shard of hate solo spawning methods and strats

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  1. Borandor Member

    Once you click all 4 groups of moving note "swirls", go to the organ and click the key on the organ that matches the first group of notes you clicked. Then, the named will pop.
  2. Raenius Well-Known Member

    Twosome Gruesome:

    In order to spawn this I did following things:
    - hail the K`Lorn skull after zoning in and picking always the first dialogue
    - kill Fuel of Hate
    - kill Lord of Pain
    - kill Gluglug
    - find chamber key with track havestable, and kill the Baron and Baroness
    - when Estir spawned she remained a NPC saying I should wake her sister, I had to click the coffins lid of the next coffin on the same side she was spawning.
    - double-fight, basically the same vampire-add script on both mobs - can only kill one then the other

    Next thing I will do: when hailing the skull only pick another dialogue but keeping all the kills the same, might spawn the Cantankerous Triumphirate at some point - if not you might have to alter which mobs to kill.
  3. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    For Twosome, order doesn't matter, just click the lid to spawn Laxil in the first few seconds that Estir is up.
    Dunno about getting all 3 yet. Probably something during the fight. Estir doesn't take damage while Laxil is up despite her text saying she can take damage when only 1 add is up.
  4. maxximum Active Member

    Don't think that's right. Just ran the zone on 3 toons. First time I killed Fuel, Lord of Pain, Gluglug, Baron and Baroness. Then when Estir popped, she said something about her sister joining her. I then clicked on other coffin and 2nd name popped.

    Then I ran it again with an alt, killed the first 4 names exactly the same, but Estir said 'looks like I have you to myself', and no coffins were clickable, and same with 3rd toon.

    The only difference between all of them is that my first toon had killed all names except the ones we couldn't pop until today so it may be linked to the achievements of killing other names before we can pop cantankerous triumverate. I'll test it as soon as I can reset.
  5. Andreia Member

    2nd and 3rd boss will spawn when clicking the 2 other coffins if you have all previous achievements from names, no matter what you killed in zone. Kill Laxir, then Estir, then Ragash.
  6. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    Probably tied to achievement, can spawn Trio after doing the Twosome.
  7. Uwopo Member

    Yup, after killing the Twosome, I was able to open the 3rd coffin and kill the Triumvirate.
  8. Uwopo Member

    Kill order is Estir, Laxil, then Ragash.
  9. Andreia Member

    Maybe depends on what you pulled first, cause it was this order for me :)
  10. Uwopo Member

    Interesting, I definitely pulled Laxil first. Estir's buff counts up from 1 to 4 lords/ladies in order to damage her, Laxil's buff counts down from 4 to 1 barons/baroness and Ragash's buff counts down from 2 to 0 of his sisters up.

    All my pulls so far, only lords/ladies adds were up from the start and barons/baroness didn't spawn until Estir died. Perhaps there's some trick to a different order.
  11. Chrol Developer

    Next hotfix Estir will spawn as a hailable NPC and stay that way until hailed. At that point she'll run her script to allow you to either activate her siblings (depending on your progression) or turn aggro. Right now, if you wipe or reset the Estir in any way, you may not have enough time to get back to her to activate her siblings (only have ~30 seconds to do so once she lands and transforms).
  12. Uwopo Member

    Just to be clear, I was able to open the 3rd coffin on the next clear, not the same instance.
  13. Uwopo Member

    Unless it's a straight up coincidence, if you pull Estir, the adds for Laxil spawn first and if you pull Laxil, the adds for Estir spawn first. You can damage Ragash once one sister is down, but hardly worth it since he takes only 50% damage.
  14. Chrol Developer

    In case anyone is looking at this info for the heroic instance of Shard of Hate: Utter Contempt, please note that almost all of it appears to be copied from the solo strats, which does not apply to heroic, as heroic spawn mechanics are different.
  15. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    I expect it was copied over from the solo, figuring people would update stuff as they ran the zone and saw discrepancies. Having the base pages and info there helps encourage people to update it.
  16. Probe One Member

    Lord of Pain


    ah, @Chrol is the Lord of Pain supposed to be impossible for classes without a dispell?
    shouldn't be anything to have to dispel from him
    Just look around for something to step into
    Oh, that's an odd strat, it's not intuitive that you have to stay in the circle to dps it
    Just don't stay in it too long:) Might get painful
    If that is the one I think it is, yeah ... watch the det counter counting down, and zip out before it hits 0
    Also, I know it wasn't under the devs control, but someone wrote an entirely incorrect strat on the wiki

    And don't step back into the red circle until the detriment that looks like a hand & forearm vanishes.
  17. Borandor Member

    Yeah, the key is to watch the detriment window. When in the red circle, watch the timer. Step out of it before it reaches 1 (not 0)...lag killed me when I waited that long, so I usually step out now when it gets to 3, to be safe. Then, wait for the "hand" detriment to vanish, step back in circle, rinse/repeat until mob is dead.
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  18. Fuya New Member

    OK so i have all the achievement for killing all but the last 2 variants of the last mob in the solo, i go in the last room kill the adds and the mob just stands there, no coffin/tomb lids are clickable. Am i missing something?
  19. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Talk to her. She'll tell you to wake her sibs.
  20. Fuya New Member

    if i talk to her she say looks like i have you to myself how delightful

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