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Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Niami DenMother, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    Can we flag stuff/bags so they're not deposited? It could use the vendor bag option, bag which have "contents are not for sale" wouldn't be checked by the deposit all button.
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  2. Pijotre Well-Known Member

    While I really appreciate the permission changes why on earth did you have to increase the size of that window so drastically, we're already struggling for screen estate in this game so why did you increase the size of the window, the permissions don't take that much space, please shrink the window to the former size asap!
  3. Ptraci New Member

    Any chance of getting the default deposit option set to 'common' instead of 'all'?
  4. Councellor Member

    While it is GREATLY appreciated that you resolved the Harvest Box issue, we noticed that you've listed one permission option as "Consumption/Crafting". That would infer to me that for the L&L and Collectible boxes one should be able to right click an item in the box and examine the item which then would open your collections window or L&L window and "consume" the item which would seem the correct way to use these boxes however if you set the withdrawal perms for Trustee and Consumption/Crafting perms at "Friend", only trustees can use the items from the Collectibles & L&L boxes because the items can't be right clicked and examined /consumed aka "used". What's the purpose of using the term "Consumption" if a player can't actually consume one of the items as in a collectible set? If we want to protect the Collectibles and L&L boxes from being raided like we want to protect all the other boxes, shouldn't the items inside be set to "right click = examine / use item" ?

    L&L Box
    Deposit: Visitor
    Consumption/Crafting: Friend
    Withdrawal: Trustee
  5. Terrogaunt Developer

    That dropdrown really only does anything on the harvest and fuel boxes for crafting. In the future we *could* set it up to provide some sort of further functionality like that, but right now there isn't anything planned for it.
  6. Avianna Well-Known Member

    Terrogaunt, is there any way you could flag the adornment mats as such and then add a Adornment mats selection to the drop down of the depots? I see you added the leg fab and treas drop downs but using that now my materials (effulgent material ethereal material, etc.) are dropping in with my adornment box, and plus it takes three clicks to get all my adorn mats in the adorn box. It would sure be a lot easier and less headache if adorn mats were just labeled adornment material. Oh and while I got you here..... Fuel Depot for my house PLEASSSSSSEEEEEEE!!! with a Marr Cherry on top. Thank you!
  7. Chocmerc Member

    tradeskill recipe or skill book depot would be nice :D
  8. Davngr Well-Known Member

    this was the best thing this dev team ever did.. i might even forgive you guise for that reckless crap
  9. Avianna Well-Known Member

    Also this please
  10. Gargon New Member

    I would like there to be a Reactant Depot.
  11. Belissa Active Member

    Why? There are just 8 different ones anyways, no? And they can be placed in the tradeskill depot.
    This would really a bit of overkill.

    I rather would like to have the option to include / exclude stuff when putting my material into the depot; seperated by Common Tradeskill / Rare Tradeskill / Reactants / Transmuting.
  12. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    For 9 or 10 reactants? I think that's going into overkill territory there. ;)
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  13. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    I think any other depots of any kind (other than the personal variants) are overkill at this point. A lot was covered with what we were given. If things like Tradeskill books and Masters are taking up that much space, you should probably consider selling them.
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  14. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    Any news on how this is going? :)
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  15. Alenna Well-Known Member

    i do hope we can get a personal Lore and legend box also.
  16. Avianna Well-Known Member

    hellooooo? anyone out there??? this is your player base calling.... Can we please get a fuel depot for our homes??? Thank you!
  17. Councellor Member

    On the definite likely event that I'll be smashed to smithereens over my comment, I never-the-less wanted to bring up something in regards to the many comments about wanting a personal box for "this" or "that". While I understand that many want to be solo in a game that's a MMORPG, it bears mentioning that every personal box developed, removes the incentive to have need to visit the guild hall. It effectively for the most part makes the idea of having a guild almost obsolete. Having specific Guild Hall ONLY items means that players must either join a guild, or visit a GH to access some items. While many may not be in a guild or even desire to be in a guild, I would think that a solution would be to allow operational personal boxes ONLY if a player isn't a member of a guild. In other words, when a player becomes a member of a guild, then their personal boxes or fuel merchants would become inoperable. Then folks could choose to go it solo OR be in a guild, instead of being in a guild, and never stopping by to use what a guild's work so hard to build. Again, please note this is just one opinion, and tossed out there to stir up more discussion. For those who are screaming for a personal fuel box, now that you can drag one bag over and dump it "one-move" directly into another bag, wouldn't placing your fuel items into a house vault by drag-n-dump work also? I just hate the idea of seeing struggling guilds go belly up because folks never have a need to use any guild amenities or resources. <ducks behind a rock wall anticipating flaming arrow barrages and sacks of tomatoes being tossed>
  18. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    While I understand your concern Councellor, I think a guild that risks going belly-up just because people aren't using the amenities has bigger problems than people having personal boxes. Guilds existed long before there were guild halls or any amenities, and a guild can only get those if they are above lvl 30.

