SoH: Utter Contempt (Heroic) and (Raid) Spawning and Strategy

Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by Sigrdrifa, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. Absin New Member

    Is there a minimum group size check on spawning the triumvirate/X2 (heard it was 6 people, ie a full group but would like clarification)? Sunday night we were able to spawn the duo by having the 1 person who was still missing a named kill (Baron/Baroness) leave group/zone, and 2 of us spawned the duo and reinvited him. The following night we got our 3rd member his missing kill on Baron/Baroness but were unable to spawn the triumvirate despite the fact that all 3 group members now have all achievements completed up to and including the duo.

    Will hopefully get to try again today bringing in a 4th group member who has all kills up to and including the duo, but if it does indeed require a full group in order to spawn the triumvirate/X2 that should really be changed...
  2. Fluffypanda New Member

    Can someone please tell me how to spawn the named? We had four people flagged int he herioc instance and the x2 did not spawn after killing the trio? do all 6 people need to be flagged with all mobs cleared to spawn him? or is there something that has to be clicked?
  3. Chubby New Member

    yes all 6 need to be flagged

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