Question about the Level 100 Bauble

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Dude, May 9, 2017.

  1. Dude Well-Known Member

    Do I have to claim it now? I think I remember reading something about needing to claim it in a certain window of time, but now I can't find that. I'm not sure which toon to use it on and would like to wait on claiming it, but will go ahead and do it if I need to do it during a certain window.
  2. Bunji Developer

    You can claim it anytime.
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  3. Dude Well-Known Member

    Thank you! :)
  4. Chausta New Member

    And how is this claimed? Is it done via the character select like the previous level 95 boost? Or is it done through the /claim window? Or is it done through the Marketplace?
  5. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    /claim window - I think it's under promotions, IIRC.
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  6. Chausta New Member

    Odd. I looked there before starting work this morning and didn't see it. I'll check again later. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Chrissdae Active Member

    The information I just read said the bauble should be available today, around noon Pacific. That is just a little under an hour from now.
  8. Chausta New Member

    I logged in and found it under promotions. Thank you very much.
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  9. Vogie Active Member

    Curious how many AA's does this 100 get?
  10. HackettOut New Member

    The news say: You can redeem a FREE level 100 character boost when you log in before Monday, May 22, 2017

    Does it mean i have to redeem (/claim) it before May 22th, else it will disappear? Or that information is related to newly joined users, who can subscribe and get lvl100 boost till 22th May?

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  11. Riftweaver81 New Member

    what sort of restrictions are there on this? i've never gotten in trouble with my account but i havent played since like summer of last year. will that count as 'logging in before 4/20' ? if i reinstall the game, can i get the character?
  12. Carynn Well-Known Member

    I would like to know this, as well. And if I do have to claim it before the 22nd, is it heirloom?

    ETA: It's Heirloom. So claim and stick it in your shared bank if all your toons are on one server. No need to use it right away.
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  13. Livejazz Well-Known Member

    I haven't logged in for about 2 months, but the bauble was waiting in my /claim today, so if your account is in "good standing" you should be OK to claim it no matter how long you've been away.

    Now, I'll just sorta re-retire, because I don't play PC games any more :)
  14. Regolas Well-Known Member

    If your account was created before 20th April then you'll have a bauble.
  15. Hexalobular Well-Known Member

    See the Dev post, second post in the thread.

  16. Luciar Active Member

    I think this may be a little confusing to some.

    You can claim the 100 boost any time AFTER you have been flagged as eligible to receive one, which requires that the account has logged in before May 22nd. If you do not log in before the 22nd you will be unable to claim the boost ever.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  17. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Agree it might need clarification. Patch notes say:

    It doesn't refer to logging in before a certain date, just that account must be older than 20th April to have the bauble in the claim section.
  18. Greykemp New Member

    Now I'm more confused. - I reentered the game about a week ago. I now have a "Level 95 Heroic" I can make. I ALSO have a Level 100 Boost that came with my game purchase. I ALSO now have the Level 100 Boost Bauble. Does this mean I can have 1 95 charc, and TWO 100 charc, as well as the little Level 23 Zerker/Provisioner I made to reenter the game?

    Note: IF the answer is YES I would appreciate suggestions on what 3 high level characters I should create since I left the game in 2008. I have ZERO idea what classes and tradeskills are best anymore.
  19. Crastinal Active Member

    The answer is yes, you can boost 3 high level characters. For the second question, the only advice I can give you is do not ever under any circumstance power level a Beastlord, or you're in for a world of pain. Any other class will do (the reason being the mechanics of the class, you will be forced to go back and train all 400 wardens and it will take so much time that you would be level 95 anyway. And no, there is no way to skip this).
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  20. Greykemp New Member

    Thank you. that helps a LOT