Tinkered Personal Harvest Depot

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-lameforumhandle, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-lameforumhandle Guest

  2. ARCHIVED-Cyliena Guest

    The only parts I know I put into the zam wiki page on it.
    I really have no idea where the blueprint will be from--I'm assuming it'll be dropped, since it uses rares. It's not usable in guild hall.
  3. ARCHIVED-Earlhastan Guest

    What im really intrested in though is if its personal use only or if my alts can use it if they have trustee access to my house.
  4. ARCHIVED-Eveningsong Guest

    Its useable by anyone with trustee access, so just make sure all your alts are trustees.
  5. ARCHIVED-Katz Guest

    I hope that its not from an extremely rare recipe drop. This will be great to put in my home to hold rares for all my alts. I will free up some shared bank space.
  6. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    Katz wrote:
    Cross account, too! Oooo that would be a lovely use of it for me, too.
  7. ARCHIVED-celestina936 Guest

    The personal harvest bin will be made by a tinkerer for personal use by the tinkerer and any trustee in that home/apt. And I suspect knowing how SoE designed the other tinkerer recipes - the recipe will prolly be a drop which can sold on broker and require rares.
  8. ARCHIVED-Zabjade Guest

    Definitley want one of those! Hmmm any more interesting tinkered items in T9, like a Menderbot that actually shares the money with the owner? Or a Tinkered Crossbow with your choice of Tinkered bolts (snot/web/Etc)?

    Edit: Gahh those yellow induced headaches really must have messed with me to have that many typos. >_<
  9. ARCHIVED-Valdaglerion Guest

    Personal Harvest Depot . . .
    100 slots X 20,000 items per slot
    When placed in the house any visitor can deposit to it. People with Friend access to your house can use it to craft while in your house and people with Trustee access can remove items directly from the depot without crafting. Very similar to the permissions for the guild hall item.
  10. ARCHIVED-Elrohan Guest

    This is something that's been needed for a very long time and I can't wait to craft my first one. Many people have one large house used by all their alts but I went the other route and all my alts have their own homes so this will be a huge upgrade for me.
  11. ARCHIVED-Barq Bandit Guest

    It'll be really nice to get my rares out of the shared bank and into somewhere in Tock's home instead. Retrieving them will be as simple as using the guild hall port-to-home amenity on Tock, and then the magic door back to the guild hall once they're in hand. A most welcome addition.
  12. ARCHIVED-EQ2Magroo Guest

    Elrohan@Blackburrow wrote:
    I liked the idea so much, I levelled my own guild just so I can use a guild vault. This will be a great addition for those that are already in a guild or can't/don't want to spend the money/status getting their own guild vault
    What I'd really love to see though is the ability to pull resources from our house harvest depot and/or the guild one. This would let us keep all our rares/xxx materials in our own house vaults, but still use the more common resources out of the guild valut. I'm not sure how practical that is to code though.
    Edit: eeek ! after re-reading my post I think the phrase 'xxx materials' might be open to some mis-interpretation. I was referring to 'Glowing Material', 'Shimmering Material' etc. and was in no way referring to my collection of 'Halfling Monthly Magazine'
  13. ARCHIVED-TheSpin Guest

    This is awesome... the only thing I think would make this even better is if you could right click the portal to member housing and visit a home other than your own.
  14. ARCHIVED-CorpseGoddess Guest

    TheSpin wrote:
    I would love to see this feature added for any characters on your account, or with the same billing info. Then placing items in my toons' various houses wouldn't be such a time-consuming exercise.
  15. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    Adeyia@Antonia Bayle wrote:
  16. ARCHIVED-Purr Guest

    Streppoch@Guk wrote:
    We have asked again and again to please link accounts with the same billing. It would be splendid and such a time and frustration saver to share shared banks and homes as well as a portal to housing of chars of those linked accounts. With 6, soon 7 cities holding houses, more and more materials and items entering the TS arena this would be a huge improvement. *bribes Rothgar with pie*
  17. ARCHIVED-Tanyth Guest

    Has anyone seen this recipe yet? This is one of the things I was really excited about and I have yet to see any drop or on the broker :(
  18. ARCHIVED-Deveryn Guest

    It hasn't been dropping. They're supposed to slip it in this week, during a maintenance. I don't think today was it.
  19. ARCHIVED-Jeeshman Guest

    Adeyia@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Hey, Halfling Monthly Magazine isn't just pictures--I read it for the articles.
  20. ARCHIVED-Gennifer Guest

    /sings to the heavens
    Need a home depot, STAT!!!!! Would rather craft in my home than in a guild hall, personally.

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