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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Feldon, Sep 23, 2016.

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  1. Feldon Well-Known Member

    Players are always looking at methods to keep in communication with developers. Of late, the forums have been less than successful at serving that mission. Community has tried different things, including engaging us on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, however these social media platforms haven't been adopted as much as they have in other games. Connecting the player community to the developers is something I am hugely in favor of and some methods have been more successful than others. I thought the old EQ2 ZAM Question & Answer sessions did rather well.

    Yesterday, a new EverQuest II chat server was launched on Discord, which is a service available in your browser as well as through mobile apps that features both text and voice chat. It is independent of Daybreak Games and will be staffed by volunteer moderators and members of the EQ2 team. So far, Discord has been incredibly successful on other Daybreak games.


    Things to expect:
    • Developers aren't going to talk about things they're working on that are still in the planning stage.
    • We aren't going to be strict about "off-topic" discussion. If need be, we'll create more subchannels for specific topics, including possibly an #offtopic channel if there is strong interest.
    • It's hoped we'll have regularly scheduled Question & Answer sessions.
    • If you attack developers or are extremely negative, you're going to be shown the door.
    • If you prefer Forums, E-mail, or other forms of communication with Daybreak, nobody is saying you can't continue to use that.
    You may be asking if Community is already stretched so thin, why add yet another form of communication beyond Facebook, Twitter, Forums, E-mail, and In-Game chat? The answer is that this is an a third-party site that will be a shared effort between different members of the EQ2 community.

    As always, if there are breaking news or relevant discussion posted in the chat, you can expect articles on EQ2Wire about it.

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  2. ColbyJack Well-Known Member

    Here's to hoping this one is a better success than some of the other forms we've tried. I like the idea of voice, and I love the idea of off-topic discussion not getting locked for being off-topic.
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  3. Jrel Well-Known Member

    Hmm, think I'll steer clear for now. There's a bunch of broken issues right now and all I'd do is complain on why things haven't been fixed for months.
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  4. Veta Well-Known Member

    I am happy to see the devs are going to use this. I've been using discord for a while now and I do like how useul it is. That awkward moment when it displays what other games you are playing though.
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  5. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    Is it really awkward for anyone? I mean don't folks play other games as well? The bulk of my play time is spent on EQ2 but in no way is it the only game I play. :)
  6. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    heh...yeah, I only play Eq2. if I want to play something else, I got a console for that :p
  7. Veta Well-Known Member

    This is true. I wasn't really meaning the statement in a serious manner. It was meant to be more of a joke :p.
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  8. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    Oh I got you it's why I included the smiley, making sure folks don't get twisted :p
    I'm a huge fan of not playing strictly one game, it keeps conversations in forums a bit healthier. You can sometimes tell when someone doesn't :p:p
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  9. Feldon Well-Known Member

    Someone already set theirs to "playing EverQuest Next".
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  10. Merriel Well-Known Member

    Feldon, while I appreciate your efforts to keep communications open between the players and the staff, I am one of those who doesn't understand the need to venture off into other branches of communication when there is already a forum here dedicated to the game.

    Just as I feared, the staff have already stopped making announcements on the announcement forum, beyond weekly maintenance and an occasional blurb about in game issues. I much preferred when they made ALL their announcements in the announcement section of the forums...and with them stretching themselves between all these other means of communication, they are stretching the time they can commit to each means of communication thinner and thinner.

    I really think that the forums, which are dedicated to the game itself is where all such announcements should be made, and that any communication via these other sites should be a means of advertisement that will direct all those who are these forums. It just boggles my mind that anyone can think using so many different forms of communication can keep things running smoothly and efficiently, while stretching the time spent in one place out into many other branches.

