Revisiting Luclin and The Planes of Power

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  1. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    hmmm so it's a god from PoP.

    here are the PoP deities:

    Fennin, Xegony, Rathe Council, Corniav/Triumpverate of Water....Mith marr, Karana, Bertox, Terris Thule, Sarymn, Rallos Zek, Soluesk Ro, Tallon Zek, Vallon Zek, Tribunal(seventh hammer). there's plane of innovation, but there wasn't a god there, it was the Manetic beheamoth. plane of Time had Inny, and Cazic as well...Druzzil Ro shows up at the end of it when we beat Quarm, and you might count Zeb int here as well as the ungod.

    So out of that list, who isn't around in EQ2 as an avatar?

    Well there's teh 4 elemental gods, there's Terris, and Sarymn for the ones we actually fought. and there's Druzzil Ro, and Zeb for ones we saw but didn't do anything really with. though Zeb is also in Eq2 already in the Isle of Mara, and Chel'drak was his 'avatar' I suppose.

    out of those 3, I'd guess more likely that it'll be either Terris or Sarymn.
  2. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    Nope not Terris and I didn't animate eq1 Sarymn
  3. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    But that just leaved Druzzil as one we haven't seen yet...although I think Bert only showed up in the Rodcet fight. so it might be a Bertox Avatar? these going to be more actual gods, and not 'avatar of flame' or 'avatar of hate' deals like the one in Nek Forest. if that's teh case, it could be Inny himself rather thent eh troll 'avatar' we see outside the Plane of Hate zone in.
  4. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    Not avatars. The real deal.
  5. Bloodguts Well-Known Member

    Zebuxoruk will be back!
  6. Shadowscale Active Member

    Zebuxoruk is currently on the isle of mara. top floor of the monk tower.

    and was really hoping Terris would finally reveal herself, considering how she has been back for some time...
  7. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    considering we're dealing with Lanys and Kithicor....I'll have to wager we're going to see Innoruuk himself. not that avatar of hate in Nek forest, but Inny out in Kithicor.
  8. Kurei Hitaka Well-Known Member

    Which means Tunare won't be far behind. I wanted to see old man Karana kicking some butt for once, though :/
  9. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    we already have Tunare, int he Arena of the Gods I believe...she also shows up I think in Lesser Fay.
  10. Meirril Well-Known Member

    I'm hoping it isn't Druzzil Ro. She usually gets trotted out for a bit of Dux Ex Machina whenever the devs want to do something and then take it back.

    Fennin Ro could be interesting. Actually E'ci would be cool because we might get to see the Valkyries become extremely angsty and maybe eventually a player race.
  11. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    Characters I animated in PoP were Sol Ro (my eq2 version is in)
    Terris Thule
    The Tribunal
    Rallos Zek, Vallon Zek, Tallon Zek (my eq2 versions is in)
    Fennin Ro
    the Rathe
    Mith Mar, (my eq2 version in)
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  12. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    hmmmm....out of that list, I'm guessing Terris/Bertox or Karana :)
  13. Bouncing Skull Active Member

    Only if Bertox is NOT a ratonga.
  14. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    Hm... I was kinda hoping for Luclin since we know we'll have Akhevans in AoM, which could conceivably draw her attention given she made them. There's also the question of whether she'd be grateful to us for patching up her moon or ticked off at us for turning it into a prison. But she's not on the list, so...

    I'm going to vote Xegony. Just because it was my server in EQ1.
  15. Meirril Well-Known Member

    Just because Luclin isn't on Ttoby's list doesn't mean she couldn't be there.

    A big question has been: What happened to Luclin (the goddess). I seriously doubt an active Luclin would of allowed her moon to be destroyed. Or for that matter would allow an invasion force controlled by two other gods onto her moon.

    Luclin has been notorious for not participating in the council of the gods. She doesn't want to cooperate, she wants isolation. Secrecy. The plan for the gods to pull away from Norrath for 500 years probably didn't include her.

