[Suggestion] Please make the summer event accessible to everyone

Discussion in 'Gameplay Discussion' started by Altho, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. The_Real_Wurm Member

  2. Snikkety Active Member

    All my gear is PG/Epic 2.0 except the armor, which is raid pieces. Use equivalent 11 resolve heroic pieces and you now have my stats.
    Edit: Except my belt, which I got this morning.
  3. The_Real_Wurm Member

    That's how I came up with 6 as well.
  4. Ratza Well-Known Member

    I prefer to do the experts but like this change because sitting for hours on end trying to find an expert group is not my idea of fun...so running heroics with those not able to do experts is a welcomed alternative.
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  5. The_Real_Wurm Member

    We are still helping a bunch of people with 2.0 So this means that the zones don't go to waste, I really am for it.
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  6. Naneeje Active Member

    Thank you Wurm. As a Thurs through Sunday player, I am not tanking Heroic's well without a healer when I see Troub's, Necro's and healers tanking those zones. I am not there yet. I am looking forward to running these this weekend for actual gear I can really use with my proving grounds gear. I appreciate the change as well. As a tank, I'm trying to be good enough for Event heroics.
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  7. The_Real_Wurm Member

    Grats on the Belt!
  8. Snikkety Active Member

  9. Stach Active Member

    I understand your gear is what it is, but what are your tithe points at? You have all 4 ascension. So is mine, at one time I really worked on it. and I am betting everyone who you play with and they are regular set of people have same or better gear than you have and play at your commitment level. But look at the link over half the population does not play at that level and does not have the time to put the commitment into it, I know 5 people I play with that only one has finished their epic, and have 4 of 4 on the ascesion and their tithe is way down. That is the normal eq2 player. and the game needs to reflect them also.

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