SoH: Utter Contempt (Heroic) and (Raid) Spawning and Strategy

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    Here is a list of bosses and their tiers. I am not going to spoil how to spawn them but this info should be good too.

    Tier 1:
    The Arch Bonefiend
    The Culler of Bones
    The Deathrot Knight
    Lord of Decay
    Lord of Ire
    Lord of Loathing
    Mistress of Scorn
    Hoarder P'Lewt
    The Phantom Wraith
    High Priest M'kari
    Coercer T'vala

    Tier 2:
    Master of Spite
    Bleeder of Ire
    Master P'Tasa
    Deathspinner K'dora
    Demetrius Crane
    Hand of Maestro
    Dreadlord D'Somni
    Grandmaster R'Tal

    Tier 3:
    Avatar of Abhorrence
    Ashenbone Broodmaster
    Avatar of Bone
    Kpul D'Vngur (Maestro)

    Tier 4:
    Innoruuk, Prince of Hate
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    Thanks Gninja! I have the base wiki page for Shard of Hate: Reignited Hatred set up with the tier info you provided, with placeholder pages for the names and the few trash mobs I know about. Now raiders have a place they can record strategy and spawning tips.
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    SoH Heroic named spawning

    TELEPORTERS: There are three teleporters that must be activated to access some parts of spawning certain nameds. To activate the teleporters go stand on one, this will make candles appear around
    the pad. While standing on the pad you will see a few candles lit up, stepping off of the pad these candles will unlight, you must light all the candles that are lit while you're standing on the pad
    lighting all of the correct candles will activate the teleporter.
    Teleporter locs:
    <166, 7, 122>
    <-119, 10, 201>
    <-154, 12, 214>

    1st Nameds

    Skimp the Imp- Kill Imps til he spawns

    Vilegore- Find cooled branding iron on a weapon rack and use the fire pit @ <-105 10 237>. Right click a hate mongrel to turn it into Vilegore.

    Hateful Plate- Find discarded armor pieces scattered through out the entrance of the zone and equip them to the mannequin at <184, 6, 105> Helm is @ <157, 10, 92> Shoulders @ <11 3 196>
    Legs @ <-112, 10, 188> under a mound of loose dirt Chest @ <-177, 16, 129> Hands @ <-180, 25, 205>

    Fuel of Hatred- Fight bubbles of hatred and stun them, while they're stunned click on them to gather a glob. Go and click on the door at <174, 10, 149> Repeat 5 times

    Trapped Bellhop - Gather the armor pieces from Hateful plate and place them in "a chest unlike the rest" @ <-203 15 150>

    2nd nameds
    Morg- Loot a spite stone from a hate mongrel at the entrance of the zone, use this on the golem @ <174, 33, -75>

    Lord of Pain- Kill all the skeletons around Rectory of Confession <212 33 -61> to spawn a keeper of pain. Kill the keeper and it will drop a shaped key. Under the 4 cages in the area are different
    shapes to match the key, using it on the right cage will spawn another keeper of pain, this process will repeat until the last cage, where it will spawn the Lord of Pain.

    The Telekenetic Evangelist- @ <-202, 16, 33> clear all the mobs and locate the three statues in the area, these statues will be able to be turned and must match the direction that the same
    color statue is facing on the platforms to the north. ***MAY NEED MORE INFO, UNSURE OF HOW IT ACTUALLY SPAWNED.

    The Damned- Find sacrificial knife @ <174, 33, -75>, have your whole grp click it and die, revive in the pit.

    Anarchic Obscenity - Pull spiders to the black portal @ <-202, 16, 33>and kill them in the center of the portal.

    3rd Nameds
    Chief Librarian Py'Tyz- Use the 3 teleporters at the entrance and kill the Librarian at each platform, this will activate the platform @ <21, 7, -48 > after you kill a 2nd named. Click the book stand / pedestal to spawn.

    Horb- Kill Morg and loot his body, go over to the roaming golem @ <-110, 16, -34> and click it.

    Organ Donor- Inside the fountain there is a conch @ <-12, 14, -15>, using this gives you the ability to see music notes for 30 seconds. You'll need to find and click four different colored music notes,
    click conch as many times as neccessary. After getting 4 go to the organ and enter the colors in the order you found them in.

    Helestia- Click on grave found @ <39, 7, -62>, this spawns wretches, dispell and then kill them, they will drop a chain on the ground. Pick up the chain and place on the grave. Repeat until she spawns.

