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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. Noctew Active Member

    If you can't see it in the marketplace, you may already have silver. Check your account entitlements. At one point, the only condition for silver membership was "You must have paid SOE anything." Buying the boxed game counted, purchasing Station Cash counted...I think those silver tokens didn't even exist back then. I don't know if this is still true, but it may account for the fact that some can't see the silver tokens on the marketplace.
  2. Luperza Community Manager

    Currently, you have to have a recurring membership to attain the 500SC bonus.

    When the new All Access plan goes live, you will no longer need to have a recurring membership to attain the 500 SC.

    Hope that answers your question. Do let me know if you are still confused.

    The Silver option is still available to players currently. :)
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  3. theconn67 New Member

    Seriously? o_O You guys are moving it again? jeez how many times are you going to move this back
    because i'm pretty i'm not the only one who thinks that this is ridiculous. this is the 6th time its been moved
    and some of us have been waiting for this since you gave the first announcement in February. now we are at
    the end of april when it was supposed to be done at the beginning where was the planning razor? some of us
    play more than one game even though we pay for just one and have been looking forward to this upgrade so
    we can have access to all of our stuff in those other games.

    I'm just hoping u guys don't go back on your word and give up on this all together
    because this actually WAS and IS good idea if you can get it to us soon and keep most of your fan base
  4. ramblinrod Member

    As far as I can see, your answer does not specifically answer this scenario: Player, currently F2P, buys a one month subscription with krono on 4/23. All Access goes live 4/29. I know the player will not receive 500SC before 4/29, but will they receive it at any point after 4/29 and before 5/23?

    I would like to qualify that this is only true for F2P players. I have seen no official answer as to what will happen, regarding features/restrictions, to an account which is subscribed from Bronze level and can not currently buy the option, if they return to F2P after All Access.

    I have seen, from the general SOE forums:
    ... which looks to me that they will end up with exactly the same features/restrictions they had prior to "upgrading."
  5. Vasciagio Well-Known Member

    I have an all access account from 2003 that was grandfathered into silver for eq and eq2 after returning to the game that does not have a re-occurring game sub since it is a free account. What actually happens to that account with these new implements? Does it go to the new all access program with the SC and other games included as a free account, stays the same with the current silver type perks or will it become just a FTP type account with only the current access to eq1 and eq2?
  6. ramblinrod Member

    Everything should stay pretty much exactly the same for you after the plan goes live. You will only get any new All-Access features if you subscribe.
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  7. enada Member

    funny thing about the all access that you paid $19.99/month always got a discount for buying the it seems by the post by radarx they will not even acknowledge that fact.i would much rather pay the $19.99/month and receive the discounted exoansions that pay $14.99/month and get hit with a $100 expansion.i do not care about the other "fluff" they are trying to use to cover up this discrepancy.maybe radarx would like to post to clear this up.
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  8. Luperza Community Manager

    Don't worry. All Access is happening! :) We just want to make sure it goes out with no hitches.
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  9. Eshaac Active Member

    Personally, I don't care how many times they push it back. All that means is they are working that much harder to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. And the hackers can't get you because of some flaw they over looked in the process. You all need to chill a bit. It will happen....

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  10. Loch Well-Known Member

    Understandable worry...but there's one expansion a year. If you save that 5 bucks a month up that you were paying before, that's 60 dollars. I am all access as well and received a discount for the last expansion. It wasn't 60 dollars off though.

    You actually come out ahead paying less money this way.
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  11. Shadowyvern New Member

    I bought All Access a few years ago for a month. Would that automatically make me Silver, even if my sub lapses in another game during the upcoming All Access?
  12. enada Member

    the fact is not people who play this game have that much disposable income.taking a $100 hit at one time might not be achievable by some,so the $19.99/month giving them a discount at expansion timewould make more sense.
  13. ramblinrod Member

    I initially thought Loch's response would address your concerns when you first stated them earlier, but I've realized a couple of reasons it might not.

    First, I actually understand it's not always feasible to set aside money that you save in order to purchase something specific with it down the line. Would seem that it's just a matter of organization or willpower, but life can derail the best plans.

    Also, it occurs to me that the current all-access membership with it's discount of expacs, which looks to be 25% as far as I can tell from web searches (as I've never used all-access,) would offer the discount for every game that might get an expac during the year. That could add up to over $60 if you played enough games or the expansions were costly enough. It does seem that someone who is on that tight of a budget wouldn't be buying $100 collectors edition upgrades, but, as someone with just such a budget myself who usually opts for one each year, I can't throw stones! ;)

    Maybe with a ticket to customer support, they can help you preserve this aspect of your current membership somehow?
  14. enada Member

    actually the discount drops the collecters edition down to $45.that is a sizable chunk of change.and there is the fact that many do not pay real life money to play this many just buy kroon's to keep their subscription?having the advantage of oaying extra during the year to get discounted collecters edition one would not have the opportunity to get otherwise can be appealing to quite a few
  15. ramblinrod Member

    You are able to pay your current $20 monthly subscription with Krono? If so, that's quite a deal indeed.
  16. Tyrus Dracofire Well-Known Member

    I have questions on "multiple accounts".
    I have different username with DCUO and can I change to current Eq2 account pack? sound like that I need to merge the games into one "access account' packages? and how?
  17. Loch Well-Known Member

    Ah, that's true. Slipped my mind entirely about the multiple games with expansions. In that case, it would work out to be a better deal if you were playing and paying for expansions for all of the SOE games in the line-up.

    I'm not sure how the $100 collectors edition was coming in at only $45 for you with all-access. As all-access myself, I never saw a discount of over 50% on an expansion. It was always just 25% for me. Maybe there is something I was missing though.

    Also, I forgot about the Krono option. Krono currently works for all-access as well as gold, so you're right. The 25% discount on expansions was a perk you were essentially receiving for free. (But looks like it will be going away, unfortunately)
  18. Haloek Member

    RadarX, I am sorry but I personally don't think Vanguard should be included in the list. I went to start playing it again about a month ago until I saw that they were shutting it down at the end of July. Since then you can no longer see it on the latest news page. I have a feeling that would make a lot of people mad if they did not know about that and started playing and investing money into station cash items for that game. Again just my opinion. Just thought I should point that out in case it was missed:)
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  19. Morfydd Active Member

    There was also a pre-order discount on the ToV collector's edition. The combination of the two discounts did in fact make it cost $45 if you ordered before release.
  20. Avianna Well-Known Member

    so I should upgrade my free accounts to silver before tue then correct? that way I get grandfathered in the silver benifits on those accounts?

    What exactly are the silver benefits over the free? I have two gold accounts and two silver, I just want to know if it is worth the investment.

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