State of the Wizard Address (Serious)

Discussion in 'Mages' started by SacDaddy420, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. Rondo9 Active Member

    Its pretty easy to reproduce on training dummies, not so much in raid with lag and most encounters being non-AE these days. never hear anything from Daray these days
  2. Lightrock Member

    Wizards are solo toons. Root and nuke. Blast E'ci's and grab your nuts. Get a good cure merc or pocket fury, turn off chat, and enjoy your time away from all that pesky, forced social interaction.
  3. Indy Member

    Yes, Wizards can solo effectively... I didn't bother with mercs till I was level 90+ and rarely ran into a problem soloing. Last xpac I was parsing at 800m-1.3b on then-current content raid names. I don't own the hammer, nor did I have BiS gear on every slot, so yes, Wizzys can hold their own on parse. (Yes, parse varies by group make-up, lag, mob resistances, spell level, casting orders etc... not just gear and AA's.) KA solo has been no problem, pretty much one-shot most names. KA heroics thus far I'm seeing more damage from my main and offhand weapon procs (Greenmist and Curuvar'Renda... when auto attacking, they don't seem to proc otherwise) despite only sitting at 300+ dps and 70's range swd atm than I am seeing from most of my spells, and at this juncture I still have yet to figure out why. I'm sitting at 224 resolve atm solo, which should be enough from what I'm reading for heroics.I'm not sure what the elemental mit is on these mobs... only debuff I have is Ice Spears for 2694, and that may be the problem or a part of it. Still testing...

    ( to see my char stats/gear)
  4. SacDaddy420 Active Member

    Wow they must have changed allot, cuz when i used to solo it went more like: run around and get a bunch on you, then hit em all with numbing cold jump back (kiss myself), let the first 3 unlucky sob`s crawl into fusion, kite backwards feeding devblasts, ecis firestorms and FroDets down their throats. then iceshape firestorm to renew the snares, maybe take a hit from the survivors to get a new NC up, rinse, repeat.

    But i always was a lil crazy.
  5. SacDaddy420 Active Member

    Try casting furnace of ro on a dummy and examining the debuff.
  6. Indy Member

    Thx : )
  7. Xellium Active Member

    Just run around in circles and round up the zone.
    Then hit Firestorm/Unda... Done.
  8. VanDam New Member

    Um Sacdaddy.. it's like this.. a Dev needs to sit in on a raid and figure out what's going on. The wizard is in a sad state of affairs presently. With the way things are taken care of around here lately, i don't really see any light at the end of the tunnel.. 8 years of raiding a Wiz.. I can deal with some ups and downs, but it's pretty pathetic the discrepancy at the moment. I can't believe more haven't spoken up about this frankly. If ever there was a time we needed someone to champion our cause, the time is now. I wish i was that guy, but there are definitely some more reputable and well known old school wizards out there that have some "pull", that might get into the right person's ear.
  9. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    Our wiz has been pumping out some good dps post changes not sure why you wouldn't be as well.
  10. VanDam New Member

    Wow, are you on a time-lock server? care to elaborate?
  11. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    No I raid , wiz is doing good dps it's up the top or just behind depending on what's up , procs and the encounter .

    Again not sure why you wouldn't be it's certainly not below par and definitely not hurting in the dps department betray and play a warock if you want to see a class that needs some love.
  12. VanDam New Member

    I guess you missed the part where I've been a raiding a Wiz for 8 Years, and that this is a Wizard thread.. No interest in being a Warlock, or opening the FC can of worms either. I don't know, maybe you're not seeing what I'm seeing, but when people are DOUBLING even TRIPLING your dps in raid, something is way off.
  13. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    I think there's stuff you need to work if you are being doubled or tripled in dps the new ascension stuff is important There's stats you need to grind up and you need to look at other parses to see what there break up is and no I don't raid warlock that's just an observation. T1 classes are pretty darn close atm hopefully when the new weapons hit the hammer wielders vs non it will be even closer. :)
  14. VanDam New Member

    I've had Ire-dread since the beginning of last expansion, and read ACT well. I'm no newb when it comes to this stuff, and wouldn't had even posted if, like I say, there wasn't a huge discrepancy. But, I digress, perhaps I am missing something. Maybe it is, in fact, me just being dumb.
  15. Rondo9 Active Member

    Something strange there if you have the hammer and getting doubled and tripled, I assume scouts are doing that to you?