shard of hate solo spawning methods and strats

Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by Xavion, May 24, 2018.

  1. Xavion Well-Known Member

    1. Glubglub get poison off the venom npc body drop, use it, kill the coral then it summons him just drag him out the water he spawns and kill.
    2. Skimp the imp:kill all the imps? use a merc healer and stay out of the weird circle thingys and kill em (probly has a real strat but works for now since no clue what it emotes means)
    3. ze vel vul(darkness guy by castle): kill all the bone guys by the sides of the castle where scornbone would be on both sides. When he uses weird darkness thing just kill the adds and burn em down.
    4.archarcity of something: kill all the bone spiders, he spawns by the SoH pq zone in, just burn em down he emotes stuff but doesnt do anything in solo?
    5.lord of pain: kill all the pain apprentices and he spawns i think, no idea on strat never beat em
    6.organ doner: find all the music notes spawns by the organ, has something where you kill the right note named npc add for the order you found the notes? no idea didn't beat em either
    7. Trapped bellhop: feed the hungry chest the chest from the mimics you kill he spawns, burn em down he spawns clothing you have to spam click to destroy to weaken his damage but not really needed.

    and that is all i found so far feel free to addon sorry for horrible spelling and such
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  2. Raenius Well-Known Member

    I couldn`t be brought to learn all of those different names, so please be lenient in this regard:

    8. kill blobs and gather that slime, run next to that door where you also can kill those animated armor pieces -> named spawns

    9. at the spot where these painbringers are click the 4 cages to the sides and kill the spawning light. Then klick a button in the middle opposite of that door and drain the blood, there is a ladder at the left side you can climb down and kill the mob in the pit. Got some increments but still took damage all the time, spawning adds didn`t do anything except dying quickly.

    10. when you can activate the teleporters which bring you up the small balconies at one you can pick up a mask. Use it and you get an ilusion which allows you to see shadowy animals - if you kill enough of those another named will spawn where that sleeping bone dragon is. He will become either a frog, bat, wolf or bear - when doing so there are small lookalikes spawning - gather the one matching the mobs ilusion and you can continue to kill it.

    11. kill those wailing ghosts, when enough are killed you can click that small grave to the west side of the huge organ - wailing named spawn and died quickly.
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  3. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

  4. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    I've created wiki pages for all the nameds and assorted monsters, and updated the main Shard of Hate: Utter Contempt (Solo) page, but we still need better information on how to spawn/strategy for:
    • Chief Librarian Py'Tyz (Three of the Inactive Transporters can be activated, sending you to a balcony on which there is a sub-librarian. Just killing the sub librarians is not enough)
    • Hateful Plate (Killing the hateful armor pieces is not enough, even if you have the item dropped by the bubbles in inventory)
    • Helestia (killing fettered and unfettered wraiths is not enough)
    • Igidishi
    • Laxil'Vas the Torn
    • Morghorb (suspect you have to do something with both carrion golems Morg and Horb, but what?)
    • Ragash'Ta the Insidious
    • Scorn Baron V'Ayne
    • Scorn Baroness Ny'Nev
    • Skimp the Imp (just killing all the other imps in the zone is not enough)
    • The Damned
    • The Organ Donor (Know about clicking music notes, but haven't seen him spawned yet)
    • The Telekinetic Evangelist
    • Vilegore
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  5. Xavion Well-Known Member

    one thing i noticed was i think the nameds are similar to how scourge of zek was where the nameds are in sets where if you spawn 1 of a group you can't spawn the others. i also noticed some of the nameds only spawn after killing say 2 bosses or 1 boss in a odd order. Ex: i killed all the wraiths but only after killing another boss did helestia spawn
  6. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Well, it's impossible to get to the transporter in Repugnance's Rectory without aggroing the hateful armor pieces. I think the librarians on the balconies are used to spawn the Chief Librarian, but I'm gonna guess you have to spawn and kill the Hateful Plate name first. You also have to kill bubbles of hatred in the area and that spawns Fuel of Hatred. Therefore, the order might be Fuel of Hatred, Hateful Armor, then Chief Librarian Py'Tyz?

    Do you happen to remember what you killed between the wraiths and Helestia (or can you check your logfiles/ACT to see?)
  7. Raenius Well-Known Member

    Hateful Plate:
    don`t kill any other nameds in the first place, just kill the animated armor and loot the pieces, then actually destroy the pieces one by one - after you destroyed the last one the Hateful Plate spawns. (At this time I had one slime in my inventory, no idea if this is crucial!)

    only kill those hounds from left to right, at some point the next one will evolve into the named.

    kill Vilegore, Morg (sprinkling dust from barrels on his corpse where the painbringers are) and Horb (also sprinkling dust on him where he is wandering around) in that order - then a huge pile of bones and gore spawns to the left of Heart of Hate entrance, yet again sprinke some dust from barrels on it and Morghorb spawn.
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  8. Typhon New Member

    I know its a thread on spawning strats, but some of the tactics the wiki gives are just plain incorrect.

    The Organ Donor:

    Solo Strategy:

    Despite what the wiki says about remembering the order of the notes, that's not important. In fact, it seems to be positively misleading.