    Glubglub- Find fishbowls around the zone. Place them in the fountain, there are 3 fishbowls to find. Possible Locs <-107, 31, -180> <77, 32, -198> <-262, 19, -1> <192, 22, -60> (In pit of the damned, click knife to access)

    4th nameds
    Head of hate- Kill the surrogates around the zone and craft on the book/crafting station they drop to destroy vessel and prevent re spawning, after all 5 surrogates are gone the head of hate spawns @ <-13, 31, -172>

    Baron/Baroness- Click the Icons of Scorn on the wall around the zone until there are no more clicks- Go to <212 33 -61>, you will find white/red orbs or "lanterns". These must all be red to open the door. This part is a puzzle, and you must find away to align them all.

    Morghorb - After killing Horb loot his body and make your <35, 30, -200> you will see a golem with circles around it. Click his body to spawn him.

    Igidishi - Have anyone with track look for skull with horns, either they will dissolve or become attackable, find / kill them until Igidishi spawns @ <-16, 20, -117>

    Zu'Vlu'Vex - Clear liches around the Basilica of hate @ <-13, 31, -172>, turn on Ultravision and look for the unlit torches on the sides of the buidling, click them all until he spawns.

    5th nameds

    Estir- Zone into heart of hate and clear trash

    GruesomeTwosome- Have all the nameds before this one killed, click the coffin on the same side as estir to spawn

    Cantankerous Triumvirate- Have all the nameds before this killed, click the remaining closed coffins in the heart of hate

    Something most hated - This is an x2 named Ulvaug the Bloodfang that spawns after we killed Cantankerous Triumvirate. Not sure if it spawned because we had all of the achievements, or if it spawned because we kill that encounter, effectively a 6th named in the zone.
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  5. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Are these actually "a fettered wraith" and not wretches?
  6. Bawkan New Member

    Yes, I forgot to change their name in my notes, sorry. Once you dispel them they become "unfettered".
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  9. Cerapis New Member

    So our group has killed the Triumvirate two days in a row and no spawn of the x2. All that happens when the encounter dies is innoruk says "hahahahha cough hahahah cough cough". Do we know if this is an RNG spawn, or is there something that needs to be done to trigger this?
  10. Dabus New Member

    How can I see the new skin Igidishi?
  11. Chrol Developer

    There’s an issue with that encounter which will be fixed with the next update.
  12. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    I have no idea what you are asking. Do you mean Solo Igidishi? Or Heroic Igidishi? There's information about both versions on the pages I linked.
  13. Ladypants New Member

    To spawn the Gruesome Twosome or the Cantankerous Triumvirate does it require everyone in the group to have every named before killed to spawn? We have only ever been able to get the twosome to spawn once even though I have had all of the prior names killed for a week now. If this is the case it makes it really hard to do pickup groups or switch guildies in and out.
  14. Kari Well-Known Member

    We were able to spawn the Gruesome Twosome with someone in our party that did not have the achievements for every name.

    I couldn't answer for the Triumvirate because we all had the achievements when we spawned that one, but it seems likely to follow the same rules as the Twosome.
  15. Ladypants New Member

    I would love to know what I am doing wrong then.
  16. Bawkan New Member

    I was unable to spawn Grusome Twosome or the Triumvirate while I was the only person in the group. One time we had our group zone out if they werent flagged so that we could spawn it 100% guaranteed. Im wonder if a certain percent of grp members need to be flagged for you to be able to spawn it.
  17. Kari Well-Known Member

    We had five people that were flagged and one that wasn't when we spawned the twosome.

    The next night when we did the triumvirate, we just had four flagged and two empty spots, since it was late and the rest of our group had logged for the evening.
  18. southpaw Member

    Anyone shed any light on what we're doing wrong with Ze'Vlu'Vex?

    First round of adds, once we'd killed the shadow abhorrent the increments of Trace of Darkness dropped, second round onwards they just accumulated like crazy. Currently sitting at 10 increments, doing virtually zero damage to the named as a result. Can't see anything else in the area to interact with.
  19. Ladypants New Member

    Two days ago I had 5 flagged and 1 needing one more kill to be flagged and could not spawn the twosome. Yesterday I had 6 flagged for up to the twosome, 5 for triumvirate and could spawn the twosome but not triumvirate. Maybe it matters which mobs the people are missing? The person missing one was missing the damned so a 2nd level mob.
  20. Ladypants New Member

    Southpaw, I am assuming you kept ultravision on? You should kill a trace of darkness which then pops up the shadow abhorrent, second round two traces and two shadow abhorrents. There may be a third round with 3 etc but we have never gone past two. The first time we did this week took off ultravision so was unable to see things. The other thing I would ask is are you dispelling? I can't say for 100% if this mob needs dispelling but a lot of the trash and named need dispelled at times so our group has got into the habit of just dispelling everything.

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