    More likely, the people requesting personal versions are those who:
    a) are not part of a guild,
    b) are part of a very small guild for whom an guild hall is an unnecessary expense,
    c) are part of a guild which has decided to use its amenity slots on other things, or
    d) are crafting/collecting/storing things that are not for guild use (such as rares they've harvested themselves and need for a quest or alt, commissions, things like that)

    There's a variety of other reasons, of course, but I think those are probably the big ones. Now there will be some people who, exactly as you say, will use it so they never have to visit the guild hall. There may even be guilds which may end up disbanding for lack of member interaction and contribution. Quite honestly, similar concerns were brought up when guild halls went live - that their presence would be the final death knell of player interaction in the cities. The truth was, and is, that most players who do use those facilities now won't deal with the hassle and expense of getting the depots and changing their playstyle to use them; while players that are requesting these alternatives already avoid using the facilities currently available and would like something the devs have already promised which would help them in their chosen playstyle.

    As for using the house vault as a fuel depot, most people who craft in their home do that already. But fuel has to be in your inventory to be used. The fuel depot, if it has a similar relation between the guild and personal harvest depot, would save inventory space, hold far more fuel than would be reasonable or even possible to store on yourself, and would allow one to use the fuel while it is still in the depot.

    I think the "either guild or personal" idea is a bad one, though. If the guild doesn't have the amenity, people who are part of those guilds get neither. A system to check whether a person's guild hall had a particular amenity each time they used their personal version would be at best clunky and at worst a disaster. And what happens to the personal depots already in existence if someone joins a guild after having their personal depots, or their guild suddenly buys them? They can't even sell it or transfer it to an alt, because I expect the other depots to be No-Trade, just like the personal harvest depot.

    Overall, I think the multiple-rare cost to make the harvest depot is daunting enough to make someone consider whether the benefits of having their own are worth more than using what their guild supplies. And if they decide it is, I think they should have that choice.
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  19. Aeriel Active Member

    Interesting post Councellor.

    Lodrelhai lists many of the likely reasons for the request. The reason I would like a fuel depot for my house is purely and simply because that is where my tradeskill apprentices are. They cannot be placed in the guild hall and I would not be in favour of changing that. The number of times I have rocked up at the house with the apprentices and found I have not got the correct fuel on me.... I now have fuel on sale in one of the broker boxes in the house. Not the most elegant solution but it works, just about.

    I don't store fuel in my house vault because I use those for swapping house items around between houses. Besides it would be much more efficient to have one fuel depot which can be used by all my toons direct from the depot rather than each having to have their own supplies of the three fuel types in their inventory.

    A house box for collectibles would be really great as I have bags of them spread over my toons, mainly stored on the broker, a nightmare to keep track of and very inefficient! ;)

    Even if I had a personal fuel depot I would continue to use the guild hall as that is the best place to contribute to the guild from a crafting perspective by doing crafting writs to pay for the upkeep and for making consumables or other items for my guildies. So I definitely would not like to see a solution which disabled home depots if these existed in the guild hall.
  20. Councellor Member

    Thanks for the very informative feedback. It certainly helps me as a guild leader, see perspective from different views and both of your positive posts made it a joy to read. I was definitely NOT opposed to player fuel depots, only concerned about the further decline of guilds as it's appeared to have happened 'across the board". And I certainly don't envy the GMs having to make the decision as there's a lot to weigh on this subject. I AM confident that they'll make a decision one way or another and we'll do the best as we always have to enjoy the game that has continued to last over time. One thing that is constant in this game is "change". o_O

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