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    The journal was created during the Luclin expansion as on the patch notes for the Shadows of Luclin expansion on the 4th of December 2001

    You can read the full journal here:
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    actually, yes, the Loyalists went in blind. they had expected to transport to the Luclin surface, and when they did, they landed in the Nexus, underground. they were confused, they tried to go home, and couldn't. so they built around the Nexus, with the intent of being able to go home to norrath. the Inquisition follows, comes across the same area. some loyalists still wanted a fight, but most there were more concerned with being able to go home. so the Seru army went one way, the Loyalists went another. the Loyalists created Katta Castellum, the Inquisition created Sanctus Seru. everyone who was basically just tired of fighting and wanted to go back to norrath formed Shadowhaven.

    Greig did lead the way to opening teleportation, but they found when they got there that Grieg had miscalculated (or they thought he had) and they ended up in the Nexus. and that he had no means to get back. he had assumed that getting there and going back was simply recasting the same spell and going back home, but the Nexus prevented that (it drew all teleportation to itself like a giant magical magnet, hence them ending up there and not on the surface as intended)

    and yes it was hundreds of years before they figured out how to get back to Norrath. the only norrathians that set foot on the moon before then were the Combine factions and the Vah Shir...who got blasted there by the Erudite civil war and the creation of the Hole..and for both parties it was a 1 way trip.
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    Luclin drove Grieg man because he was going to succeed in opening the teleportation gates. Instead of killing him she let him see into her mind so that he could know the way, but be driven mad so he could never use the knowledge. Grieg's madness is a punishment.
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    When I say 'Shoehorned', I mean by an outside development perspective. Almost all of Launch EQ2 is filled with nothing but names, items, and locations that were to remind and tell you "Hey this makes you think of EQ1". Holly Windstalker's ghost was there just to be there. It had no actual depth or detail why she was a spirit roaming around. Garnel was a cursed spirit from an Estate in Faydwer, and for some reason he found his way to a crypt in Antonica, then found his way back to Unrest. The Ogre Bouncers from EQ1 died long before the events of the 2nd Rallosian Empire and its aftermath of the greenmist. Tundra Jack is dead, but why is his spirit roaming around. Or how about random mobs in EQ1 like Chomper or Lord Ree. in EQ1, Lord Ree was a random orc in orc camp with no lore, quest, or loot involving him. People just remembered him as that orc with a name. And since people knew his name, give him his own dungeon and faction. Lets make Chomper a giant fish that happened to live for over 500 years and place him outside of Rivervale.

    So what makes some of these wondering souls so special? 500 years for most EQ races means many many generations. Quite convenient for just a couple of souls during the Age of Turmoil to be around and given name recognition.

    Now on the subject of the Shissar:

    Since the Greenmist didn't effect those deep in Guk, can't the same be said for some of the Shissar? Like Guk, Chelsith is an underground city. Now we're finding larger chunks of Chelsith that have been discovered that go deeper underground. And even after the death of the Yha-lei's worshiped "Leviathan", these fishmen are still hanging out in Chelsith protecting something. Maybe, the Yha-lei were unknowingly servants for the Shissar. Maybe there is still more to it and the deepest sections of Chelsith that have yet to be discovered contain the remaining living Shissar. Maybe the proclaimed "Leviathan" was actually a monster unleashed by the Shissar to deceive and enslave the Yha-lei giving them the impression it was actually their "True Creator"

    If some oblivious ogres were able to escape death out of pure luck when hunting in Guk, then I think the Shissar have a greater alibi for surviving in some sort of way.
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    '- The hissing of the serpent shall strike back at this world with unexpected ferocity'

  6. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    but we know that Chelsith was the captial city of the Shissar empire. and we know it was above ground when the Shissar were hit with the Greenmist, because their temple was. it's said that it swept across and they teleported the entire temple out of the city from it's encroachment. the Shissar did not survive the Greenmist, barring the horribly blanant retcon of 'people think the race is neat, how can we shove them back in' thing they did with the EQ1 Atlantis. the same one where they brought back the Kedge, even though phinny's ritual was supposed to have eradicated the race save for himself.

    that being said, take a look at Luclin. while it being blown apart should/did kill every living thing up there, a healthy chunk of the Shissar on the moon were not 'living' they were liches and at least one of those was a very powerful mage. I could find it feasible that the Shissar will return in undead/liched forms. I find it feasible that we might see them in the Kunark lands of Ethernere.

    I do not think that there are any living Shissar left though, between the Greenmist effects and the Shattering.
  7. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    There's probably a shissar here or there spread out over this plane or that. Probably a few locked up in the Tribunal's prison still.
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    Arn't most of the beings in the Tribunal's prison...dead? As in arn't they being "judge" in the afterlife?
  9. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    Yes. the Tribunal hold thier courts on dead souls, sent to them because their crimes are so horrendous/blashpemous/ect that no one knew what to do with them as far as a final judgement goes.
  10. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    Ah, good point. OK, so we know where some DEAD shissar might still be lol. Actually, there are probably tons of shissar in Ethernere somewhere that haven't moved on. As far as I can tell, no god would take them.

    LOL, Luclin's manifestation in Ethernere. There's an expac for ya.
  11. Meirril Well-Known Member

    I'm sure papa Cazic would love to take them in...and if I was a Shissar I'd try to join the harrowing hord rather than spend eternity as Cazic's demonstration of what happens to disloyal children!
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    If they do add Shissar for any reason I hope they dont look anything like those statues. I hope they stick to Keith Parkinson's concept of them.

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    I think the shissar are also dabbling with the shards of fear on eq1 he could bring some over as reinforcements where baelon failed :-]
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    Yes, Vyzh'dra the Godslayer found a Shard of Fear, but instead of trying to take the power into himself he contained it and has been slowly siphoning off power from it in order to rebuild the lost city of Chelsith and eventually launch an invasion of Shissar.
  15. Innania Member

    And here's my toon in Shissar illusion in EQ1, if you want to see what the newer models look like.

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    Well I know with toV there is a zone in the temple called the stasis chamber and it is filled with hundrered of jars that could be there race in stasis. Also the temple itself makes a apparance with the new xpac. Also the new xpac TS quest line ends with mentioning Ssraeshaz by name as a prince of all things, though from a not so unexpected source. all of this suggests we will likely be seeing them in EQ2 sometime in the future.
  17. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    from what I have been looking at from beta on both the TS and the Adv line...what it seems to me like is that the Greymast's crewmember may have accidentally ripped open a portal from Luclin to Norrath using a Codex he was tinkering with...and the fallout is the potential that the spell or power to do so was 'transffered' into him.

    the Akvevean's want the him, to go back to Luclin. it seems that Ssra Temple, though it was blown out of luclin and landed top down in the Phantom Sea..does have at least 1 Shissar in it. the Arch Lich.