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Discussion in 'Priests' started by Castles, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Castles Member

    please help me understand this new class!

    so Dissonance is like anti-mana, the less you have the better. you get 10,000 of this and need to keep it at 0. so when i click group heal it causes 6kD, thus i have to wait until my D goes down a bit to cast another heal.

    i also get a few spells for the Conduit (feign-pet) that help manage my D, but i also get a few spells that do damage and heal and/or reduce D.

    wow, i'm not a Ranger or a Illusionist so my arrows and/or nuke spells will never be as good. they are slow and do almost no damage. AOE spells are weak and to top it off i cant take hits with the gear i can wear.

    still an interesting class, going to let my merc PL me to 85 at least, to say i tried it.
  2. Discoee New Member

    I suggest you go back over the entire spell/ability list and carefully read each. The group heal you're talking about isn't the one you'd use in regular rotation.

    After 95 your DPS and healing abilities will increase tremendously with gear and adorns. You'll get there.
  3. Castles Member

    i have played healers since the start of EQ1 in a few major MMOs and never seen anything like this. such busy work to just heal and DPS. in Rift my Mage using the chloromancer soul with any DPS soul gives a nice heal/DPS balance with a spot heal at times. the chloromancer is an interesting/fun way to heal, but the channeler seems more of a "busy" way to heal.

    as for "best gear later in the game we rock," i retired my Conjurer years ago due to this issue. are we saying if we have the end-game guild that can get me the best gear i will be able to almost heal as well as ...? i have not yet seen any looking for Channeler in LFG chat and guild dont seem to look for channelers either.

    i like a challenge, i paid for the class, so i will level it to a point. not really sure what rotation people are talking about if they are not using the slot abilities, the heal spells that use mana seem very weak. do i jump around and use my bow or stand and heal? seems like i still need to stop moving to heal which is the same old.

    thanks for the input, but lacked details, still a mystery to me how this works best.
  4. Uncle Active Member

    the channeler has a lot of nice tricks to help it heal and dps once your 95 and full aa's/prestige..

    now for my question

    still an interesting class, going to let my merc PL me to 85 at least..

    how does a merc PL you?/
  5. Castles Member

    ahh, another confirmation that max gear and AA is needed to play end-game. this is not the case for the other healer classes, but it helps. can you name some of the "tricks" we will be using?

    i pull with pet, she (SK) spanks mob(s). i only heal/DPS to keep my skills leveling. i cant imagine grouping at low levels and not being kicked. i play inq in EQ2, and cleric in EQ1, never had a doubt at any level they were not going to be good healers.
  6. Uncle Active Member

    I said nothing about gear said aa's and prestige and being at full level..
    and I don't know what level you are atm but I am fairly certain you could heal just fine in the content your in

    if you like shoot me a PM and ill be more then happy to help you out
  7. Castles Member

    "Hold Pulls! I have Dissonance, repairing Rocktard, please wait"

    Here is a good place to post the details, guides, and/or comments.

    How do I resize the Dissonance bar?
  8. Discoee New Member

    I said nothing about end game raid gear. I've played all the healer classes and before level 95 and heroic gear, they suck by comparison. The absolute best way to see what the class is about is to read the spell /ca /ability descriptions, read forums, kill stuff, etc. This class is new for everyone so they're in the same boat. I'm not sure anyone can solve the mystery for you. You'll unfortunately have to exert some effort. I don't think this class is any busier than the other. If you're not pressing buttons constantly, something's wrong. You do have to pay attention to dissonance which takes more effort, but with experience, it becomes easy because you know the patterns.
  9. Uncle Active Member

    "Hold Pulls! I have Dissonance, repairing Rocktard, please wait"

    actually I don't think i've used that one yet.. do you have all your essences for rocktard?? cause they do help as well and can be obtained easy enough.

    there is actually a good post on these boards about the class link below


    to answer your direct question I don't think the default UI dissonance bar is resizable.. may want to try a custom UI.


    is a good site for custom UI's

    good luck on your channeler
  10. Castles Member

    constructs Intercept seems like the best option for most soloing situations. then i use construct regen to heal the pet. as for direct heal i have been using the gah spell Channel Transference, but it's clear this is not a good method for solo or groups. i have to hit EW to repair the pet and sometimes CR, but the mystery comes in on how do we heal the MT with direct means? im level 32 and dont see anything but SI for group heal and healing arrow now. i have all but Drake, Bore, and Dire Essences atm. looks like Dire is a must if intercepts are the workhorse of the class.

    there must be more heals at higher levels. also looks like mythical is a major effort, i have my inq myth but i hate to beg the guild to help when i cant assure them i will be playing it vs. the inq.
  11. Uncle Active Member

    32 can be rough but doable it actually get better for you at 40 when you get Interpose Redirect.
    just going to throw your main intercept on the tank use healing arrow/group heal to top off and use your construct heals to stay above 25 % so the construct intercept still works and only use channeled transference when needed since it is to be used as a Emergency heal..

    also for your level Barrier of Dissonance and Siphoned Protection may be better choices
  12. The_Cheeseman Well-Known Member

    You're level 32, and complaining about a class's viability at endgame? You haven't even seen many of the best abilities of a Channeler, yet. Also, like the Inquisitor, a Channeler gains tremendously from AAs, so you may want to grind out a hundred or so of those to make things more fun.

