dreamweaver Community Relations

    My understanding is it will be done when they open it.
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  4. Peredhel Active Member

    Very cool! But you're a tease, not showing the 3 friends.

    I really need to start doing the daily familiar quest, too...
  5. Benj Active Member

    The test patch notes said that solo weekly missions would also grant ethereal coins. Can you confirm that solo missions will still grant ethereal rewards? If so, will solos be at the same level as normal heroics or below normal heroics?
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  6. dreamweaver Community Relations

    Those are the three new friends!
  7. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Also would finishing the solo weekly prevent you from getting ethereal coins from the heroic weekly?
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  8. Lucyfur New Member

    I see all the reward stuff is aimed at groups - heroic, expert etc. Again. Many of us actually prefer to solo but as ever we're overlooked and unimportant.
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  9. Thatdarncat Active Member

    I realize Test is there to test things and that everything trialed than can and often does change before it goes to Live but i was pretty excited when I read this:

    "Each Blood of Luclin solo or heroic weekly mission will grant Peculiar Medallion's, which may be spent at the Ethereal Merchant located within the Wracklands. Completing weekly missions in higher tier dungeons will grant an increased reward amount. So a weekly mission completed in a solo mission will grant the base reward, but completing weekly missions in a Heroic will grant the base reward plus a heroic bonus amount, Challenge or Expert dungeon will grant increasingly larger bonus rewards.”

    I was actually planning to get involved with the Ethereal event for the first time ever because of this. Can we get some clarification on whether the plan to include solo weeklies has now been dropped. And if it has, an explanation as to why the change was made?
  10. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    OOOOOOOOOOOOO different bunnies
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  11. SolarFaire Member

    I too wish to have this clarification.
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  12. Myxx Member

    Pasting from the EQ2 Discord Channel. Comments were made yesterday , June 19th , 2020.

    Someone asked "doing a solo weekly before an heroic one will screw me up ? I won't have any extra rewards doing challenge heroic weekly after a solo one ? And same thing, I shouldn't do a normal heroic weekly before a challenge one ?"
    And here is Caith's reply.

    It sounds like we all get Ethereal coins from the once a week Ethereals Ahoy weekly quest no matter what type of zone you run.

    People that that complete the solo and/or solo overland weekly will get coins.
    People that complete the Heroic weekly will get bonus coins.
    The amount of bonus coins is based on what difficulty you completed the heroic weekly in,

    Normal Heroic, Challenge Heroic or Expert Heroic.

    Dreamweaver , correct me if I'm wrong here.
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  13. StoneAch Member

    Couple Questions for Season 7 familiars

    1) Is this going to be pure p2w thing or are there going to be a realistic chance of getting them?
    Due to massive bonuses they give s7 celestial familiars are obviously gonna be need-to-have for competitive raiders. In previous xpac there was a slight chance of getting whenever you finish zone/daily/weekly missions. This xpac, I haven't gotten a single familiar crate, and I run full round of heroics every single day. I do get rockhoppers though, lol. Additionally I run that daily familiar quest but 99% of the time I get treasured familiar, and a legendary every once in a while. I have only gotten one fabled this xpac from that quest. So with that in mind, are there gonna be any realistic chances of getting a celestial s7 familiar for those of us who can't afford to spend cash. Since these make a huge difference for competitive raiders, why then not make one of them a raid reward for let's say clearing the raid content? This is a ton of work for active raiders, and is not an easy task to accomplish, so why not reward us by giving us one for clearing entire xpac. Just an idea...

    2) Is there going to be a change in the way of leveling up said familiars?
    The sheer amount of xp high end familiars require to level up is just frustrating. Without that bonus familiar xp wave during last round of bonuses, I would never have maxed out my familiar. The amount is just ridiculous, and well I'm having the worst luck with overseer familiar drops. With each new season this xp requirement just grows exponentially. You could run that daily familiar quests each day, and the rewards wouldn't even put a dent in BoL celestial familiar level during a whole xpac, so the only realistic way of leveling them up is through cash or hoping the bonus weeks are gonna happen again.

    Please be considerate towards your players base. Many of us have gone through monetary struggles during the covid pandemic and realistically can't afford p2w stuff right now, or even near future. And if you're in a competitive raid guild, no matter how many times devs keep telling you that you don't need this to raid, realistically, stuff like this can keep you on the bench.
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  14. Londoner Member

    Sorry but a question please ?
    It states at the beginning of the announcement that all weekly missions will grant a reward for ethereal's for some type of currency but during the breakdown Solo missions are not mentioned.
    Can I clarify as to whether the weekly solo missions will grant a minimal amount of currency please as well as the kill 5 names in each area like the Blinding ?
    Thank you
    Kind regards,
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  15. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I got a legendary at first try on the test server
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  16. Mermut Well-Known Member

    It's still unclear if doing non heroic weeklies (solo/raid) BEFORE the heroic weeklies prevents players from getting the heroic weekly ethereal coins.
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  17. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    You're not overlooked as any weekly will grant currency. If you don't do heroics, you just won't get any bonus currency.
  18. Abuj New Member

    It would be odd to not include solo weekly to get ethereal coins, as the previous ethereal summer event did include solo. You just get less, which makes sense.
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  19. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    The theory is that if all you do is solo, you do not need the uber powerful items.
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  20. Observing Active Member

    A theory that was disproven in the last expansion and so far disproven on Test in this expansion.
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