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  1. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    And why not? even if you following "golden path" you won't be able to level more then 2 warders up to level 6 by time you ding 100 (one from bottle you get from completing spirit quest line) and other natural way of leveling. Plus in reality of nowadays - at most you need 3-4 warders to level (dire, drake, amphibian)
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  2. Hexalobular Well-Known Member

    The two level 100 boosts can be used to boost two different characters.

    If the level 95 thing is the "Create Level 95 Heroic" button on the character select screen, and the double green arrows next to existing characters then you can use that on all your character slots but it costs 3500 DBC per character.
    If it is some sort of bauble in your inventory or in your claim window than you can boost three characters for free.

    There have been giveaways of heroic character upgrades before so I don't know if you were eligible for one of those, the one I remember was originally for level 85 but I got one that I barely played and later found that it had received an free upgrade to level 90.

    Also, if you have a Free account with no extra character slots you can only have two characters unless you subscribe or buy more slots. But you should be able to save one of the baubles for if and when you have more characters if you want to level up the Zerker "honestly".
  3. Bella222 Active Member

    DEV please reply and clarify.

    Is there a time limit on using the new 100 boost baubles? Or can I wait a month or two or three and give myself time to figure out the best way to use them on each account.
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  4. Feylone Active Member

    "Level 100 Character Boost

    To help any of our returning players jump right into Kunark Ascending we will be granting all accounts a claimable level 100 boost bauble, from May 9th through May 22nd. This bauble will set a character to level 100, and grant a crate of gear so they can jump right into the start of Kunark Ascending and the Proving Grounds."

    So thru the Monday the 22nd from what I see
  5. Feylone Active Member

    Also on the launcher splash screen. ;)
  6. Hexalobular Well-Known Member

    That doesn't really specify whether it has to be used by then, claimed by then or if you just have to log in before then but can claim it later.
    And we have a Dev post in the beginning of this thread claiming that it can be claimed anytime, by Bunji, second post in thread, so presumably you just have to have logged in to the game before the 22nd to get it added to claims.
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  7. Crastinal Active Member

    Both statements are verifiably not true. Leveling all warders is the only way to get all abilities on a Beastlord. Yes, you can skip them, and miss a bunch of DPS (feline, avian, bat comes to mind) and heal abilities (bovid, enchanted, mystic). But hey, you do you.
    As for not leveling warders up to 100... if you don't switch they won't level. The mechanics of the class was designed to have most warders at level 6 when you hit lvl 80, then get exotics and start over with those, they're supposed to be lvl 6 by the time you're 92.
  8. Merriel Well-Known Member

    Bunji, can you please clarify this for us:

    1) Do we only have to log into the account for the bauble to appear in the /claim window and from that point onward we can use it at anytime (even beyond the May 22 deadline)?
    2) Do we have to claim the bauble from the claim window AND use it by May 22?
    3) Do we have to claim the bauble from the claim window by May 22 but can store it in the shared bank for an unlimited amount of time until we are ready to use it?
    4) None of the above...please explain
  9. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    My main is BL - I self powerlevel it (thanks to the time Stigians was THE place for that - average 1 level per minutes up to level 60)
    Couple things that you need to be aware - first like all classes BL heavy relay on SDA and guess what? while you attacking from stealth you can't double cast *bummer" so no shadow leap no eagle talon no sonic screech UNLESS you are using trickster mockery miracle - only then your stealth ability will double cast.
    While you are "generally" right - that is nice to have them all for practical purpose it's not necessary with all this stat mudlfation I hardly remember time when I was last time in spiritual thus warders that suitable for spiritual will take back seat
    Unlike ToT era BLs nowadays running with fairly static set of Pirmals
    Clawns - Nox Grasp - Venom - Savage Ravaging/Luclin Pain - Dragon Breath - Brutal Beatdown - you flip only slot 4 depending what you fighting ST or AoE trash
    Saying all above you see - in reality person need at most 4 warders ready - dire, drake, dog, amphibian and at very minimum you can get away with just 2 - dire and drake
    From my BL perspective - my advice right opposite - PL BL ASAP get 2 warder to 6 and level others at slow pace for your pleasure and amusement. Casting order fully leveled BL notably different from BL in training (specially then you factor in Ascending)
  10. Crastinal Active Member

    That's cute and all, but what I was answering (again) is that both your statements -- you won't be ABLE to level more than 2 warders in normal gameplay until lvl 100, and that you only need 2 or 3 warders -- are not true.
    Every single example you gave just proves my point. Any player following your suggestion will not even have the stealth abilities in their spellbook, and as you say yourself, there is a way to use these abilities and still benefit from doublecast (that's the part right after "unless", same goes after "depends").