    Even with the growth of a tree, the branches become thinner and less supportive as they stretch further up and away from the base of the tree...the trunk.
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  11. Malleria Well-Known Member

    Can't really see any detailed discussion happening about issues there, so don't see the value myself. Devs need to be reading the long detailed posts about game breaking issues, not the short chats in a general chat channel. No different than twitter.
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  12. ugloopni Active Member

    Smoke and mirrors to distract us from the /lack/ of communication for another few months.
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  13. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    I only find it amusing when its another game with features players having been asking to have for literally years.
    "No we aren't going to have smart loot, DF, or token vendors on the release day for new content" *proceeds to spend half their casual/social time talking about a game with all these features*

    I am hoping however that the new xpac changes some of this since I know past leaders were known to stonewall things on principal no matter how it was presented or proposed to be implemented.
  14. Merriel Well-Known Member

    Hehe Feldon is not one to do smoke and mirrors on behalf of DBG, else I'd agree with you. I just don't see the point of spreading DBG staff out across multiple communication sites the way they have taken of doing over the last few years. I have every confidence of Feldon's sincerity in wanting to maintain that communication between the DBG staff and the player base. :)
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  15. Desper Member

    We will see how feedback is considered in next expansion pretty soon, until then nothing really matter. If you make feedback section for only few hardcore ppl then the result will be hardcore game for few players. Devs needs the feedback from all kind of players, hardcore, casuals, good, bad and terrible players as well. Imo is pretty hard to get feedback from players as you can see forum has low trafic. Also Metacritics doesn't has any reviews for last 3 or more expansions nor official or users, Thalumbra doesn't even exist there. On steam it's not much better.

    If new expansion doesn't has any reviews how do you want to sell it? For new players is so hard to get any informations about content what is available in expansion and for free players or with all access like number of dungeons. Not even google won't tell you, I was lucky on some nice guy ingame who told me plenty of stuff. There are no informations ingame about nearly anything, I still have no idea how infusions works, if I can infuse every stat, use legend and fabled infusions or how many of them can be used on same item.
  16. Sejreia Active Member

    I think it's super. heard from a couple of my friends and others in game server chats about getting immediate feedback on things. So I hit the link, was quick and easy for me. Very intuitive and seems to run in the background very light, too!! There was a bit of an issue with the launcher for some and RadarX had a very quick reply that it was being looked at. Many people in the room with a very courteous atmosphere. Very pleased and appreciate this effort very much. Thank you :)
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  17. That guy. Well-Known Member

    No thanks. I've stopped chasing the devs around to find info. I just wait until a player post something about upcoming features/fixes here.
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  18. Zheantriq New Member

    This seems like the best idea ever. Totally, I mean it. In no way do I see this not failing and working against the community in the long run.
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  19. Zlith Member

    While I agree to an extent, the Discord program is usuable on PC and as an app, also it has voice so can be used by guilds for groups/raids instead of Vent/Team Speak/Mumble/In-Game etc and its free. You can create additional channels and it wasn't created by Feldon or DBG, just they are using it. It is a way that guilds/groups can communicate with players outside of game as well.

    I hadn't ever heard of or used the program before today, but it is very intuitive and easy to make channels. You can also use for non-EQ2 games/subjects as it has lots of subjects.

    It is easy to cut and paste from the forums/twitter/etc to and from Discord program, so it shouldn't cause any less information to be available. The Devs and Radar X were very helpful in the channel today and tonight Radar X even popped in to ask if people were lagging or disconnecting, which is easier to ask in a chatroom like that and get immediate response than on a forum that people only read occassionally.

    I would suggest to check it out and give it a whirl before you make up your mind on it.
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  20. Lucus Well-Known Member

    It isn't that it's not hard to copy and paste, it's that they don't do it or if they do it is delayed which is why having feldon is such a good thing. i suspect without EQ2wire there would be a lot less availability of information to many who can't or won't scour twitter, facebook, reddit and any other third party sites where they can find a small piece of information the devs post to instead of their own official forums.

    it's a reasonable expectation to see news on the official forums not scattered around a few different sites. i get why they want to post on third party sites but at the same time they are shooting themselves and players in the foot by not concentrating all their information at one location.

    put another way if you had to buy 5 different magazines for intructions on how to DIY make your own X or you could go over to feldon's hardware and buy one magazine that not only has complete instructions but has news regarding DIY and hardware in general wouldn't you buy that one magazine over having to run around to pickup 5 different magazines?
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