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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Vogie, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. Ayumu New Member

    Certain mechanics needed major fixes. This was not one of them. A 40% drop in damage on swarm pets was a bit of an overreaction, in my opinion. Yes, they did need to be rebalanced a bit. Fervor did apply weirdly to them, same with Victorious Concerto and Temporal Mimicry. But dropping the bonus they get from Potency and CB is a huge deal. It doesn't neuter the class completely. But it still puts a major dent in the viability of summoners. I am not happy with this in the slightest.
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  2. Mrmacky Active Member

    Wow this is dumb...
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  3. Laiina Well-Known Member

    Still digging into it, but appears to be worse than before. My swarm pets used to be top of parse list, now around 20th to 25th place. Even some of the weapon procs beat them.
  4. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    That sounds ridiculous. It might be true if you want something close to 99.99% accuracy rate. There is no way the accuracy grows at a constant rate either, you would get most of it inside an hour easily. Such a long goal for a 'proper' test sounds like an attempt to just shut players down, moving the goal post to an unreasonable height.
    "Since you aren't doing 96 hour tests that means I know more than you, nah-nah nah-nah-nah"

    Numbers from such a test aren't practical unless they start adding in fights that last 72-96 hours. Telling people the numbers check out on paper or in 72 hour simulations aren't going to be much comfort to people seeing undesirable results in sessions of ~10 minutes or less. That's why most people will easily dismiss things like 'dummy parses' because they aren't practical 'real' fights, not because they are short (4-5 minutes would be the minimum imo)
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  5. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    Swarms have been the bread and butter of summoner dps for years Pot CB and DC have always shared at 100% rate why would you change the base just fix the new bullcrap thing fervor make its sharing value up or down.

    Make swarms not cause lag so much .

    Make swarms work on the dc rune.
  6. Skulls Member

    Ok my question is since they nerfed the swarm pets and lowered there damage by a massive amount, can I now get my swarm pets to do some damage on ethereal expertise purple war rune? And can I now get my swarm pets spells to get resets with ethereal conduit reset purple war rune? Devs forgot to take into account that you never let summoners get any resets or expertise from our runes on the swarms cause you thought they would be too overpowered, BUT NOW THAT you nerfed them, all summoners spells should do full damage on ethereal expertise and all summoners spells including our now low damage swarms should now reset like they do on sorcerers and scouts?

    Where is the common sense and a dev that understands the consequence of the changes that were made, Why weren't the ethereal purple war runes adjusted to compensate for the huge nerf?
    Without the ethereal war runes working summoner class is garbage now, wheres the balance?
  7. Odur27 Member

    Theoretically the purpose of running a parse this long would be to find the absolute maximum potential of a skill without skewed results caused by variables. This would be the only reason for even considering something like this. Like I said it was something said by a Dev during a Beta in the past that I paraphrased. I have never felt the need to do this personally (at least on EQ2, I've run overnight parses on EQ1 for auto attack before).
  8. Kaarkula Active Member

    welp... was already getting pretty bored as it is.

    Might be time to bust out the Xbox1.
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  9. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    Any one that actually plays the class can tell in the first spell rotation what's different not a back seat bandit telling summoners what's happening.
  10. Zeddicious Well-Known Member

  11. Laiina Well-Known Member

    Not true, not even close. Even just a 30 minute parse would bring variability down to 1% or so. A 10 minute parse should be in the +/- 5% range, but some outliers are possible. 15-20 minutes should be more than accurate enough.
  12. Xellium Active Member

    Wizard Protoflame is doing 1/5 the damage today as it did yesterday.
    Went form my best single target skill to not castable, marginally better than Solar Flare...

    Plain dumb...
    Cant imagine being a summoner right now...

    Actually I adjusted my numbers to my current CB levels.
    Protoflame is worse than Solar Flare and is now the absolute worse thing that a wizard could cast.
  13. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    I'd assume Rangers sniper squad and assassin/Brigands shadow spells got hit too?

    If so, the reduction to summoners won't be as drastic to overall balance as this thread implies. Biggest winners perhaps Beastlords and Warlocks?
  14. Jrel Well-Known Member

    Shadow and Sniper Squad were already nerfed months ago with the previous pet "fix" so I'm not sure why Brig shadows got nerfed again. I ran through some heroics today, but can't really tell if Assassin's Shadow got nerfed more since pugs vary wildly.
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  15. Azian Well-Known Member

    Band of Thugs is way down. I'd have to dig out old logs for an actual number but as a % of my outgoing damage on the brig it's down significantly.
  16. Dotuming Active Member

    So after raids going through parses and such, Yes swarms got nerfed...just from rough calculations on the order of 40 - 50% ish. That brings dps down roughly 20% overall. That is not to say that the nerf was not warranted. In my opinion it was definitely warranted. The only issue i can see is in nerfing swarm pets they hurt other classes dumbfires as well.

    That being said with the advent of the new items and adornments from the trak server and if they get the mount fixed to provide the ability mod, you will see dps where it was before or even an increase of dps overall. Yes those that rely on swarms for the majority of their dps will have to adapt to new ways of doing things and not relying so much on the easy buttons. I changed some things around and didnt notice that much of a drop or in some cases with some of the new trak server rewards gear, some net increases overall.

    Lets be honest here folks, we all knew they had to be adjusted. No, the sky is not falling for summoners.

    EDIT: After raids and doing some heroic content the nerf is a lot more noticeable in heroic content than raid content.
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  17. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    Raid later today I will let you know what % the dps has changed. Do you have the hammer/staff reset and ferv buff if you do the spells you can use change a bit in casting rotation and damage , thus 2 tier dps thing for summoners based on an item.
  18. Uncle Active Member

    sniper squad did seem lower for what we raided on tonight.. really will not be able to tell more until we go into something without crappy damge type machanacs/ resolve
  19. Arieva Well-Known Member

    I'm going to reserve my opinion on the change until I can unequip my OP hammer and compare my parse to other t1's in the same caliber on a good raid parsing fight.

    My initial feeling is bad summoners will no longer outparse good t1. That's ok with me.

    I also feel the bug that has plagued swarms on the ethereal rune should be finally addressed however, on this thread or somewhere else on the forums it has been brought up yet again but I initially reported the bug when last summers ethereal came out and nothing has been done yet.
  20. Veta Well-Known Member

    1. So in order to make your dps to be where it was before, you must obtain those items. However, those classes that weren't nerfed gain more rather than returning to their previous damage. So you had to get at least a 400(x2 = 800 or 400/900 = 1300 pot increase if you aren't replacing ethereal charm) pot increase charm, up to 10k abi mod/adornment, and a 28k abi mod increase from mount in order to see net gains? I would include at least another 400 pot from class cloak; however, your class cloak still remained good and I assume you are still using it.

    2. Swarms have always been a major part of summoner dps, especially with conj. Aery assassination, alone, used to be a top 3 parsing ability easy (pre-tot swarm change). Now all 3 parts of communion combined are doing less than fiery annihilation. You restated you had to get trak gear, inflating your stats, in order to see some sort of net gain.

    I hate to ask, but could you show some before and after parses, or at least some that won't be skewed by you obtaining inflated stats?
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