Tinkered Personal Harvest Depot

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-lameforumhandle, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Rakurai Guest

    I think the guild port should allow you to port to any fellow guild members house really. Makes sense seeing as they can port to their house from it. =)
  2. ARCHIVED-Tanyth Guest

    Deveryn wrote:

    At least hopefully it will be this week then, really been wanting to craft in my house instead of the guild hall since everyone is being hogs about materials right now so my materials are taking up valuable bag slots right now lol
  3. ARCHIVED-Deveryn Guest

    Yoinke@Unrest wrote:
    I feel the same way. The most annoying part is how the lower tiers run dry, while the top tier is overflowing. Of course, the hirelings are partly to blame. This is all people ever use. It irks me that they're not used intelligently. :p
  4. ARCHIVED-Jacobian21 Guest

    Yoinke@Unrest wrote:
    According to Domino in a related thread (as of yesterday's hotfix), the advanced adornment volume 9 and the rare tinkering recipes have not been added to the game. They were "supposed" to be added in the hotfix yesterday, but they didn't make it in. Domino said they should be in the next hotfix later this week... whenever that is scheduled... so keep your eyes peeled!
  5. ARCHIVED-JEtarpon Guest

    I got one in the Library. \aITEM 1096514167 -1694739324:Blueprint: Personal Harvest Depot\/a
  6. ARCHIVED-Valdaglerion Guest

    They are in game now ...
    • 100 slots x 20,000 items per slot
    • house placeable only
    • must have trustee access to use them
    • anyone can deposit to them
  7. ARCHIVED-Wingrider01 Guest

    Rakurai wrote:
    yup, right click the port to home and all 600 names of your guild mates, their alts, and the family pets come up. Just like the COV trinket does
  8. ARCHIVED-Zehl_Ice-Fire Guest

    Purr wrote:
    Don't forget how useless heirloom loot is and sharing shards when you have 3 accounts & the ones you use are all separated!
  9. ARCHIVED-Seidhkona Guest

    I got a couple of the blueprints while killing Gruengach for the Hua Mein.
  10. ARCHIVED-Cataclyx Guest

    i payed 75p on Oasis so i could disco this thing......my wife got the first one and she's uber pleased.
    I'm personally looking forward to it as a repository for my adorning materials since clogging the guild depot and my shared bank w/ them just sux.
  11. ARCHIVED-trovan2 Guest

    How mant new rare blueprints do we have this time?
  12. ARCHIVED-Mysstie Guest

    I paid 1p15g on the broker for the blueprint... went to harvest in the Roekillick (sp?) Cave in SF and proceeded to get one from a mob. Later I checked the broker and there were 3 pages worth of them for sale and the price was down to 24 gold. Getting the blueprint is easy.. finding the 5 rare brellium ores needed to make it is the hard/expensive part. The ores are going for around 14plat or so at the moment. Even so, it is still an awesome thing to be able to make. :)
  13. ARCHIVED-Valdaglerion Guest

    trovan2 wrote:
    4 from what I can tell so far:
    1. Personal Harvest Depot
    2. Hotwired Hoverpad (got to disco the made item woot!)
    3. Wormhole to Ykesha (will be too happy to never see that place again no intention of making the item as this time)
    4. Wormhole to Odus (got to disco the made item on this as well, yay!)
    Any others that anyone else has seen or heard of?
  14. ARCHIVED-trovan2 Guest

    Artemiz@The Bazaar wrote:
    Excellent, thank you. Four rare ones is likely all there is, since we no longer do adornments.
  15. ARCHIVED-Wyeth Guest

    Can the Personal Harvest Depot be comissioned since it's Lore/No Trade?
  16. ARCHIVED-Oxie Guest

    Is it possible to put 7 of these depots in one house?
    Toon 1 owns the house, and drops a box. So, can Toons 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 be made trustees and then each drop a box in the house? With as much foraged crap that I have saved over the years, I'd love to be able to sort out my raws and rares accordingly.
    Rares into Box 1.
    Food- and drink-based items in Box 2.
    Metals in Box 3.
    Gems in Box 4.
    Roots in Box 4.
    Pelts in Box 5.
    Wood in Box 6.
    Materials in Box 7.

    Yes, I know this will be insane when it comes to getting enough rares together to make 7 boxes, but IF I can put 7 of them in one place, it would make sort and storing all this stuff so much easier.
  17. ARCHIVED-Barq Bandit Guest

    Ruckus@Unrest wrote:
    You'll have to keep them in seperate houses to sort them like you want, sadly. Lore items are one per house now. This is still quite handy, though, as it will allow me to put all my food raws into my Provisioner's house, freeing up slots in my guild hall depot for future expansions, perhaps only keeping the upper four tiers of food raws in there as well for guildie use.
  18. ARCHIVED-Krooner Guest

    Got my recipe drop last night for this.
    Put one in my house right away and I love it. Now how about that tinkered harvesting bot? hmmmmmm
  19. ARCHIVED-Oxie Guest

    Are these depots at least HEIRLOOM, so I can make them on my tinkerer and then pass to each alt via the shared bank?
    Are we sure we can only put 1 lore item in each house? I know in the past, if I have lore item in my house, the game doesn't "see" it associated with my toon, unlike lore items that are in the bank, house vault, on your broker, or in your toon's boxes/bags that they carry around.
  20. ARCHIVED-Wyeth Guest

    Ruckus@Unrest wrote:
    They are Lore - No Trade.

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