    So, would the gods just leave Luclin to be the only god around for 500 years? Chances are that she would ignore Norrath since she has since the beginning. Though, with no other gods to counter her for 500 years she might take this opportunity to take the whole planet for herself.

    I bet that several gods went and trapped Luclin before they left. That could be what the two armies and the Drysolic crystal were for: to contain Luclin. Once that was done the gods could withdraw knowing that all the gods would honor the agreement.

    The Akheva on Ssra Temple could be part of an elaborate plan to release or repower Luclin. As the goddess of secrets and mysteries an elaborate plan is expected.
  16. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    All true, and I hope if the devs haven't made plans already that they're taking notes from your suggestions!

    But I was just taking a stab at who ttobey might've animated after SOE live.

    (But seriously, devs, TAKE NOTES! We certainly are!)
  17. Shadowscale Active Member

    Luclin by EQ1 standards revealed in their last expansion, is on another league compared to the other gods. the planes of light and dark sacrificed themselves to end their eternal war and created the plane of shadow in the proses, Luclin being the first being to be born from the merger. so.. technically would have power of multiple deity's.

    here is an elaborate plan.... maybe she allowed for the destruction of the moon due to the prophesy so that it could be used as it was. maybe she has been around aiding Lindaria and jorliak in subtle ways. would have pulled anyone she could/felt like protecting into the plane of shadow before the moon went boom, shar val could very well still exist. the shissar might have done something to piss her off, maybe tried to fight her directly, and she simply drop kicked the grey off the moon back to norath. every peice of the moon has been from one location, the grey.

    she was always one for pulling strings behind the scene. i don't think the other gods would have any power on her moon, and nothing happens there without her knowing and allowing it for one reason or another. but she does have to be carful due to being as powerful as she is, and being true neutral. getting overly involved in anything would cause issues.
  18. Meirril Well-Known Member

    That whole light+dark=shadow and completely dropping the Mistress of Secrets thing about Luclin in EQ1 leaves a vile taste in my mouth. I fully HATE what they did over there. So you won't find me cheering for its inclusion here.

    Also Luclin being more powerful doesn't really make sense. The most powerful goddess in the EQ universe is a lesser deity. Druzzil Ro is able to do anything. Druzzil Ro is the goddess of magic. Druzzil Ro is a lesser goddess who got her power from Solusek Ro, who got his Sun and Fire powers from daddy Fennin Ro (the tyrant of Fire). So the most powerful goddess is a lesser deity that technically should be less powerful than either of the gods above her but because she has claim to magic...she is the most powerful.

    Luclin's portfolio is mystery. Secrets. Shadows. It isn't "inheritor of an entire pantheon's portfolio of powers and the ability to do anything she wants". She isn't about being powerful, she is about being indirect. Luclin manipulated events to get what she wanted into her realm. She manipulated events to prevent things from leaving when she didn't want them to. She manipulated people and even space to keep them separated. One could argue that the entire Hole accident was actually created by Luclin so she could get Shar Val. Or the collapse of the Combine Empire was due to Luclin driving Seru mad so they would force the royal family to flee to the moon. Or even the creation of the Chelsith Calendar and Cazic Thules growing ire at the Shissar was to get the Ssra Temple to the moon.

    The very reason Luclin took the moon was because it would be hers alone. To avoid the other gods. Her veil kept the other gods from interfering there because they couldn't fight her directly. Luclin's portfolio is secrets, and another god trying to pierce her veil is going to fail. Solusek and Rallos took advantage of the Combine Spires to breach the veil and attack her, and then they had to use agents. Of all the gods, I think Luclin might of been the only one without a separate plane. I think she might of been wholly invested on the moon.
  19. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    I want to follow Lanys! I want to make all others envious of me following Her so that they will abandon their gods for one worthy of worshipping, if just to make the other gods envious! *grins* So worth doing.
  20. quester770 Member

    Is the shard of love, erolossi (sp?) Marr's plane- maybe it didn't exist in EQ1, but is that one of "planes of power" so to speak?