Tunare Is Dead

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    I noticed that your post was missing a word, so took the liberty of correcting it for you. You're welcome. ;)

    So, essentially, you are admitting to rabble-rousing? o_O

    While you are allowed to think whatever you want about what is, and is not, integral to the name EverQuest, the EQN development team should not be hampered by your expectations. You've listed a lot of emotional reasons that you think Tunare should be a central facet of EQN, but I don't recall you listing a single rational reason that they should scrap what they have so far just to conform to your views about what it should be.

    Play it when it comes out, or don't. Or play it for a little and then stop. All those things are, and should be, under your control. However, unless you are a salaried employee of Sony Online Entertainment working on EQN (and I'm reasonably certain that none of us in this thread are), the lore of that game is not, and should not be, under your control.

    Once they finish building it, then (by all means) decide whether or not to play it. But don't think, for even one moment, that your opinion should carry more weight than that of the folks on EQN's development team. Vote with your wallet, but leave the game building to those that develop it.

    I'm not trying to be insulting (and, indeed, I rewrote most of the above to make it less inflammatory), but it seems, to me, to be the height of arrogance to appear to think that you can dictate another game's lore path.

    Furthermore, we've already covered what things are, and are not, integral to Norrath being Norrath. The names of the gods aren't among them. That gods (in some form) exist in that Norrath? Sure. That a specific god is present? I'm sorry, but no.

    Heck, you've completely glossed over the fact that The Nameless is either not present in EQN or is no longer nameless. (There is Nor'I, but that seems to be more like our Truespirit than anything else.) The Nameless is more integral than Tunare or Inny could ever hope to be (since they wouldn't exist without him). Yet I haven't heard a peep of outrage about The Nameless not being there as The Nameless from you or anybody else. o_O
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    Perhaps this might be a convenient spot to shut this thread down.

    What points there are have already been made. The discussion is becoming circular. Tempers are fraying. There seems to be no good reason to continue this ad nauseum.

    It is time to agree to disagree and part as friends
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