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    *runs in out of breath*

    Good Morning SUMMER ROAD TRIPPERS!!!!

    How is everybody enjoying the Moon Day Festivities at the Kennedy Space Center? Sorry I am a bit late, but we had a few late RSVPs and a few "guests" that had to be tracked (the Cabana boys do not have any tracking skills), but I believe everybody is here now!! If anybody else needs or wants to come a bit later, the Cabana boys can go and get them.

    I had these little red button things made for us by the Imagineers at Epcot during our break, I know they look like the Easy Button for Staples, but they will allow you to go back to where the Cabana Boys picked you up this morning and then have the Cabana Boys bring you back to the trip, in case you need to pop home for something. We can set our time delays if need be so you do not miss anything while you are gone. *passes out the little red button things to all the ROAD TRIPPERS except for the "guests"*

    The celebrations today at Cape Canaveral go on until 4 pm EDT. Then we will head back to our Virtual 5 Star Resort and Spa. I have booked us cocktail hour at 6 pm and dinner at 7 pm. Then we have the rest of the evening to relax and just chit chat or sleep and get ready for our Disney Park Hopper Passes. All the Disney Parks are open to us at 6 am for Breakfast with Mickey if you so choose. We do have access to the People Movers from this hotel. Remember there are welcome packets in your rooms for both Disney and Universal that explain exactly what we have access to.

    This is a great start to our SUMMER ROAD TRIP!!!! Thanks Uwkete for thinking of starting 2 days earlier and coming to Kennedy Space Center on Moon Day!!
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    This poem was written by Geroblue and he asked me to post it for him if he could not be on to post it himself.

    A crowd gathered at the Gate.
    They had a long way to go,
    some tardyons to catch,
    and some tachyons to slow down.

    To the distant past they would travel.

    They found their seats in the machine,
    all looked towards the huge picture window,
    over on one side.

    They had an appointment to keep.
    Before they did sleep.
    In our distant future.

    The Gate did move,
    or it appeared to do so.
    an invisible window hovered in space.
    above the surface of a small blue and green planet's Moon.

    "There it is !" one shouted.

    And they all got quiet and watched,
    sitting on the edge of their seats,
    at the small object,
    hurrying along towards Earth's Moon.

    One stayed in orbit, and two went down.
    They watched in silence as the voyage unfolded.

    Slowly it crept towards the surface,
    its fuel running low.

    The contact light glowed and the engines shut down.

    A pause.

    then the words.

    "Houston. Tranquility Base here ! The Eagle has landed !"

    Their breath comes out in a rush.
    Tears of joy are wiped away.
    Then the folks we will become,
    closed the Gate on the first Lunar landing,
    and went back to their Present,
    our Future.
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    From Breanna in the RSVP Thread:

    I love, love, love the space center. Do you think we'll meet any actual aliens? I've always wanted to go off into space, it would be so cool, sitting up there looking back down at Earth.
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    From Uwkete in the RSVP Thread:

    /bow :D

    Sorry I wasn't available earlier; was too busy celebrating the day! Then spending the rest of the evening regretting something I'd ingested somehow... X-P


    I love how one of the bigger "housekeeping" chores they had on the Space Shuttle was wiping off all the hand and face prints from the inside of the windows, especially the ones turned toward Earth. :)

    who loves how every person that's gone up to at least orbit comes back an avowed environmentalist :D
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    From Schmet in the RSVP Thread:

    poor ttobey , but your missing out on good fun .

    here are some things to maybe see in Texas everything is" bigger and better" in this place so there is sooooo much to see and do and I am not even mentioning the amusement parks , well besides one , but it does not really matter .

