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Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by Swerver, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. Swerver New Member

    I've heard that new pvp is a possibility in 2020 but is there anything else that has been said about or rumors about what we might expect it to be? The only reason I play EQ2 is for the pvp and have been waiting for some news. Even a battlegrounds is better than no pvp. Battlegrounds, Battle Royale, Open World, etc... I just want something to do honestly.
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  2. Obano Well-Known Member

    I would rather just have battlegrounds back. I played both Nagafen seasons last year and it was clear the interest just isn't there to support an entire PvP server.
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  3. Swerver New Member

    I'd be fine with a battlegrounds. It allowed all servers to participate and was really fun when it was popular especially when everyone was making level 80 characters. All they would need to do was place it back into the game with the original concept before they got carried away with it and drove everyone off.
  4. Obano Well-Known Member

    This is what I would want out of battle grounds:
    - limit it to Klak'anon as that was the only one that was popular.
    - NO PvP gear (a buff that ensures some minimum stats is the way to go)
    - Rewards should be similar to drops in solo instances (Legendary junk to break down or transmute, random shinies, infusers, ect)

    PvP isn't supposed to be about the rewards. We do it because it is fun.
  5. Swerver New Member

    I liked the 3 original battleground maps. Battle of Ganak was my favorite, actually. I am not opposed to pvp gear as it gave me something to work towards but perhaps some other type of reward to work for. Without a reward, I don't see many people joining especially those from PvE servers and even when it comes to PvP players because not too many people were fond of the battlegrounds in the first place.
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  6. Obano Well-Known Member

    Here is the logic why PvP gear is a bad idea. After people get the gear they stop playing because then there is nothing else to work for. Also as the initial run of people gear up other people stop coming in because they are no longer competitive. It burns the candle at both ends. I agree Ganak was fun but it was hard to get match.
  7. Swerver New Member

    I understand that it could fizzle out once people are geared but a spark of interest has to come from somewhere. If there is no reward then how are you expected to get people on board besides "for the love of pvp" which won't hold up well for people who aren't hardcore pvpers. Beginner set pvp gear was easy to obtain to stay relevant but top tier pvp gear was not so easy and encouraged people to work for it for quite some time. Even once I get all of the best gear, I will continue to play to get to experience and enjoy my hard work and being able to now have an advantage. Maybe perhaps ditch the gear path but introduce something else that could be useful. Pvp or Pve, the entire point of the game is to achieve an advantage. Even when pvp gear was out there, I still went into BG's with raid gear and never struggled. That being said, I don't care what they do I am just ready to get back out there and enjoy some EQII pvp hopefully sometime soon. All they have to do is put it back into the game, not even create anything new and I'll be happy.
  8. Ishtara Well-Known Member

    Nobody was really on board with the seasonal PvP model. If they do a long term server like they said they are considering it should do much better. The leaderboards were a really nice addition but rewards were too easy to exploit. As much as I enjoy the fame system it may be in the best interest of a future server not to include it as some people start to avoid PvP for fear or losing their titles.

    Ganak was by far my favorite battleground map. All three of the original maps were fun provided that Smuggler's Den didn't slow up the queue too much.
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  9. Swerver New Member

    The seasonal pvp seemed more like a test run for what they might be considering. It was fun while populated but hated knowing that I had to play within certain months or I am gunna have to wait even longer. Hoping to hear something from them soon, the longer they wait the less interest people have in it. So many conversations happen in the forums when pvp is up and running and proves there is a base for it but waiting for months to get any news is when people are going to give up and move on.
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  10. Trasor Active Member

    I actually think the longer they wait - the better. The seasonal model fizzled quickly with the primary takeaway for something more permanent needing to be produced. However, the taste of those seasons I think is still too fresh for the player-base and therefore a great deal of skepticism may be associated with a release now. Hopefully, they got what they needed data-wise to produce a permanent server that can come out in a few months.

    Frankly though, I would not be surprised if it does not happen. They have just produced a new expansion which requires a lot of development time to monitor, the PvP discord channel was removed, and it appears they have a pretty set roadmap.

    The irony is that they developed FFA, even created a PvP zone before (New Tunaria on Nagafen) - you would think that creating PvP versions of zones in Kaladim would be feasible, with some sort of added reward for mob kills, harvests, experience, etc. I think that would be the best course so that both PVEers can totally avoid PvP if they want and PvPers can benefit from a larger server population. Who knows. A dev has never been seen near these forums in a long time though - that fact is for certain!
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  11. Seth Active Member

    you said you play eq2 for the pvp, why would you need a reward... so you can hammer the lowbies and say skill is the reason..
    PvP will not work the game feels so unbalanced at the moment, much more so than it was back on the last pvp server and even that closed down, so in all reality, what hope do you honestly think a new pvp server has lol, it will be a cash and grab and nothing more, and if battlegrounds do come back which is highly unlikely since they where removed in the first place due to population it wont be the same. There was a lot more players back then too, so they wont go out of their way to create something like that if it does not 100% benefit thema and their aim which is cash.
    It wont happen, if you heard rumors or a dev said rumors, i would honestly just dismiss it. It wont happen and if it does by a miracle it will cause the whole game to suffer more than it currently is.
  12. Dude Well-Known Member

    While I don't disagree with much of what you said, this is not a rumor. Kander specifically said it in Discord. What he said, however, is in no way a solid promise that it's going to happen.