    This thread started with someone asking whether they can use the 3 baubles (the answer is yes) and what class would be the most useful to powerlevel. I don't have an opinion on what class is best, my only advice is not to powerlevel a BL because you're stuck on the class mechanics that cannot be skipped and even if you use the bauble you will have to go back, tame the warder and train it WITHOUT ANY WARDER ABILITIES for a long time. No other class poses this kind of issue afaik.

    The reason why I am "generally" right is because I am discussing facts. You are stating opinions.
    FACT: you will spend so much time training your warders to earn abilities that you would ding 95 by the time you're done anyway.
    FACT: if you skip the training you will not have even the option to use them until you spend the time to tame and train the warder.
    OPINION: some of those abilities are less than useful or not practical. Like I said, you do you.
  11. Porrum Member

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  12. Merriel Well-Known Member

    Where is this quoted from, please? It would be nice if this could be confirmed by a dev here in this forum.
  13. Porrum Member

    It's from the EQ2 Discord Chat. You can find out more here.
  14. Ashenheart Member

    I boosted my Troub to level 100. Got my 320 AA's. I was a bit disappointed in the gear that came with it. Sure, it was enough to get you ready for Maldura but handcrafted Twark gear is a lot better. However, it was free so I am not complaining much.
  15. Finora Well-Known Member


    Has anyone tried to boost a previously boosted character? For instance on one account I have a old herioc who I leveled to 93 on my own from 85 and another account who had the more recent 95 herioc boost. I'd honestly rather not make another character on those accounts at least at this time, I'd rather boost those already existing ones if it's possible.

    I hesitate to claim it, because if I can't use it on those characters, I'd be more likely to boost a character on a completely different server than make yet another alt on the same server.
  16. bowscar New Member

    i have lost all my chars on us sever
  17. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    Finora, I used the level 100 baubles on my free accounts to boost the already-level 95 characters I created when we got free characters... I had no issues at all using the baubles on four free accounts. I did not want to create additional characters on those accounts, either.
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  18. Finora Well-Known Member

    Excellent, thank you.
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  19. Merriel Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much! :)
  20. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Bud - not to brag any rights but where you BL parsing? I been w/o HB and with slightly weaker gear compare to where I am now at mark 1.1B (on dummy) (or 2B adjusted - see community test topic in scout forums) On T3 like Shade when I am fully buffed I am clocking around 700-800M and while I am notably below "top dogs" I am fairly above average BLs. Saying that I know BL from practical point of view. My marcos not perfect yet - I "could" be using sometime suboptimum timers but in general
    Here is some REAL facts for you
    a) BL at KA era using very limited numbers of Primals - namely Claws (built-in not directional), Nox Grasp (amphibian - none directional), Truespirit Venom (built-in not directional) Savage Ravaging (ST only , side/back, dog)/Luclin Pain (none directional, built-in) Dragon breath (Frontal PBAoE, drake), Brutal Beatdown (dire, none directional)
    b) BL nowadays spend in feral stance like 99% of it's time
    c) All around more or less universal warder is Dire (although for the pitch of extra damage I DO use drake for elementalist ascend, enchanted for etheralist, insect for thaum and still same dire for geo)
    d) Wader affinity grow as long as use advantages that triggered by warder but most important only number of kills effectively help level warder (read - PBAoE 1-short killable mobs, translating in plain English - go HKC pull whole floor and use 4th advantage on it)
    e) Training warders ARE tedious task hence should it need - it need to be automated as much as it could - can't do while you are not level 100 thou