    Museum of weird ( ttobey probably thinks we should all be in there)
    Museum of Natural and Artificial Ephemerid.
    Cathedral of Junk ( structure comprised out of junk .
    Congress Bridge and it's inhabitance the worlds biggest colony of bats in a urban setting.1.5 millions.
    Hamilton Pool
    Toy Joy ( ( full of vintage and weird toys , they have a large collection of my little kitty toys it's just scary.
    Ms. Pearl ( the worlds largest squirrel statue with a pecan the size of your head in it's paws.) residing in front of
    near by Berdoll Pecan candy & gift Co.
    Mueller Sun Flowers ( solar panels in the shape of giant flowers.)
    Mayfield park ( filled with filled with peacocks and hens.)
    Sparky Park ( former substation , now home for eccentric junk art.)
    Moonlight towers ( tall towers to light the city , to discourage crime )
    Casa Neverlandia ( unique design)
    The Bottle House ( an unusual house in an unusual neighborhood)
    Yippee Ki Yay Stick work Sculptures ( interesting what you can do with sticks).

    National Museum of Funeral History
    Buffalo Park Cistern ( underground cool place to meditate .)
    Art Car Museum ( lots of imagination used to change cars into art.
    Eclectic Menagerie Park ( massive steel monsters )
    The orange Show ( all about oranges , art refreshments and other stuff )
    Beer Can House.
    Museum of health and Medical Science ( giant body parts)
    The Wild Collection ( inspired by Oskar Wilde and Edgar Allen Poe.)
    1940 Air Terminal Museum
    Smither Park ( filled with mosaics created by over 300 people.
    the worlds longest carwash
    the Maritime Museum ( models and other presentations of boats and ships )
    Forbidden Gardens ( scale models of the terra cotta warriors and the Forbidden City) .

    Mammoth Site
    Dr. Pepper Museum
    the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum

    Texas Centennial Art Deco Buildings historic Fair Park
    Adrian E. Flatt , M. D. , Hand Collection ( hand casts of famous people )
    Eye Sculpture ( if you think those gazers are scary )
    The Traveling Man ( sculpture)

    more to come later , this was hard work to look up all this places and this is not even half of the stuff that's interesting.
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  7. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Nice poem Gero! I look to the stars and wonder!
  8. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Don't worry Schmet, Ttobey is not missing a thing, he is one of our "guests".

    Good Morning ROAD TRIPPERS!!

    Sunday Morning and day 2 of our SUMMER ROAD TRIP. Yesterday was OUT OF THIS WORLD *grins snarkily*, sorry, I could not help myself. The festivities at Kennedy Space Center were fantastic, I only wish they carried on through today. The only other thing they have planned is a splash down party but it did not look very interesting. If there is enough interest though, I can still get us tickets. Its only a 2 hour hors d'oeuvres event with slides of the splash down and quarantine playing randomly on 4 large screen televisions.

    We are now enjoying our Disney Park Hopper passes through Tuesday at midnight. We can visit any of the Disney Parks as much as we want and we have full access to the People Movers and the Monorails from our Hotel. I have cocktail hour planned for 6 pm in the main lounge and dinner at 7 pm in the Steak House. We have access to all the Parks except Epcot, beginning at 6 am for Breakfast with Mickey, or 7 am otherwise, and all Parks close at midnight. Don't forget your little red button in case you need to pop home and back. Since our SUMMER ROAD TRIP will be considerably shorter than our SPRING ROAD TRIP, we will always utilize our time warps to get the most out of our trip.

    Ohhhh before I forget, I got all of us, including our guests, these wonderful hats, as I plan on a day at Epcot today and I always wear a new hat. *passes out Moon hats to everybody which look like a watchcap with a big Moon on top, with a small lunar lander sitting on it with an American Flag poked into the Moon's surface, the watchcap itself is black to look like the void of space*

    I absolutely loved Gero's poem, he has about 1000 poems he has written, I told him that he should self publish them so they are not lost. He is a very good writer.