    You're essentially complaining about the quality of your education before you've finished kindergarten.
  13. Gilasil Active Member

    I got a lot of gear to increase cast speed and now things like my heals are much faster. I consider that crucial. I'm 95 now but I started getting improvements MUCH earlier.

    I decided early on not to concentrate on dps over healing -- I consider myself a healer first -- but as my potency and critical bonus have gone up so has the damage I've done. At 95 and 340 AA I consider AoE kind of a strong point of channeler. Again, I was seeing a strong trend towards good AoE long before I hit 95 although it's better now of course. I quickly learned to love massive groups of weak mobs which my merc could taunt while I blasted. Keep in mind that things like barrage have NO recycle time. You can spam them as fast as it takes to cast (another reason to load up on gear to reduce that time). When they're weak they don't do much, but when they get stronger -- it gets kind of fun.

    However, if all you care about is nuking you could probably find better classes.
  14. Castles Member

    i am seeing this also at 35 now. i switched to the generic group aa template and have about 75aa which makes a diff every aa i add. gear i have been adding potency and looking for crit bonus but still not much choice at the low levels.

    i see aoe with group intercept is the ticket, i now have been doing heroic dungeons and healing the merc (SK) and doing DPS. i havent cranked up ACT yet but will now since i seem to be getting a feel for the class.

    i would like to see the Dissonance bar resizeable, really only need a small bar (or even a meter like the agro meter), but when it hits the fan i just spam what is up and hope the D is down enough to cast....

    Barrage going through walls is a hoot but sometimes a pain in dungeons. i really dont like to have to "spray" the mobs with arrows, would rather have a better version of Downpour.
  15. Treiko Active Member

    Don't worry... mine has been 95 for a while and I still haven't clicked with it... got frustrated with it and now just using it to buff my exp bonus atm... no idea what I want to do with her. my other 3 healers were much easier to learn so I guess I just need to study a little harder. to my benefit though, i have yet to group with one lately so i don't get to watch them in action.
  16. Treiko Active Member

    turns out i'm not as horrible as i previously thought... with no dropped gear and very low armor i was able to heal a pally and a necro through most of the den of the devourer fabled zone... couldnt get the final named though, stupid eggs and not enough dps to burn through :p
  17. Andy1 Active Member

    Overloaded Intercept is your friend, constructs health is a priority, the lower it gets, the more you're playing catch up with subpar heals. Healing barrage is great regardless of single/multi target. Don't spam your dissonance generating abilities unless its on easy/trash mobs, learn to adjust your dissonance abilities(conduits) in between nameds/zones...and win. It's an easy class to play, you just have to know what your up against. My conduits change often depending on what im doing and who i'm grouped with. Its different, fun and is a strong healing class as long as people remember that it is a Priest first...all the bad rap channelers are getting are from people that flat out don't know what their role is or haven't read what their abilities do.

    Sadly so many people in this game are looking for the perfect 'spec' and the great thing about it being a new class is that there isn't one. Gear has little to do with you being a successful channeler, if you're finding trouble healing through the lower tiered heroics, gear won't magically make you better.
  18. Castles Member

    managed to make it to 69, 285AA and still don't see how the channeler can be the main healer in a group. just not enough single target heals and/or wards to cover hard hitting mobs. dps gets low when i spec for heals. im sure at endgame with max aa and some nice gear things get better, but getting there by grouping is not much of an option. my inq at 70 did more DPS and heals, with a nice selection of heal support for that level.

    any suggestions to boost heal pre-85 please post... i keep my construct healed and the tank still dies. using a variation of the default group aa spec...
  19. Discoee New Member

    I suggest posting a link to your toon so people can see your gear, stats and aa build.
  20. Gilasil Active Member

    Yea, seeing gear and such might be helpful. Also, it's been my experience that it really helps if the tank is truely tanking (i.e. taking all the big hits) so I can put the better interception just on him. Also the conduit (forgot the name) which heals a portion of the damge. Make sure your construct is always at full health. You really want to leverage that interception. Ideally interception is doing the heavy lifting.

    When my channeler was in his 50's with less then 150 AA I'd solo single orange epicx2 mobs with the monk tank. I was wearing mastercrafted or worse as I recall. It took forever but it was pretty cool. I learned alot. I was mainly healing though. I only dpsed when I could. It was the job of the tank to do most of the damage. I chose my conduits accordingly.

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