Upcoming Changes and Events starting June 23!

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  1. Benito Well-Known Member

    Let's be real. Anyone who has played EQ2 for years knows that most gear (including mounts and familiars) go obsolete within a year. Some items even become obsolete within 6-12 months if GU or event items supersede expansion gear.

    The cash shop will be unsustainable for revenue. They will need to tweak the All Access/F2P model at some point.
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  2. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    You know it's not about need. It's about want.
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  3. Tanto Well-Known Member

    Last year, to get everything and level everything up, get the rune and the spell crates, you need to put in a LOT of work. Every day, solo, pq, experts. You could afford to miss some, but not so many really, if you wanted it all.

    I don't think it's unusual that the solo players be expected to step up and join in the expert zones to get the rewards. Isn't that what they've made the buff for? So everyone can join in. At least now it's only weekly.

    I've been critical of the ethereal itemisation and the way the class rune issue has been handled (we're yet to see if it really is a full throwing-toys-out-of-pram situation or if they'll be back in a more well thought out form later on). I've been critical of the lack of clarity and follow-up communication regarding this event. But I do like the fact that it's gone weekly, and I like the fact that those who work hardest will earn the most.

    Try joining some groups, see if the buff does what it's supposed to do. You might enjoy it. It won't take long before the expert zones are being blown-through by the top players, and last expac, most groups didn't mind carrying one or two weaker players, so long as the group functioned.
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  4. Tanto Well-Known Member

    And, come to think of it, the quality of the gear in experts is bound to be significantly better than current heroic and challenge gear, but probably not quite the quality of challenge mode raid loot. So there'll be a lot of easy loot to gear up players who haven't done much grouping so far.
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  5. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    Test enjoyed expert ethereal coins from solos during the two last expansions. We currently get heroic rewards from solos (text was changed to reflect that). We don't have the plats to buy stuff and I'm one of the few who leveled everything to 5 on Test last year. These tend to remain best-in-slot and having access to those best-in-slots is one of the few perks of our server (remember we don't have enough manpower to run a full group without advertising for a week first). It does help, and we sure need help (and my level 3 cloak is definitely a best-in-slot for me).
  6. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    About the delay of RoK I prefer the expansion to work than get it unready and it causes just regret .
    I also gives me one more day to get even more ready lol.
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  7. Mitze Member

    When are they going to fix Charm so charmed finger wigglers will start casting spells again?
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  8. Bludd Well-Known Member

    get over it
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  9. AOE1 Well-Known Member

    Did this event last year and don't think I will this year. Solo players won't get enough coins to do much good, like last year. Enjoy it raiders.
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  10. Rarkevan Active Member

    So no ethereal rewards for doing the two BoL PQ's? Last year doing the PQ's for the rewards was the best part! Fun , too, the communal feel and chatter in all those PQ's Fun memories! It's been sad that on AB those PQ's are never done during the regular year, so was looking forward to start doing them now. Also, how it was set up last year, that way all alts had a shot at coins as well! Loved that and was looking forward to it for this summer too. Can it be considered and added?
  11. AvenElonis Active Member

    Just did the Weekly Wracklands (kill 5 names) got 24 ethereal and the quest went to complete. Looks like you can only get ethereals for 1 weekly quest per week.

    Not that I was much worried about it - but that is not going to get a lot of grouping happening.
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  12. Tanto Well-Known Member

    I'm on 84 coins.. 36 from expert event, 24 from ethereals ahoy, and 24 from big baddies.
  13. Nunja Active Member

    Way to stick it to the solo players!! No eth coins for solo stuff not even a few just pathetic!
  14. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Uh... You can get coins for the solo "Landscaping" kill 5 overland names in Blinding, AC, Wracklands. Also coins for the solo weekly where you do 4 solo zones. Also note the coins are called "Peculiar Medallion".
  15. Nunja Active Member

    Well if you can it isn't rewarding them at all.
  16. olleran Active Member

    There seems to be some confusion.

    The quest Blood of Luclin Ethereals Ahoy awards 12 ( 24 ) Peculiar Medallions for completing weekly quests which includes:

    solo weekly / heroic overland weekly ( Big Baddies ) / Heroic weeklies and Event weekly ( it may include kill 5 overland named but i was not able to test that personally ) It seems once you complete any weekly the quest disappears

    You also get Peculiar Medallions for:

    Completing the Overland heroic ( Big Baddies ) 12 ( 24 ) Peculiar Medallions

    Completing Heroic weeklies / Events :
    Heroic 12 (24 ) Peculiar Medallions
    Challenge (14 (28 ) Peculiar Medallions
    Expert 18 ( 36 ) Peculiar Medallions

    I did not get any Peculiar Medallions for completing the solo weekly or kill 5 Overland named ( I had already done the Ethereals Ahoy quest at that point )

    Hope that makes sense
  17. Tupperbeast Active Member

    It would not be a problem if DB had explained it clearly from the start with the summer event. But there is the whole problem again what has been wrong for years communicating with the community. It would simply have been better to let the players do their thing as usual, also for the people where the solo player thinks they have no authorization for these coins. Everyone plays their style in the game, no matter whether Crafter Housing Raid or heroic player Solo players let their people Farm things the way you want. Basically, we can all still be happy that the game is still alive even if its appearance suffers a lot with programming errors in setting internally or due to other problems.

    The fact is that someone here in the forum who should speak to the community should provide a detailed listing that everyone knows how many coins they can farm where or which minimum requirements are necessary, for example Trash in Expert has 3570 Resolve and names have around 3620 Resolve if there is no 150k pot, the player should bring a minimum of 155-160k.
  18. Avithax Well-Known Member


    Since I don't see the million dollar question I will ask:

    Will these peculiar thingies become heirloom at the end of the event as in some previous events or will it be a similar to last summer's race to a magic number to unlock upgrades account wide?
  19. Adept Member

    Got 12 peculiar medallions from Coast overland but in other zones not only was nothing up but many of the spawn points had toons camping them so I expect competition to complete these overland weeklies will be too high. This feels like a rich gets richer, solo gets aggravation fail to me, rather like the mythical scepter.

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