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    So your saying Mayong claims he's special because he has shared the rare natural beauty of observing the first Dragons. A distinction he shares with: Many Kromozek warriors, Ulthorks, Buthorks, Othmir, Icepaw Gnolls, the entire Sebilisian Army (during their war with the Ring of Scale when they slew Harla Dar), Coldain, the Chetari and most of the adventurers he's encountering? That claim sounds even less impressive when you can say you've not only seen 7 first brood dragons, but you can hold up their talismans and rattle them in his face. Do you really think he's bragging about something that people can still do? Even in EQ2?
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    Nights of the Dead is tied to a strange incident involving a zombie invasion of Maj'Dul. Maj'Dul itself came into existence during the 500 years between EQ1 and EQ2. It was founded by bandits. When the Zombies invaded they defeated the city's defenders, but didn't harm anyone that wasn't stopping them from searching the buildings. Searching for what exactly isn't known but it can be assumed for some sort of Anashti relic. Possibly for the Ewer itself. The search went on for about a week if I remember correctly, ending at dawn and beginning on the next night. It went on long enough that people learned to just let the zombies do what they wanted to do and they would be left alone. As mysteriously as it began, the zombies disappeared. The citizens of Maj'Dul created the holiday to remember the event. At least one of the returned dieties seems to be making use of the holiday, not that she had anything to do with its creation.
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    Personally I like the idea of the Ydal being created after the elves have been because it means that Tunare wasn't just making something that looked like what Inny had already created. But just because I like it doesn't mean it fits what was presented in lore.

    If Anashti-sul was still the goddess of health when the Elves were brought into existence on Norrath we should have records of her existence. The Fountain of Life is located in the Desert of Ro, which would of been in the Elddar Forest where the first elves settled. A major temple to a healing deity wouldn't be some hidden retreat for a few cultists. They would actively seek out people to heal which means the Elves should of known about it. Having that diety suddenly spring up undead on them and then get banished should of made elven history, just like the kidnapping of the Thex royal prince did.

    Also the Ydal were an entire race like Mayong. I'm not exactly sure how long it took them to self-destruct but if you want to place their creation after the Elves...then why are the first King and Queen Thex still around after Mayong's brood spirals out of control? Sure elves are a long lived race but Inny got involved with them in time to kidnap their first child while it was still a child. Just how long after the Elves creation do you think that was?
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    There is lore that covers that already:

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    All that proves is that Anashti was already banished by the time Anuk discovered the shrine, which happened sometime before the curse of Ro hit the Elddar Forest. That lore isn't relevant to when Anashti was banished. At best, it helps to disprove your theory since the early elves didn't know who Anashti was according to this lore.
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    Quite opposite - the lore is relevant to when Anashti'Sul was banished and it proves that the early elves found Anashti's lost shrine
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    (as it gives creates a clear cut line to where she must have been banished before)
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    It only proves "sometime before the Curse of Ro claimed the Elddar Forest". We don't have any idea how long before that Anuk discovered the shrine, started his cult and built the city. You can assume it wasn't done in a day, but you also can't assume it was around for even 100 years.

    One thing that this does point to though, is that Anasti had worshipers on Norrath at some point before she was banished. It wasn't just Inny claiming the Ewer after Anashti was banished and depositing it on Norrath after he was done with it. That leaves the question: who was worshiping Anashti? What happened to them? If it was another group of Elves, why aren't there any records of Anasti outside of a painting on a wall in her temple? Why was the temple spared?
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    "Creation Age" could mean a lot of things. It could mean during the First Pact, Second Pact, or even before that. It could even refer to the period before Veshan discovered Norrath except then there wouldn't of been any of the other gods around to banish Anashti. Well, unless there was another panthenon on Norrath that somehow self-destructed before Veshan put her claim on Norrath. That would at least explain the Leviathans.
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    Well, it specifically says the dieties of Norrath and that it was against god and mortal alike. Also, I think the "Creation Age" generally refers to the First AND Second Pact. I don't see why it has to be before or after, just generally in this time area.
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    yeah i felt originality would score higher too but there is another angle to see it from.

    if inny makes ydal first but its done imperfectly then tunare comes along and 'does dal right' she is basically showing him up at his own game. then he takes her royalty and twists them into his own.

    that angle has a lot of play as well. more interactive game of one-upmanship. originality is often inferior to reinvention but not always. why do sequel movies always suck more than original? idk but its not a hard and fast rule either.

    her copying also gives more reason for him to hate her and feel a blood feud.
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    But that doesn't fit Tunare's personality at all. The Elves were created to be her children. They were created in her image, not out of spite or an attempt to one-up another god. That is inny, not Tunare. Tunare is all about nurturing and patience. Out of all the gods, the only one less likely to seek revenge would be Quellious. And trust me, Tunare has had plenty of reasons to seek revenge.
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    That's what people used to think about Erollisi! LOL
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    If you look at all the Erollisi material from EQ1 it goes out of its way to point out that she isn't a pacifist, and that her paladins believe in fighting to protect what they love. And lets face it, love is an excellent motive to inspire hate.
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    I don't know if the zone exists in EQ2, but in EQ1 the Hills of Shade on Faydwer were created when Erollisi cursed the populace there for exiling a human/elven couple. The villages of both races were cursed with eternal undeath until they learn their lesson for scorning love.
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    I didnt mean she copied him to be vindictive. That would be inny's perception of her motives but i wasnt suggesting that would be her intent. for her to take on the appearance of a goodly version of ydal, then create a race after her image doesnt seem unworkable to me.

    you weren't the first person to make a shadowknight. does that make your toon a sham?

    the thing about getting the first crack at a problem is that you get to make the obvious answer. which if its great then everyone who comes after you wants to pick that answer too. i say 2+2=4, but what do you say? are you a scummy copycat? elves are awesome. who WOULDN'T want to create them? tunare gets a race creation toolkit with the Gift of Life and she makes elves after her own image. There is no contextual information about that. yet.

    dal could be minimalist version of ydal. who were created too unstable with too much "feature creep" by a greedy maker.
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    One of the odd things about Inny is that he doesn't have the Gift of Life. Out of all the major Gods of Influence he is the only one that didn't have a created race in EQ1 until much, much later. Even here in EQ2 he needed the Ewer to create the Ydal. Rallos made races. Cazic made races. Inny is the only evil god with this problem. Well, greater god.

    Hmm...actually I'm not sure if Quellious made a race or not. If she did it isn't coming to me.
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    I was always under the impression that until Anasthi Sul was dreamed up for the release of DoF in EQ2 Inny was supposed to be the god of Un-death. But since it was never really touched on heavily (possibly for lore spoiling reasons) they took that "aspect" of Inny and out and gave it to the newly dreamed up hot girl of the pantheon.

    If you go back to certain things like weapons/spells and other areas of EQ1 you'll notice that Inny seemed/supposed to be the god of undeath but meh, it works ok for Anashti, one thing I like to assume is that Inny was based off of Mum-Ra from Thundercats, both are old decrepid and blue (see image of Champions of Norrath Inny for similarities).. both "Would" have called undead "Everliving" had Inny stayed the undeath god.

    Retcons may be needed but can be done with class w/out Sharknado-ing up the story too much.
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    I was always under the impression that Inny held Vampires to be his special hate filled children. Bertoxxulous was the big patron of zombies, especially those undead that rose from people that died due to disease. Cazic likes anything that inspires fear so he uses a few undead on the plane of fear for obvious reasons.