Revisiting Luclin and The Planes of Power

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  1. Wakanash Member

    Well i know "Technically" Ethernere is a Plane but i think yall know what i really mean by POP. And i understand Luclin was blown up but if you look in the sky the Majority of it is still intact. Do you think SOE will revisit these places? There is so much lore like What the hell happened to the Vah Shir? and with the gods... I know we kill their Avatars but will we ever venture into their planes again?
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  2. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    Odds are..No. the Gods have learned thier lesson and won't let us just go trapizing through the planes again, especially the great Planes of Power. Luclin isn't inhabitable, no more then Drinal is. the only thing that MIGHT be up there are the undead Shissar and that's still a longshot.but odds are no, we're not going back to PoP or Luclin. as to the Vah far as we know they were wiped out, save the ones that were already on norrath and they interbred with the Kerra to create the 'modern' Kerrans.
  3. Meirril Well-Known Member

    I think Rainmare is aware that I don't share his absolute "no" on visiting Luclin. If nothing else it seems increasingly likely that we'll be trying to visit the Nexus in Luclin sooner or later. There is also a chance that chronomagic will be used to reveal what actually happened to Luclin and bring forward in time something that we'll need (like say a Veeshan's Tear).

    The Planes of Power won't ever be open like they were in EQ1. But it is possible that Kerafyrm might move against a deity and invade their realm. (i.e. give us an excuse to enter and meddle) It is also possible that the End of Ages will cause damage to not only Norrath but also to the God's Realms and we'll be able to gain entrance through cracks...or even by invitation (say with missions to help restore the stability between the realms). And lets also consider that the next great story might involve the gods squabbling amongst themselves and using us to invade each other's realms.
  4. Innania Member

    With Kerafyrm having now breached the planar veil and entered the Ethernere uninvited, I wouldn't rule out visiting other planes.

    If he is able to gain the power of other Tears, with his godslaying abilities he might just try and destroy the pantheon. In such a case, I could see us entering the planes not as conquerors (like in Planes of Power), but as helpers trying to restore balance and save the Gods (like in CoE).
  5. Meirril Well-Known Member

    Considering that we've destroyed the only four Tears of Veeshan we've ever herd of that seems a bit unlikely. Though this begs the question: Where did the Tears of Veeshan come from? Is the Tear of Veeshan a singular object in each Thread? Was there 3 in the Ethernere because they could be collected from different Threads there? Have they really been destroyed or was their power dispersed or transferred when they were physically destroyed? If there are multiple Tears in each Thread then...does every Nexus contain one?
  6. Innania Member

    That nexus was a special place that existed outside of and connected to all other threads.

    That being said, so little is known of the Tears that there could very well be even more. After all, we only knew of one until we entered the Nexus, and BAM! 3 more right there.

    I would also like to point out that EQ1 has the Scale of Veeshan, a similar super-powerful relic left from the Broodmother. Normally EQ1 lore would mean squat to EQ2, but since Lendinaria is in the EQ1 thread now, it's a possibility that Kerafyrm may be able to access it.
  7. Anaogi Well-Known Member

    The biggest thing weighing against Ethernere as road to the Planes is, well, we kinda get told during the ToV sig quest, "Finish your business and never return (alive)". Still, there are possibilities...especially since we still don't know who built the Nexus Core and gathered the Tears in the first place...

    As for Luclin, I still suspect Norrath's heroes have a date with destiny there...though whether this lays in the future or the past, I can't really say...
  8. mouser Well-Known Member

    I'd say when Next gets ready to launch, anything could happen to generate some interest in that 'timeline'.
  9. Meirril Well-Known Member

    They won't need to generate interest in Next. People are already dying to see it. That would be more of a question if they want to maintain interested in EQ2 and actually put out new content to keep people here or even go so far as to delay new content here to get more people to try Next.

    Either way, has nothing to do with Lore.
  10. Jait New Member

    I agree.

    EQ1 has visited our timeline, one of our main characters is there right now. EQ2 has visited EQ1s timeline in OOT, and in the current and past expansions.

    EQNext has Anashti Sul and likely others from EQ2, and I wouldn't be surprised if the EQ1 prophecy of "Past and Future will be evacuated to the now" means we will team up with EQ1 to launch EQNext.
  11. Innania Member

    Based on the fact that the lore in EQNext is vastly different than any other EQ game (EQ, EQ2, EQOA, LoEQ, even LoN), if they do tie it in any way it will be a very far-removed "thread".
  12. Jait New Member

    Well, we will just have to wait and see, wont we?

    But based on the online books they released, I wouldn't call it different at all. They just moved main contemporary characters like Lanys and others to the past and slapped a new name on it. EQ2 was supposed to be COMPLETELY separate too.

    How'd that work out? :p
  13. Innania Member

    Well, they don't even call the world it takes place in Norrath. Most of the known dieties are gone, and the ones that are there have different roles (like Erollisi is the goddess of Nature). They stated from the start that while some of the names of characters from the other games would be there, they wouldn't be the same characters.
  14. Meirril Well-Known Member

    EQ2 has a shared history with EQ1. The "completely separate" part is the dev team on EQ2 isn't bound by what goes on in EQ1. Just because one game introduces a new race, class or location doesn't mean it needs to exist in the other game.

    EQNext has a vastly different history from the rest of the EQ franchise. From what I've herd Dragons in Next actually care about the existence of other races (i.e. subjugated them) while in EQ1/2's history they were blissfully uncaring and thus allowed the minor races to evolve unhindered for thousands of years until they grew to become a threat.
  15. Innania Member

    The EQNext lore also seems to state that High Elves controlled a "higher magic" (the nukes of magic) that even dragons were afraid of.
  16. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    Isnt it possible that when you blow up the Nexus core In Ethenere/Vesspyr that since it crossed time and places that it was the players that blew up the nexus on Luclin and started the Shattering? What if the Nexus core was powering the Nexus on Luclin and it blew up also? Just a thought.
  17. Anaogi Well-Known Member

    You may be on to something here, though my own theory takes a slightly different tack. I'm betting this mysterious Nexus Core--whose origins remain very murky--hasn't played its last role in Age's End...
  18. Meirril Well-Known Member

    Possible but highly unlikely. I'm thinking the Vesspyr Nexus was a connection of threads. When we contacted Lillandra with the Nexus it wasn't a past version, or a future version. It was what should be the current here and now Lillandra. Also chronomagic doesn't work within the Ethernere according the quests so...
  19. Jait New Member

    You guys are funny :) But unfortunately it's impossible to debate opinions when you take the fiction so seriously that you are beyond ignorant to how many writers have come and gone over 14 years and no promise of continuity can be kept under those circumstances.
  20. Meirril Well-Known Member

    And yet surprisingly the EQ2 team hasn't been going around causing a whole bunch of contradictions between new content and old lore in the past 9 years. If the developers (i.e. the writers) keep changing out so often (which they do) how do they not step on their own toes?

    Oh right, because there are some veterans on the development team that check up on content to make sure that happens. Its kinda like a promise of continuity and it has been kept under these circumstances. Or are you actually going to point to more retcons and paradoxes than I have? I do point a few out, but considering everything they have been few and far between. If anything Everquest 2 has been better about continuity than say Star Trek, Star Wars or Battlestar Galatica. I will say that EQ's continuity isn't quite as good as Stargate (the television show, I haven't played their game).