    [COLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.2)]Kander08/31/2019[/COLOR]
    Bauble is Tuesday. Armor appearance will get fixed. Discussions of a long term Pvp server early next year are happening.
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  13. Ishtara Well-Known Member

    The queue always came up fast and there were plenty of people playing until some things broke and were never fixed. There was a new AA which allowed you to one shot other players in BGs (I don't recall the name, I will edit when the servers come back up and I can check it). Leveling scaling broke allowing you to one shot players below 100. The matchmaker broke and would place all players on one team or only one person on the opposing team. These are just a few of the issues but they made the game unplayable. So really it's a bit misleading to say that the Battlegrounds were removed due to population.
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  14. Swerver New Member

    I personally do not need a reward, but I know the majority would like one and would encourage new people as well. Now, I do not mind having a reward in place that way I, and others, can improve my chances but I would be ok with not having one also. As I've stated before, even PVE is about becoming tougher than the monster you're trying to kill so what is the difference when it comes to beating another player?
    As far as hammering lowbies, yes if I see a green I am going to attack but I will do the same to an orange. I will do that with or without a reward. I've beaten oranges and have lost to greens. I will not keep killing someone if they are on my recent list as there is no point unless they come back to attack me. Everyone has to go through the stage of being the prey a lot of the time before they are skilled and ready enough to become the predator, and I know I am definitely not above those standards. Losing is a part of the game. -- Battlegrounds is a solution to this issue that people have, which made the playing field a lot more even.
    Concerning imbalance, I simply don't fall for that argument. There is always going to be a certain class that seems impossible to beat no matter what class you are and that's ok. You can youtube just about any class pvp and see people win, yes it takes time to get to that point but that's again with PVE also. I pvp with a Troubador and struggle specifically against healers, I'm not complaining but rather trying to figure out my best way to defeat them.
  15. Seth Active Member

    maybe it was just prime time, but spending 24 minutes searching on most days, does not seem populated to me. you either had to wait for the singular BG to finish to get a chance in that one that was open, or wait till it finished , over and over, there was rarely more than 2 open at any time.
  16. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    When BG's were working properly and had no game breaking issues, queue times were not an issue, ever.
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  17. Swerver New Member

    Near the end it was like that sure, but when they were functioning like Fleshdecay said I would finish a match and jump into the next within a couple minutes at most. They were very popular because every server could jump in and play whenever they pleased. I believe if they added them back into the game and fixed the things they neglected then there shouldn't be any issues with popularity of them. It'll give people a nice break from their daily routine or the latest xpac grind.
  18. Swerver New Member

    Now that we've discussed what might seem best as far as bringing pvp back, does anyone have any predictions on when we might see/hear something? I understand they have the new xpac to work on and that'll come first but as Kander said early 2020, assuming within the first quarter? Although it might not be the BEST move, I assume they will just make the seasonal pvp server permanent rather than BG's and everything else we've talked about.
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  19. Obano Well-Known Member

    TLE servers by their very nature are non permanent. They sunset after about two years. So it would last maybe as long as Deathtoll which many consider to be a failure. What they could do is recreate the original Nagafen and permanently lock it to a certain expansion. Maybe EoF or RoK which was the golden age of PvP. But again from my observations of last year's Nagafen there is not enough interest to sustain the server.
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  20. Ishtara Well-Known Member

    I had the same experience that others have mentioned. No wait times until the very end when things started to break and not get fixed.

    I check in on Discord pretty regularly and have asked about it a few times but they never reply. I can only assume that they are either really swamped with their current projects and don't have any new info or in a worst case scenario they decided against it. In the past they do the same thing so unfortunately we don't really have any way to know. This is a really slow part of the year for me where I have more free time so I'm dying to hear some news.

    Persoanlly I wouldn't use Nagafen(2.0) as a measure of interest in PvP because a lot of people didn't like the seasonal model and flat out refused to play it. The content difficulty and length of the server were not proportionate. I think that a longer term server with the same difficultly level would be very appealing. Additionally a beta (open to everyone, since a lot of people unsub when PvP servers close) would go a long way with making sure the server runs smoothly and the kinks are worked out before the servers open and the devs get busy with other things. It would also help to inspire some confidence in those who feel burned by the previous issues and worry that they will be wasting their money.
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