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  1. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Good Afternoon ROAD TRIPPERS!!!

    How did you enjoy Space Camp and the US Space and Rocket Center? I had a blast, sorry, pun intended!!! I really liked the Apollo 11 Simulator at the US Space and Rocket Center, the way the set it up, with the VR, it was just like you were there.

    How are you liking the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum? I don't think I have made it 2/3 of the way through yet, there are over 750 bikes on display and so far none have been disappointing. I haven't come to the Crotch Rockets, those are not my thing, I will probably not spend much time in that area, so far I have just been in the areas with the customs, the choppers, the Harleys, the Indians, the BMWs, and the Triumphs. But its lunch time now so I thought I would do the update.

    Tonight, things are switched up a bit because of night time activities. We will be porting to Birmingham at 5:00 pm. I have scheduled cocktail hour for 5:30 pm and dinner at 6:30 pm at The J. Clyde Beer Garden.

    At 7:30 pm, we are scheduled for The Birmingham Ghost Walk - Hotels, Churches, and Riots and then porting back to Huntsville at 9:45 pm in time for the Zombie Scavenger Game at 10 pm!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

    Tomorrow morning, we are going to the Birmingham Zoo at 8 am and then at 1 pm, we are going to Alabama Splash Adventure!!! So dress comfortably and be prepared to be licked by giraffes or pecked at by ostriches. And take a bag along with waterpark stuff!!!

    *giggles at Ttobey and his roadrunner reference, passes out hats to everybody with Wile E Coyote on them and stealths over and puts a hat with the Roadrunner on Ttobey, casts the group speed buff, checks the time delays, looks at Ttobey and giggles snarkily, and shouts*

    Lets head out ROAD TRIPPERS, we can finish looking at all this cool chrome and steel and relax for a couple of hours, shower, and head to Birmingham. Or as the West Yorkshire Spousal Unit would say Birmingum…..where the Brummies like Ozzy Osbourne live or originate from.

    EDIT: Just thought I would let everybody know if you press the red button on the top of Ttobey's Roadrunner hat, it will go Meep, Meep, then make the sound the Roadrunner's tongue makes.... *pokes the red button and giggles snarkily before running off*
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  2. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I like Ttobey having fun with us!!! Its better than having all those threads where its just people complaining about everything!!
  3. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Yes, the watchdogs must be doing a good job.
  4. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Ghost tour eh ?

    Tumble weeds roll across the way, lights flicker in the fog, foot steps appraching behind me ! a hand touches my shoulder !

    "eeEK !"

    "Sorry Sir, but you dropped your ballpoint pen..."

    Whoosh. That was scary.
  5. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Good Afternoon ROAD TRIPPERS!!!!

    That Ghost Walk and the Zombie Scavenger Hunt made my Wood Elf Flesh crawl!!! I am positive that I saw ghostie things in the Ghost walk in one of the Cathedrals. The Scavenger Hunt was a blast, trying to find all the supplies and weapon caches and get them back to our base before we were overrun by Zombies!!! It was Night of the Living Dead in the real world!!!

    The Birmingham Zoo this morning was fantastic, luckily Pixi did not get caught with her Bow again. And I think it will take Schmet about 10 baths to get her fur clean of giraffe slobber and her little squirrel friend is all slobbered on too. It was hilarious when those 4 Ostriches came up and started staring at Uwkete and Pijotre. They were checking them out like, what do you think you are going to do, we are as big as you are!!! And having 230 endangered species and conservation programs in this one Zoo is fantastic and I am glad that our visit is helping to support their efforts. Maybe people that read our updates who live nearby or are going go close by on Vacation will stop in and support their efforts as well. Animals are to be cherished, not hunted to extinction or abused and mistreated.

    On a lighter note, here we are at Alabama Splash Adventure. Its a multi-themed water park, divided into various areas similar to Disney World, Universal Parks, etc. There are slides, log rides, pools, splash downs, lazy rivers, shopping, a candy factory, an ice cream shoppe, and a whole lot more to explore!!! Since we are stopped for lunch before beginning our adventures here, I thought I would do our update.

