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    No, they aren't going to bring Battlegrounds back. It's only Caith working on PvP all alone as it is, and he stated a few years ago now that he can't keep 2 types of gear going (PvP and PvE). Thank goodness, too: I can't stand the mouse-in-the-wheel-going-nowhere repetitiveness of the same few tiny rooms over and over again anyway. :p

    Why do that when you can have new ground constantly under your feet for 120 levels (or, okay, til DoV or whenever they run out of gear revamps and have to shutter the PvP-TL). Never knowing who is around the next corner while questing, harvesting and leveling across an open PvP server is the most fun, to be honest.
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    yea I stink at pvp , but I always went on those servers anyway , go figure , the only thing I won't do is free for all .
    I liked the tight family like feel to the old pvp and to rant about the other factions .
    we will see what comes our way , lets hope it's good .
    frankly I would absolutely not play on a pvp server that is like the seasonal Nagafen .
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    Bringing BG back seems to be the best option; the 3 classic maps should all work which means the only thing left to do is class balance. Class balance mainly revolves around CC in PvP, simple immunities should do the trick. A few abilities would have to be changed, nobody wants to be stunned for 7 seconds. Kaladim is perfect for BG's as it is: many PvP players who would definitely hop in to a BG. Live is too messed up to do anything regarding PvP and we do not want a new proving grounds.

    Open world Nagafen 2.0 was fun, when grouping/raiding. Solo play was a bad experience for me as I was not playing a rogue or summoner. I would really like to see BGs.
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  4. Inmyprime Member

    I personally think that if there is going to be any type of PVP, it should be held to a vote how updates are approached, rather than the few who speak the most or loudest be heard. Also, BG killed open world PVP and is for people who could not handle it. I think that if BG is going to be reintroduced, it should not include an actual PVP server but be reserved for the blue players wanting to scratch an itch so to speak. START IN EOF PLEASE...
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  5. Kazooooooooooo Active Member

    PvP server beginning in KoS/RoK. Mob difficulty needs to be scaled reasonably well or you'll have Deathtoll 2.0 where population doesn't last because content gets cleared in the first month and you have nothing to do for 6 months. That being said, xpacs should unlock a week or two after 2 or 3 guilds clear all bosses.

    Seasonal is just a silly idea. Its an MMO, restricted game times and expiring characters is ridiculous for this genre let alone a 15 year old game.

    XP rates need to be looked at if we are using seasonal servers as a reference point. XP is too slow. I'm all for a journey but it was incredibly underwhelming how slow you leveled up. I recommend increasing quest, combat slighty and giving a little boost to PvP xp. It shouldn't be a chore to level, it should be smooth and rewarding.

    Gear stats need some love. Everything is far too similar. Most pieces are the exact same with many treasured and legendary pieces having MUCH better stats then a fabled. Would love to see some more discrepancy between the gear tiers as well as not all pieces within that tier having the same stats for example all chain treasured having +7.

    Even though I'd say I'm an advocate for level locking I think its a bad idea for the overall health of the server. Can always be enabled once the population is deemed playable or maybe after the end of the 1st xpac, although I'd recommend not at all. :(

    CC durations were a joke on seasonal. Classes were completely negated because of this. A 1.3 second stun is nothing for a mage with 5 second cast times. In the very least most CC across the board needs to be doubled except for proc gear, that stuff is crazy.

    BGs seem like a quitters reaponse to not putting in the proper effort to make a decent TLE.

    Typed this on mobile so if its awful I apologize, would love to get some Dev feedback from Kander, Caith or our new community manager(welcome btw). The silence is just disappointing, let us know if you have an idea you're trying to execute. Some members of the community have decent ideas and would love to provide as much feedback as possible to better the server and community.
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  6. Trasor Active Member

    Faction-based TLE like DT, with the improvements to itemization and class balancing gained through both iterations of the seasonal model -- is the right approach.

    I doubt any players will come back to their old characters to do BGs. I do think, a permanent server with PvP that is not too much of a grind will be successful:

    Case in point, season 2 - people just wanted to fight so everyone locked low to PvP. Season 1: everyone used the experience exploit to max. I would rather see a server start at level 40 or 50 in the KoS expansion and then move from there.

    Edit: After seeing Holly's post on thinking outside the box, and "Never Give Up" as the motto: I can ensure you that the PvP population does this better than anyone ;)
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  7. Freddie_Mercury Member

    PVP is forever dead on EQ2... because zero point zero of the current devs have ever played a single day of PVP in their life and it shows... their complete lack of knowledge of how PVP works and what makes PVP tick, and complete lack of giving an eff when Naggy 2.0 came around... shows that any PVP server that does happen to go up in the future.. if it happened... would be a 100% failure, like Naggy 2.0 was...

    EQ2 PVP will never be like it was... ever... because DBG literally gives no effs about anything other than pulling as much money as they can from everyone.. and we all know Pay to Win on a PVP server wont fly... so that means they would have to do extra work... lol... and we all know thats not a thing
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    Hi, I've been away several years from EQ2 but now got interested in trying coming back here, but i wonder if there is still any pvp going on and pvp servers, I always used to play on pvp before. Is there still pvp servers and is there any pvp then going on?
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    Season 2 of the PVP event server ended last November. Kander posted in the discord in August that another, more permanent type of pvp server in early 2020 was being discussed among the devs but we haven't heard anything since. At this point in time, pvp is very dead but you may find small amounts of it on the forum or in general chat
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    Hello there!
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    Well met
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    & eq2 when?
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    Team 2020

    Any news on the new PVP server? its already second week of April, just intro back what we had in 2008, title system, shard recovery, open world pvp and we will stay loyal to this game
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    That's great news, Listening to his pod cast as we speak. The truth is, people grew up with this game and every scene is a flashback. The time your heart beats to keep your title and being chased by a group is just what we need. I believe what will pull people back into PVP has many ways such as :

    1. Focus on instance gear for lower levels as well as raid gear, this will encourage people to stay in guild, groups to gear up. with two goals:

    A ) To survive the PvP B) be able to take mobs down.

    2. Limit the expansion levels, give opportunity for people to PvP in lower levels.

    Title system, shard recovery, XP loss, No PVP Gear, No easy way of leveling up, limited xpacks will revive PvP permanently.

    Thank you for the update Frostfang.
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    they also need to fix stats for gear ( main reason being MC gear is legit worthless now so it cuts out the tradeskill aspect of a lot of tradeskillers I remember when I had to farm at level 9 like everyone else to get my level 12 mc mats make my level 12 mc and go out and pvp against people who wore mc and not legendary or treasured gear what was 2x better idk why the treasured and legendary gear have such insane stats but that needs fixed and mc needs buffed
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