State of the Wizard Address (Serious)

Discussion in 'Mages' started by SacDaddy420, Dec 24, 2015.

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    Who are Super Plump Halfling Hug Squad (your guild) on AB and how come no guild on AB has killed Ynonngozzz'Koolbh yet you have class non-relic cloak? please explain!!!
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    This is exactly what they did to beastlords.
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    Are you here to improve wizards, are are you using this thread as an excuse to post your epeen parse?

    You asked for a parse, I provided. Not only was it a bad parse from kill time point of view, it was a terrible pull to start with. The only other T1 dps at the time was a sin with dual ethereal who could barely break 300 mil because of how far apart the mobs were. Despite all these unidealistic conditions, a non ethereal warlock still blew everyone out of the water. Under ideal condition, warlock would've done even more. So yes, I do happen to think wizards are a bit behind in this particular instance.

    Looking back back at your parse, it looks like you received the same buffs as the warlock. Nay, your buffs were even better. So your effective dps would've been even lowered had you had not have these buffs.

    Also, if you think there's a huge lag difference between prime time and off time, then I recommend you try raiding during off time sometime. Because during off time, there's still some significant spell delay with a full raid.

    Now, I recommend you stop the poo flinging, and get back to to what this thread was created for in the first place, improving wizards. If you behave, and all the raiders make it next weekend, and I just happen to be playing on a dial up, I'll provide an updated parse.

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  5. Vasco Active Member

    They're halfling, who happens to be very plump.

    If you're talking about my crappy relic paladin cloak, I bought it around the corner from a guy named Jeff.

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  6. Flamace Active Member

    Cause its pretty hard for two maybe three people to make it as opposed to say I don't know, twenty-four?
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    First, I'm the conj on the parse, not the wizzie. Second the only buffs he got was EV and bolster and the only buffs I get is TC. Third, we aren't the ones running a Fury, Mystic, Troub, Illy, Brig, group to only buff the **** out of the warlock. I mean you post that parse expecting people to not notice the brig and mystic extra damage?? Fourth, we have no eth's and no hammer so please don't post your crap expecting to compare a real raid setting to a bot raid. You just make yourself look more like an idiot.
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    Then why are you posting in this thread if not to help wizard? The fact that your wizard got beat by you speaks volume where they stand right now.

    Not sure if you're aware, Jester's Cap and Fae Fire are technically considered buffs. The only thing I see the wizard was missing was Ritual of Aclarity. Also, I thought you said your raid is efficient. If you're not utilizing all the proper classes to buff your T1 DPS, well who would you buff? The bard?

    Try to utilize less ad hominem, and stick to the topic of this thread.

  9. Rubick Well-Known Member

    That's not ad hominem. He just threw in the insult at the end as a bonus. I know because I specialize in the ad hominem argument style.
  10. Vasco Active Member

    Thanks for clearing that up. Haven't use that word since college a little over a decade ago.

    Time to beef warl *cough* wizard please.

  11. Dotuming Active Member

    You don't buff 1 person, you buff the entire group. That is being efficient. Our groups dps was 1.62 billion. Maybe that's why your kill time was so horrible. If you remove the brig and mystic buffs your dps is lower than his.

    Regardless, raiding with wizzies for a long while, the biggest single area where I feel the wizards need help in is single target DPS. There is a few thoughts I did have in regards to this.
    1.) Why do wizards not get a comparable ST conversion like warlocks Negative void to boost ST dps?
    2.) Manaburn power conversion does not scale correctly.
    3.) Certain spells like Rays or Manaburn should have their cast times cut in half.
    4.) Would it not be possible to bring forward something that when you use increments on a single target you end up only using half the increments?
  12. Kioske Well-Known Member

    Let's ease up on this "please fix wizards" stuff. If an equally geared top ranked wizard can keep up with equally geared top ranked (Insert T1 DPS class here), then the fact is, there is nothing wrong with the class, there is something wrong with the way you play it. (Though I agree Manaburn is useless, and they never scaled that properly, but they tend to do that with some spells, think of all the spells you take off your hotbar as a T1 DPSer)
  13. Vasco Active Member

    Well, I for one believe in learning new things. So please tell us what do you buff the rest of your group with? Specific example would be nice.

    Perhaps we can go back and do a direct comparison between Warlock and Wizard after your recommendation for buff changes.
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    Please prove this statement. Do not include a wizard with a reset hammer or reset adornment. These items are not easily obtainable and no class should need to rely on a single item in order to compete. Also top lvl raiding guilds are a small percent of the games population. Wizards should be single target gods like their description says accross all playing levels(similar gear and skill lvl obviously )
    yes they are ok aoe but that's not their description. plus beastlords and conj do good both aoe and single target.
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    Hearing all this wonderful stories about 300M+ parsing individuals most certainly make me curious .. how fast such raid kill captains? We have 1 single person who braking mark 100M on captain our kill time (mostly due to lag) just tiny bit below 8minutes
  16. Jenkzz Member

    Should be low 2 minute kills IIRC. I think our last captains kill was 2:15-2:30.
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  17. Anunnaki Active Member

    Another problem is people only posting gaudy parses, which are always AE fights. Some ST numbers from people would be nice, to truly illustrate if they are indeed broken or not.
  18. krolror New Member

    ahh what adorn is that i cant find anything on a reset adorn
  19. krolror New Member

    yeah im geared decent but no essence of duality wich is a huge deal no hammer either
  20. suka Well-Known Member

    but i love nuking. it is the main thing i love about wizards - even my eq1 wizards out-nuke everyone. i don't mind nuking everything around me - i love that. i once saw a name in eq1 that makes me think of wizards - "Idontdot"