    I have scheduled cocktail hour for 6 pm and dinner for 7 pm here at Alabama Splash Adventure. They have a full service Steak House and Bar. The park closes at 10 pm. We will have shuttles returning to our hotel at 9 pm and 10 pm.

    Tomorrow, we are heading out to Roswell, New Mexico!!!! I think that after checking into our hotel which is TownePlace Suites Roswell, we can explore the Roswell Historical District and then the Walker Aviation Museum. Then on Monday, the International UFO Museum and Research Center!!!!

    We can decide tomorrow whether we wish to stay in Roswell through Tuesday or just through Monday.

    *casts the group speed buff, gives everybody hats with giraffes and ostriches on them, giggles at Ttobey, rechecks the time delays, and shouts*

    Alright ROAD TRIPPERS, time to explore this Waterpark Adventure!!!
  6. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    argh slow down I am still working on New Mexico.

    "International UFO Museum and Research Center"
    dedicated to the 1947 Crash and the events that surrounded it, as well as other alleged UFO incidents.

    " Roswell UFO Spacewalk "
    A black light journey through a celestial exhibit.

    "Roswell Mc. Donald's " the only UFO - themed Mc. Donald's in the world.

    "POW Iron Cross " the symbol was built into the riverbank by German prisoners of war , it is now a memorial.

    " Bitter Lake National Refuge" is a diverse sanctuary for mammals , bird , fish and insects including over 80 species of dragonflies.
  7. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    No calories on this virtual road trip, right? ;) <heads to the candy factory and ice cream shoppe>
  8. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    more Roswell:
    "Spring river Park and Zoo"
    " Bottomless Lake State Park "
    named for 9 small deep lakes.
    "Historical Center for Southeast New Mexico"
    "Walker Aviation Museum"
    " General Douglas L. Mc. Bride Military Museum "
    " Down Town Historic Roswell "
    Chaves County Court house.
    I recommend just go there to see the usual buildings in a town and go shopping for " little alien cookies " , or " Out of this World
    " you can also go on " Roswell UFO Tours "visit over 20 location all over Roswell , learn about the UFO crash story , and see a good part of the town too.
    Mescalero Sands North Dune OHV Area" over 600 acres of towering sand dunes good place to ride a bicycle , dune buggies 'or sand rails.
    " Pecos Flavors' Winery"
    "J. Kenneth Smith Bird Sanctuary and Nature Center "
    " Miniatures and Curious Collections Museum " cute set up od small houses with little dolls serving as " house actors "
    " Robert H. Goddard Planetarium "
    very well done highly recommended.

    Carlsbad :
    " Carlsbad Caverns "has the second largest cave camber in the world ( the Hall of Giants 4000 feet long , 625 feet wide , and 350 feet high at it's highest point. There is a café down here where you can buy some food and drinks inside the cave.
    And yes this cave too has a very large population of bats it sometimes takes 3 hours for them all to fly out into the night sky

    " Lechuguilla Cave " third largest cave in the US near Carlsbad , not yet open to the public .
  9. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    The stars at night are big and bright way out in the desert. No clouds in the way, just a clear sky.
    But take plenty of water, cool, clear, water.

    ( a voice out there says 'water...' and fades away )
  10. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    No calories or issues to health on the the Virtual ROAD TRIP!!
  11. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Ok Schmet, you did even more research than I did, so you convinced me to stay in Roswell through Tuesday, then we will move on to Carlsbad. If it helps, I am thinking Colorado for our next state followed by Utah, we have our visit to Evermore in Utah.
  12. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Good Morning ROAD TRIPPERS!!!

    Here we are in Roswell, New Mexico. Surrounded by everything UFO. I am sure Ttobey thinks this is where we belong, but since he is right over there *points to Ttobey still wearing his Giraffe hat*, he must belong here too!! There is a lot more to Roswell than most people know about as we have been learning touring their historical district.