    What's important is the order of the notes he periodically spawns floating above the organ. From left to right, kill the adds and only those adds in that order. This order can and will change every time he spawns the adds (every few mins). Otherwise he's got some sort of damage shield which stops most damage he receives.

    I've not done it in a group, but I am told only one person in the group can "see" the notes in a group..
  9. Typhon New Member

    Estir the Spiteful:

    Again, the wiki seems to be incorrect.

    For the solo version:
    • First, avoid the crap on the floor that spawns beneath you. A bat will get you and throw you up and you'll die from the fall damage. Just keep moving all the time.
    • Secondly, she will have a buff on her. This increases every 25% from 1 to 4.
    • She can only be damaged when the number of adds alive equals the number of this buff. Yes, this fight uses singular focus and takes forever. And you're moving all the time too.
    • The adds will respawn periodically. When she needs 4 adds, she'll spawn 6 of them at a time.
    • Did I mention you have to keep moving?
  10. Typhon New Member

    The Damned:

    For solo version:

    Tank and spank. Just keeps spawning adds all the way through though. You'll probably never kill them all so just kill them via AOE as usual to keep them down to manageable numbers.
  11. Typhon New Member

    The Head of Hate:

    For solo version:

    Tank and spank. Will spawn an add every 20% of so. Nuke them down when they appear, go back and nuke boss in between. There might be other small gimmicks to this fight, but they seem to be largely ignorable.
  12. Uwopo Member

    There's 4 groups of mobs, then the final in the Heart of Hate. You kill 1 mob from each group in a clearing, in order of the group.

    Since some of the spawns are tied to killing mobs, avoid killing mobs you don't need to at the start

    Group 1:
    Skimp the Imp: Kill the imps to spawn
    Vilegore: Kill the mongrels to spawn
    Hateful Plate: Kill the hateful armor, loot and destroy all 5 pieces
    Trapped Bellhop: Kill the chests and feed them to the hungry chest
    Fuel of Hatred: Kill the bubbles of hatred to spawn

    Group 2:
    *Anarchic Obscenity: Kill the anarchic lurchers to spawn
    Morg: Sprinkle Ire Dust on the partially eaten corpse (won't be clickable if you don't have enough dust)
    *The Telekinetic Evangelist: Kill the acolytes and clerics, then defile the 3 statues. Match the color of the illuminated stage section
    The Damned: Free and kill the bloodsconces, click the fountain, then down the ladder
    Lord of Pain: Kill the apprentices of pain to spawn

    Group 3:
    Chief Librarian Pt'Tyz: Loot the bubbles of hatred to activate the portals up, kill the 3 librarians at the front. 4th portal will be clickable once you're killed a group 1 and group 2 named.
    Horb: Sprinkle Ire Dust on the down carrion golem that was walking near the Abbey
    The Organ Donor: Click the 4 musical notes, remember the 1st one
    Helestia: Kill the wraiths and then click the grave to spawn
    Gluglug: Kill Surrogate of Venom, loot venom, use and kill coral

    Group 4
    Igidishi: Loot the mask up on one of the librarian platforms in the beginning, use it and kill the shadowed mobs
    Morghorb: Must have killed Morg and Horb, sprinkle Ire Dust on the pile of bones outside the Heart of Hate
    Head of Hate: Kill the 5 Surrogates to spawn
    Ze'Vlu'Vex: Kill the loathsome liches to either side of the Heart of Hate
    **Baron and Baroness: No idea

    Heart of Hate (Group 5)
    Estir the Spiteful: Kill the 8 blood of whatever mobs inside Heart of Hate
    **Gruesome Twosome: No idea
    **Cantankerous Triumvirate: No idea

    * Killed them, but not positive of the group, going from memory
    ** Don't know how to spawn them, making an assumption of the group

    I just need the 3 mobs marked with ** to complete the Decimate Hate triumph. I'm assuming some of them are in the Heart of Hate, but I can't find any way to spawn something other than Estir.
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  13. Uwopo Member

    Confirmed the Telekinetic Evangelist as group 2.

    Chief Librarian, no glob of hatred required to activate that teleporter, click the Podium of House K'Lorn to spawn. Librarians won't be up unless you've clicked the skull near the entrance.
  14. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Anyone can edit the wiki :)

    I've updated.
  15. Uwopo Member

    Confirmed Anarchic Obscenity as group 2. Still can't figure out how to spawn the missing 3 mobs.
  16. Uwopo Member

    So, I see the wiki was updated with the Twosome and Triumvirate. Any lead on how to actually spawn them?
  17. maxximum Active Member

    I'm not in game at the mo, but it looks like someone may have updated it based on the achievements and not actually popping them?
  18. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    I nabbed the names of the named monsters from the Achievements. Someone else added the Twosome and Triumvirate, which I edited slightly to emphasize that there is NOT a mob called "The Gruesome Twosome" etc.

    If and when I figure out how to spawn them (or if you, whoever is reading this, finds out) hopefully the wiki page will be edited to add that info. ANYONE can edit the wiki.
  19. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Anyone notice if the Fuel of Hatred is actually spawned by killing bubbles of hatred, or is it by obtaining the dried glob of hatred? Otherwise, what IS that dried glob FOR?
  20. Xavion Well-Known Member

    i noticed it was used to activate the telporters

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