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Discussion in 'Guide and Player Events' started by Kokorobosoi, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Kokorobosoi Active Member

    Ninwa where are you? We miss you!
  2. Kokorobosoi Active Member

    In belated news, there was a guide quest in commonlands today, a mean old wolf stole some pies.
  3. Ninwa Senior Guide

    I am here... somewhere... *winks*
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  4. Kokorobosoi Active Member

    There you are!
  5. Tippoh Guide

    What about the rest of us? *looks sad*
  6. Kokorobosoi Active Member

    I miss you all, but I've never seen you post in guide forums. Ehem....

    Where are all splitpaws guides? Tippoh and cathis and incanto ninwa fadar diamorgal gerdda demonio and everyone else? We miss you all and you should come out to play more often!

    Note: no particular order and I know my list is missing some, but I haven't had my coffee yet!
  7. Squeecha Senior Guide

    I stole Encanto to Freeport. But hey, I gave you Ninwa.
  8. Jolemai Active Member

    Do you guys still have a few shineys knocking around? I'm missing one still :(
  9. Tippoh Guide

    Keep an eye out in Level_1-9 Chat for guides, we are usually fairly easy to spot.

    Meanwhile, Rumours:
    A Coldain with a fascination for all things Fungal will be at the docks of Frostfang Sea at around 6pm UK time (10AM PST) this evening (26th November)
  10. Ninwa Senior Guide

    I heard an Othmir by the name of Mipkin will be in need of fresh fish around 7pm UK time (11am PST). He'll be fishing on the docks of the Feerrott. Don't tell the other Othmirs... I think it's a secret!
  11. Tippoh Guide


    Two Coldain warriors will be looking for help defeating the might that is the Kromzek! They can be found near the gates of Outer Kael in Eastern Wastes at around 7pm GMT, 11am PST, on the 30th November!
  12. Ninwa Senior Guide

    A rumour I heard...

    Around 1:30pm UK time (5:30am Pacific) December 8th the infamous Hallden Irongutt seems to be looking for some particular brews on the docks of Frostfang Sea!
  13. Ninwa Senior Guide

    Oh, and another rumour... *keeps her voice down*

    I heard an Othmir by the name of Mipkin will be in need of fresh fish around 5pm UK time (9am PST) on Monday 10th December. He'll be fishing on the docks of the Feerrott. Don't tell the other Othmirs... I think it's a secret!
  14. Shniffles Guide

    Awww, you forgot about the cute ratsie! *sadface*
  15. Mysticalmaid Member

    How many people can help these poor souls at a time? I will try to keep an ear out for these rumours. Did Hallden find all his brews?
  16. Kokorobosoi Active Member

    Aww I'm sorry, never meant to forget you shniffles!
  17. Tippoh Guide


    A Sad Froglok suffering from the loss of his home is looking for someone to help feed his family in Enchanted Lands at 1pm (UK Time) / 3am (PST Time) Today! (11 Dec)
  18. Izanami New Member

    Hi, was wondering if Splitpaw guides have been doing Frostfell quests? Specifically Gifts for Aimee and Dressed for Success. I haven't seen any but I can't really blame guides for not doing a lot; Splitpaw seems mostly dead and the last guide event I saw I think I was the only one that showed up. :/ It's just that lately I've been drifting over to Guk around 1am GMT and they seem to have one most nights, two last night, about that time.
  19. Ninwa Senior Guide

    We have been doing Frostfell quests, just not advertised in this forum. This time of year is hectic for all of us. Though I have to admit 1am UK time is a bit late, this old frog's bedtime is around two hours earlier *winks*
    We tend to run quests during UK afternoons and evenings most of the time.
  20. Izanami New Member

    Ah, okay thanks. I appreciate it! I was typically coming on around 7-8pm but figured 1am was a bit late (or early) hence the reason I've been on Guk. Don't get me wrong, I loved Splitpaw in its heyday, but it just seems so empty now... plus all my stuff is there.

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