Uber Summoner DPS

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Vogie, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. Ratitz Active Member

    I mean, the nerf to swarm pets was pretty bad (about 40-50% from my testing, but i could be slightly off), but in terms of nerfing the actual class, its not even bad. Summoners still have alot of other abilities that do very good dps (swarms weren't top of either parse i linked, pre-nerf or post-nerf).
    In fact, it was this very reason that they were OP when swarms did good damage: they had swarms, and then they had the rest of their dps.
    All this nerf did was lower the spike potential of summoners (which was ridiculous, anyone that says otherwise is denying the obvious), and make people hit other buttons. It will bring some skill back to being a summoner, now that we cant just faceroll swarms to top parses.
    Honestly, you people are overreacting.
    P.S: Anyone who thinks that summoners weren't OP must have been blind. Honestly, doing 3 Billion dps and basically soloing a raid mob in less than 20 seconds? Like... Hullo?
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  2. Azian Well-Known Member

    Perhaps because one set of training dummy parses does not really give a definitive answer? I see a HUGE drop in the swarm pets there.
  3. Montag Well-Known Member

    Looks like sustained single target for me went down about 1/3rd and aoe about 1/4th.
  4. Odur27 Member

    For the record one 4 minute parse on a dummy does not reflect anything that can be referred to as "Proof". I am have not mained a summoner since 92 was cap so this is coming from someone with relatively little bias.
  5. Ratitz Active Member

    It wasnt one four minute parse. It was about 12 4-8 minute parses. I just chose the one that had the most balanced crits/temps. Look at the pre nerf one. Up at the top is says [Merged (3)], with a 20 minute duration. You need glasses, sir.
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  6. Ratitz Active Member

    If you want, i could do even more testing, and dps on a dummy for like 2 hours, to get a more perfect average. But that would be going overboard, and i dont need to do that to see something that people dont need to be complaining about.
    In a four-minute dummy test, i cast communion 4 times, and the other two swarms 8 times. I think that qualifies as a good test, dont you?
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  7. Ratitz Active Member

    And if you havent mained a summoner since 92 was the cap (about 6 years ago) then you are right, you have no bias.
    But you also have absolutely zero current knowledge on summoners, so please, let people who play the class daily and do an obscene amount of testing speak their fact-based opinions, and stop sputtering nonsense.
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  8. Odur27 Member

    Well......if you want to get technical. The only way to get a really accurate representation of DPS potential is to do a Parse for 72-96 hours. This is paraphrased by something a developer said a few years back during a beta. It is the only true way to make sure that any variables are not skewing the results. But then again we aren't trying to turn this into a Science or anything.
  9. Ratitz Active Member

    Well then in about a week or so ill get back to you with what will most likely be the exact same results.
  10. Azian Well-Known Member

    The problem is that 4 minute dummy parses are not reflective of typical encounters in actually playing the game. Even in raids I bet you can count on one hand the number of fights in all of ToT/zek that reach or exceed that time and those that do generally are going to be scripted in a way that force the slow down. Guilds not named Revelations might have to use two hands for that count but the same premise applies.

    Destroy a classes ability to burst with the way the game is currently structured and you have substantially neutered how they will dps across the board in heroics and raids. In other words, on longer encounters with sustained dps the nerf will maybe only end up being moderate. All the rest of the encounters (most of them) I think you will find this is a major blow. I'm not even necessarily saying that you will turn out wrong in the long run. But to just look at what you posted and say "yep, we're all good" is awfully premature in my book especially given the drop in dumbfire numbers you are showing.

    Montag noting a 1/3 to 1/4 drop overall is huge. I personally haven't seen summoners out in front of other T1s by that margin on average. Perhaps others experience has been different.
  11. Cefur Member

    This is getting boring. Can we get this locked already?
  12. Exarthious Member

    what i don't understand is so many people complained about summoners to get them nurfed but good warlocks and wizard could still win on parse with ez.. its not like this game has had a teir dps list since 2010
  13. Ratitz Active Member

    You have several good points, but i dont raid with rev on my conjuror, so my summoner testing using long parses will be slightly more accurate for my situation.

    On the dummy fight i linked post nerf, i spiked at 750m
  14. Odur27 Member

    I expect this would be said without me chiming in here, but those summoners you refer to *Looks over shoulder* ....whispers "they probably aren't doing close to their potential DPS" *Gasp* yea I said it sorry.
  15. Exarthious Member

    i am a necro haha just saying they where not as op as every one thinks cause ether classes can compete easy if they know how to play those classes
  16. Odur27 Member

    Well then I would ask that someone teach me how to parse over 1.5billion on a Wizard without a Myth hammer or any special buffs. Granted I know I am not that great so I need help but if there are any wizards capable of that I would really love some help learning how to do that kinda DPS.
  17. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    What they did was "nerf" swarm pet dps, making all swarm pets useless for all BUT summoners.? If your swarms are downgraded from before, imagine other classes with swarm pets :D
  18. Aukoor New Member

    Thank you devs for the necessary and much needed summoner adjustments. The game will be more fun and competitive now :)
  19. Brightlyz Active Member

    Good soercers could win against really really really bad summoners.
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  20. Brightlyz Active Member

    You seriously must have been playing a different game then the rest of us.