    *puts on her Moon hat, casts the group speed buff, gives a nod to her friends that are watching over the "guests", and sets the time delays* Alright everybody, lets get out there and enjoy our time at Disney Parks. Anybody wanting to go to Epcot, lets head out!!!
  9. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Thank you.
  10. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Off Off and Away!!!!!
  11. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Walking around,
    listening to my Interstellar Radio,
    Jupiter is cranky,
    the Arcturus solar system is jumping,
    and the Oort Cloud is sublime.
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    Good Morning ROAD TRIPPERS!!

    Monday morning and its a bit humid here in Florida with poofy clouds on the horizon. Ok, I would get marked down for calling them poofy, they are cumulous clouds, but I prefer poofy.

    I think I would like to visit Disney Hollywood Studios today, anybody else? I know, I slept in, no Breakfast with Mickey for me today. I thought 9 am was plenty early for breakfast so that is what I did. I read in the welcome packet that they are having Monster, Inc., Twilight Zone, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Cars as the features right now!! And I absolutely love Mike and Sully! They are having after hours as well until 2 am, so I may stay and I may not, depends on how much I enjoy it.

    I have cocktail hour planned in the main lounge for 6 pm followed by dinner in the Steak House at 7 pm. Then I plan on going back to Disney Hollywood Studios if anybody wishes to come with me. Or you can stay at the hotel, relax, use the spa facilities, go to bed early, whatever you wish. Tomorrow is our last day at Disney and then on Wednesday, we begin our three days of Universal Parks.

    *passes out hats to everybody with horns like Sully's on one and little blue hard hats like Mike wears for the other, casts the group speed buff, and checks the time delays*

    Alright everybody, lets get out there and have a great day at Disney!!!!
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    From Ttobey in the RSVP Thread:

    Oh I didn't realize I was still holding on to the radio. I can still here voices from inside the capsule as it flies out of the solar system! Have a nice trip, Over and Out!
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    From Geroblue in the RSVP Thread:

    I have a virtual teleporter, it can put all of us, and the spaceship where ever we want.

    How about that ? Shall we go visiting ? :)
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    From Uwkete in the RSVP Thread:

    YES! :D

    eager to yell "First!" on stepping out on Mars...with spacesuit on, of course ;)
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    From Breanna in the RSVP Thread:

  17. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    From Geroblue in the RSVP Thread:

    I was thinking of going to someone's house... :)

    Anyway, off to Mars ! Maybe we can find one of the Rovers and get a picture with it ?
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    Good Afternoon ROAD TRIPPERS!!!

    How is everybody enjoying Disney? I did love the day yesterday at Disney Hollywood Studios, Mike and Sully crack me up, so does Roz. I did stay until 2 am and then was at Disney World this morning at 6 am for Breakfast with Mickey!!! Disney World has after hours as well, it is open until 1 am tonight. Not sure if I will stay that late or not, but it is our last day of Disney.

    As per our usual, I have cocktail hour in the main lounge scheduled for 6 pm, but I switched up dinner for something a bit more fun to the 50's Diner at 7 pm, you can come in 50's era costume or just your normal dress. Then after that, the rest of the evening is yours to do as you please!!

    Tomorrow, we head to Universal. I did not schedule the studio tour for our first day, I have that scheduled for Thursday at 9 am. So for our first day, you can select any of the Universal Parks you would like to go to, they all open at 6 am and close at midnight. You can do a studio tour if you wish, I have done them more than once, you always seem to see something new every time you take the tour.

    If anybody would like to join me, I am getting ready to have lunch at the Diner in the Tomorrowland area. I hope everybody is having as much fun as I am. Its so good to be on a trip with all of you again.

    *puts on her propeller beanie, casts the group speed buff, and checks the time delays*

    All Right ROAD TRIPPERS, lets show DISNEY that we are Norrathians and we mean business!!!!
  19. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Ice Cream ! I liiikkke ice creaaaam !

    Sorry, left my hat mike on.
  20. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Sweet I finally get to wear my poodle skirt and saddle shoes again WHOO HOOO! :D