SoH: Utter Contempt (Heroic) and (Raid) Spawning and Strategy

Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by Sigrdrifa, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. southpaw Member

    Yes, keeping ultravision on. We've done exactly as you suggested, but on the 2nd round of adds the nasty detrimental isn't dropping. We're up to 10 of them now and can hardly damage the named.
  2. Arieva Well-Known Member

    So we've gotten every person in our group all the achievements for previous kills in SoH heroic. We have no problem spawning the 2some but can't seem to get the 3some to spawn. Are we missing anything obvious here?
  3. slica Active Member

    Just got all the kills on my tank tonight to spawn the two-some and it wouldn’t spawn. Can a dev pls answer how many people in group are required to have all the kills to spawn these encounters, it’s going to be frustrating to pug this zone and have to wait months to spawn the two-some etc to get the x2 if that’s the case....
  4. Ladypants New Member

    So yesterday I tried to spawn the triumvirate, had one person that was missing one named in the group, could not spawn them. Tried what one person said and had that person zone out and then retried spawning and yep then we could spawn the triumvirate. We had that person come back in and killed the triumvirate. After the triumvirate was dead went to kill the x2 and it did not spawn so it seems that to spawn past the first one you need to have everyone have all of the achievements up to that point. I find this very frustrating as it makes it to where you pretty much need to keep a static group and can't do pugs nor switch people in and out.
  5. Kari Well-Known Member

    I don't know if it is required, but we have one person hailing and two other people are standing at the coffins on either side of the room and click them as soon as Estir is hailed.
  6. Chrol Developer

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  7. Arieva Well-Known Member

    As of last patch we saw this as not being the case. We couldnt even spawn the two name version with one unflagged char in zone..even though we had done it several times before tuesday.
  8. Chrol Developer

    Hrm...I haven't altered the minimum group requirement for spawning the last boss set since beta! (Doesn't mean it's not bugged.) Can you PM me with your name and server and when you ran into this issue, please?
  9. Arieva Well-Known Member

    conversation sent
  10. Chrol Developer

    Thanks for the PM Arieva. After reviewing Estir's script, the 3-player minimum only qualifies your group to move on to the next check, which is that everyone in the group must have all medals, up to "Victory: Estir the Spiteful," to spawn Laxil'Vas the Torn, and all medals, up to "Victory: Gruesome Twosome," to spawn Laxil'Vas the Torn and Ragash'Ta the Insidious.

    So one player in the group lacking the required medals would prevent the option for the 2 and/or 3-vampire encounters to be spawned.
  11. Kari Well-Known Member

    The odd thing is that we were able to spawn the Twosome with a person in our group that had never killed the Baron/Baroness or the Trapped Bellhop.

    If you look at Numbed achievements on Maj'Dul, he killed the Twosome with us even though he is missing the other achievements.
  12. slica Active Member

    Would it be possible to change this? I love the zone and want to run it and kill the x2, I have to pug this zone in order to run it. Very few people are running this zone as is, I guess they don’t realize how good the armor is... but the odds of getting 5 pugs that all have the kills in say anytime soon is slim to none :/
  13. Arieva Well-Known Member

    The first week this zone was out..armor was plentiful. Then it dropped sharply. Anyone else see this? I mean last 3-4 runs we've seen zero armor pattern drops. We killed the x2 tonight after finally getting all 6 flagged with all wasn't easy even with several dps with 101+ potency.. it dropped a 2 hander...a charm...both were greeded. Haven't seen an ill will build-able ear since we started running the zone. I'd say don't bother with the drops as they are few and far between. Having said that though..thoroughly enjoyed the zone's design! I just don't see the replayability with the drops I've seen to date. If you kill the should get something good each time..period.
  14. Bawkan New Member

    It does feel like the zone stopped dropping the good stuff recently... We haven't seen an Ill Will in the last seven runs at least
  15. Kari Well-Known Member

    Last name dropped mutable junk for us as well. The fight was challenging and a lot of fun. It seemed tuned well for an achievement, since we couldn't kill it with our small group of 4 and needed multiple attempts with a group of 6 using all our clickies and consumables.

    The flag for the achievement is awesome for us, since we don't have the flawless KA flag. It is a lesser version of the KA flawless. I will probably be in there a lot trying to help guild groups get through the final named to get the flag. However it would be nice to have a guaranteed Ill Will or armor pattern, since the flag won't be helpful for guilds that already have the KA flawless flag.
  16. duckster Active Member

    what does the achievement give?
  17. Kari Well-Known Member

    It is a banner that you place in your house or guild hall. When you click it you get a 24 hour buff.

    5 fervor
    8.2% max health
    301 potency
    2994 AB mod
    5 fervor overcap

    We had two people in our group that killed the x2 that did not have achievement for all the kills, and they do not get the buff when they click the flag. You have to have the achievement for every name to get the buff. One of our group members has the KA flawless buff and said it does not stack.
  18. Chrol Developer

    There are no plans at this time to change this.
  19. slica Active Member

    Sweet, assume the raid will be probably be equivalent to the ka buff so that works for me. Hah
  20. Tomshindo Active Member

    Here, I could not pop the Gruesome in spite of 4 of 6 people in the group had the achievement of all but for the boss nameds ( Gruesome, Triumvirate, Epic x2 one). Anyway those who don't have the achievement right now will also get the one though, but how is it going??

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