shard of hate solo spawning methods and strats

Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by Xavion, May 24, 2018.

  1. Uwopo Member

    It's spawned by killing the bubbles. You only need to loot the dried glob of hatred to activate the 3 teleporters up to the librarians. They're only needed if you intend to spawn the Chief Librarian or Igidishi.
  2. maxximum Active Member

    I've tried everything I can think of to get the last 3 to spawn. I do know that the Baron and Baroness Scorn spawned through the door by the bloodsconces in the heroic version, and that they were possibly set 4.
  3. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    That was me. Yes I added them from achievements (thanks for making it pretty). The Twosome and Triumvirate I assume are in the other 2 coffins in the room with Estir. Baron and Baroness are fought together, not in the same room with Estir, but as someone mentioned in the other room by Lord of Pain and Morg. How to access the door though, dunno. The fight, bunch of orbs spawn and float towards Baron and Baroness, click them, the orbs move away. I assume you need to kill them before you can access the other two last fights. They were spawned for me in beta, I have no clue how to access the door. I assume it may have something to do with the Surrogates, or maybe the order they're killed in. Just a guess cause I can't see anything else in the zone.
  4. maxximum Active Member

    I've only done the heroic once, but we managed to spawn those two but we never figured out how. I do know we looted a key from a mob and we ended up going through the door near where Lord of Pain spawns, after we had aligned a bunch of orbs, and the Baron and Baroness were in there. There's a big difference between the solo and heroics, even when spawning the same names, so I'm not even sure looking at heroic strats is reliable.
  5. Uwopo Member

    I'm starting to think the key to the door for Baron and Baroness is missing in the Solo version of the zone. Either that or it is linked to a particular order of kills.

    Since Baron and Baroness are in part 5 of the trumphs, I killed Fuel, Lord of Pain, Gluglug and then killed and looted everything else within the zone that wouldn't spawn a different group 4 named. That means everything except for one Surrogate (I left Wrath up) and a couple loathsome liches.

    I notice a couple keys reported dropping in the Heroic zone from a keeper of pain, but that mob doesn't exist in the Solo version that I've seen.
  6. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    Thought maybe you had to complete the collection, but 1 no-trade has not dropped for me in the dozens of runs I've done so far. Not sure what the reward is. I also tried choosing the different options when talking to the skull at the entrance. One of them does seem to hint towards a "harder" version.
  7. Uwopo Member

    The collection just gives a crappy charm.

    \aITEM 1428054464 652800417:Vial of Liquid Loathing\/a

    I've also tried a few different options in conversation with the skull up front and not seen any difference.
  8. Chrol Developer

    The key is... somewhere within the Shard of Hate. Next hotfix it will be trackable through the Track Harvestables ability to make it easier to find.
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  9. Uwopo Member

    Cool, I'll keep looking. I've scoured the zone pretty extensively, but it can be hard to find small objects. Tracking will definitely help.
  10. Uwopo Member

    That key was not easy to find, even the second time once I knew what I was looking for. Called a chamber key, found it the first time at -7, 12, -83 and the second time at 180, 7, 118.

    Still don't know how to spawn the extra mobs for Twosome or Triumvirate. I'm at 21/23 for the triumph and don't see anything left to activate.
  11. maxximum Active Member

    Was this after killing Fuel, Lord of Pain and Gluglug?
  12. Chrol Developer

    Oh no, just found a bug with summoning the Gruesome Twosome and Cantankerous Triumvirate spawning in the solo version of this zone. This will be fixed for Thursday. (These spawn within The Heart of Hate.)
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  13. Aethlred New Member

    Does anyone have tips for the Trapped Bellhop? I can't seem to kill the clothing fast enough. I've been mousing-over it and clicking the 'F' key, but the cursor will not stay on the clothing consistently, and the clothing often spawns under the chest, which makes it difficult to target the clothing rather than the chest. Plus a web-like particle effect spawns periodically that makes me lose track of the cursor on the screen. The moving chest, the particle effect, and the swinging combat auto-face when I have to move to get closer to a piece of clothing all work together to totally confuse my eye. So I eventually get one-shotted by something called Cheap Tipper. Anyone have any successful strategies?
  14. Uwopo Member

    It was, but I have no reason to believe that the key is tied to killing those 3. The key is just really hard to find until they add it to tracking.
  15. Uwopo Member

    I actually ignore the clothing in the solo. He has two AEs, check in and check out. One applies cheap tipper if you're too close, the other if you're too far.
  16. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    Found the key in the pit, but I had checked in there earlier (same instance). Wonder if it move's around after some time.
  17. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    What fountain where? and where is the ladder?

    Nevermind. I got it and updated the wiki.
  18. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Hmm. I have killed Skimp the Imp, The Telekinetic Evangelist, and I have clicked four different colors of musical notes but still no Organ Donor. Does she have some other prerequisites?
  19. Uwopo Member

    Just updated the wiki.

    Spawned by clicking on musical notes that appear in random locations, especially in the Rectory of Confession and around the organ in the Amphitheater of Rancor. Remember the first note you click and activate that key on the organ.

    Also, make sure actually clicked all 4 notes. They seem to move and sometimes right as you think you've clicked them.
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  20. Uwopo Member

    Confirmed the key does move, as do the musical notes. I assume the skull does too, since I found it in 3 places when I was first searching for the key.

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