    Roswell is a center for irrigated farming, dairying, ranching, manufacturing, distribution, and petroleum production. They have the New Mexico Military Institute and Eastern New Mexico University - Roswell as well as The International Law Enforcement Academy which is run by the Federal government and trains law enforcement from around the world in the latest techniques. Most of the land here was owned by a single man and his wife that petitioned the US Government and became Postmaster. They then sold out to another man, who named the town Roswell after his father, it was his father's first name. The first settlement at what is now Roswell was called Missouri Plaza and was abandoned due to a lack of water. A merchant that had moved into town after it became Roswell was drilling a well in his backyard and hit a major aquifer and everybody's water problems were solved!!! In the 1930's, Robert H. Goddard did much of his work on rocketry in Roswell.

    Well it is time to head to the Roswell McDonald's for lunch. The only McDonald's in the entire world with a UFO theme. I know this because Schmet did the research!!! After lunch its the Walker Aviation Museum.

    I have scheduled cocktail hour for 6 pm and dinner for 7 pm at the Cattle Baron here in Roswell.

    After that we can just relax and enjoy the amenities of the hotel.
  13. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    yea this Mc. Donald's looks like a flying saucer with lights around it's edges at night.
    And Ronald is floating around in a space suit.
  14. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    Roswell New Mexico, the earth spins too fast. A crack forms splitting the planet. Magma flows from the core as the earth silently explodes to nothing. Absolute quietness commences. The End.
  15. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    There's a dark Monday morning for you!
  16. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Gero's space buddies wave their tech level 23 device, to us Type Zero ( tech level 7) worlders it looks like a magic wand, every thing goes back to normal, no injuries and the magma flow never existed. Earth is in one chunck as before, no splitting nor hairs.
  17. Ixian Active Member

    Not going to lie, I come to the forums every morning to read your posts in this thread.
  18. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    he's fun isn't he :3 I's likes his stories.
  19. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    *looks over and giggles at Ttobey as Gero saves the ROAD TRIP*

    Good afternoon ROAD TRIPPERS!!!

    Its Monday and we are in Roswell at the International UFO Museum and Research Center. A lot of the stuff in here on display is very interesting, of course most of it is attempts at replication based on witness statements of the Roswell Incident in 1947. I have never bought the Weather Balloon Story, a weather balloon is easily recognizable by even a child, but without pictures of the actual objects they found, who knows what it was. I guess I have always been puzzled as to why nobody kept any of this wreckage in a shed or something. Why did they turn every bit of it over to the Government? They knew they had something in their hands that was not "normal" and there was a lot of it out there, they didn't even report it for 2 days, they had plenty of time to drag a few pieces of each type into a shed or cellar and not tell anybody they had it.

    They have a ton of very interesting books that would make for great additions to libraries, can we say house item shopping??? A lot of alien bric-a-brac, I think Uwkete and Gero could use a lot of this building their Who Houses. I think I have seen about half of the displays. But it was time to stop for lunch. I find it odd that in a ton that basically makes a living off of UFOs, there is only one UFO themed place to eat and that if the McDonald's. Luckily your admission ticket is good for the entire day so you can go out and get something to eat, there is the McDonald's a could of doors down one way, a diner across the street, a pastry and coffee shop a couple of doors down the other way. Quite a few places within walking distance from here.

    I have scheduled cocktail hour for 6 pm and dinner for 7 pm at El Toro Bravo here in Roswell. I have scheduled us for the Roswell UFO Spacewalk at 8:30 pm. This should be an interesting evening!!!

    Tomorrow, we are scheduled at 8:00 am for the Robert H Goddard Planetarium. Then after lunch, we are scheduled at 1 pm for the Miniatures and Curious Collections Museum and 3:30 pm for the Roswell UFO Tours.

    Wednesday, we are headed to Carlsbad, New Mexico, to see us some caves and a whole lot of bats!!!!

    *casts the group speed buff, passes out hats she just got from the gift shop with a UFO and some aliens on them to everybody, stealths over and puts Ttobey's new Alien hat on him and giggles as she stealths away, checks the time delays again, and shouts*

    Alright ROAD TRIPPERS, lets finish our lunch, we have more aliens to look at!!!!
  20. Breanna Well-Known Member

    I wonder if we'll get to meet Liz, Max, Michael and Isabelle.
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