New "Good" God/Goddess...Will We Get One?

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    Yes, the Tome of Destiny aka the movie you sit through when EQ2 first launches, and it was published on the first EQ2 website. What exactly is your point here?

    If the combine defended the Nexus we'll never know. Why? Because teleportation stopped at the same time that the attack occurred. The last person to teleport from the Nexus related the story of the attack and was suppose to gather adventurers to mount a counter attack but the entire Combine Spire Network was shut down. The most logical conclusion is that the forces of Ro and Zek placed the crystal in the Nexus to stop teleportation from working, but that is at best a theory. One that I will contend is a much stronger theory than the Loyalists or Seru forces trying to take on the army that two gods sent to the Nexus. Both of those combine armies wouldn't move because of the threat that they could be ambushed by the other side.

    Also while the gods may think and act in long term goals and plans, time is relevant to them. The most relevant part is that they weren't around during the period that Luclin blew up. Maybe it was a 400 year old plot to destroy another god's realm but considering how much trouble each god has surviving those 500 years in exile I somehow don't think they had a direct hand in this. Considering how strong of an event the Shattering was and how much it is involved in the End of Ages prophecy I think we'll eventually get more lore on the subject.

    By the time the Greenmist went in and killed off all of the Ogres except the ones in Freeport (and apparently a few Cazic converts in the Moors) Cazic had already withdrawn with the rest of the gods. The entire 2nd Rallosian Empire happened after the gods withdrew and was carried out by the mortal avatars they left behind. Cazic just happened to have the most powerful one.

    Luclin's nature is to conceal everything. She doesn't take the counsel of other gods. And because of that nature it isn't surprising that some of the other gods decided to act directly against her to make sure their plans weren't thwarted. If you read the entire sentence I believe that should of been clear.
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    Huh. So you didn't do the Erollisi Day content last year? I think your in for a surprise as well Venea.
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    I did not, actually. Guess I've missed something, heh.

    To remain on topic....I wanna worship Drinal :3
    Moreso, I want the Deity system to be revamped to give more "oomph" to choosing a deity, put more reason to choose one deity over another. As it is, you get a stat boost, some 10 minute duration/1 hour cooldown buffs that I honestly haven't been bothered to pick up, and a few Miracles that MIGHT be nice, if you remember them :B

    I used to have a writeup somewhere of some ideas I came up with for a few of the gods, but I forget where it was.
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    Given Norrath is quite obviously a pantheistic society, I'd actually expect more flexibility in being able to worship more than one god. Preferring one god or another makes sense, as does avoiding the ones you don't like. But there's no reason a worshipper of Tunare couldn't also pay homage to Karana, give respect to the Tribunal, pray to Rodcet Nife for healing, and celebrate the return of Erollisi Mar.
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    Well if you look at the mar twins NPCs who worship one will pay homage to the other in their pilgrimage to new halas.

    From a roleplay perspective you can worship one for the buffs and still pay homage to other deities. If they let us worship more then one for buffs i'd expect them to update the health/power blessings to account for the current level cap and to still keep the one blessing and miracle active at one time restriction in place..
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    I think they should make Erolissi Marr worship-able and if she claims to be the representative of The Nameless it might make it more interesting.
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    This was a big reason that after the stat inflation of ROK and into TSO it wasn't really worth the time to take a blessing/miracle except for Anashti in TSO and even then by Velious most people don't use them because the gear/stat jumps and time to find gear to feed to the altar to use AND that the altars no longer gauge which avatar will spawn (EoF). It's more of an "oh ya an altar, eh i may if i have enough for a blessing today" kind of attitude which is in need of a revamp to make it more appealing... but I digress.

    give me more Erolisi and Ulkoruuk, I'd like to take Ulk as my goddess since I'm a brigand anyways and then tie her stories more into the Everling's history/mystery.
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    I didn't read most of the forum I admit so I don't know where we took off with it. but to remain on topic with the OP.
    there are other deities out there that we don't see just yet.
    I can't remember their names exactly. but I would say Veeshan would be one to warship
    and there is also one that goes by The Nameless or the Unknown
    will give you a list of all the Gods that are both in eq2, and have yet to come
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    big V is a dragon centric Goddess...even in eq1 only bards could worship her. the Nameless is more like the 'christian' God, and has no followings. in all honesty if they bring back a 'good' deity, it's going to be E.Marr
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    Erollisi is already "back", she just isn't worshipable. One thing to think about is there aren't a whole lot of "good" deities to begin with. Honestly, the whole "good/neutral/evil" distinction was a bad idea to begin with since all people give praise to the appropriate deity at the appropriate time. Also a lot more "evil" deities were created over time since the players need opponents and "good" deities usually aren't set up to be the player's opponents.

    As for the his very nature he isn't a god you worship. If you did he wouldn't answer your prayers. The Nameless is just an observer. Likewise Veeshan isn't concerned with non-dragons on Norrath. Heck, Veeshan isn't particularly concerned with the Dragons either. The one thing that might get Veeshan to intervene is a draconic civil war where one of her children goes around slaughtering the others. Sound familiar?