New "Good" God/Goddess...Will We Get One?

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  1. Emissary Vex Active Member

    They sent an army to the Nexus to disable it; an attack that killed many people. In addition it later caused Luclin to explode, killing countless more. While Luclin exploding was not a direct result it is something they should have known would happen given their knowledge of the timelines.
  2. Meirril Well-Known Member

    So your not buying the "Kerafyrm blew up the moon" story then? Nobody knows why Luclin exploded. Its very convenient to blame the gods when we don't really have a clue what actually happened. And the gods have a superior awareness but I seriously doubt they can see through time.
  3. Mixxit Active Member

    does anyone have the source for that?

    i always assumed it was the dresolik

  4. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    I'm probably mistaken, but I was under the impression that it (the explosion of Luclin) occurred in the same event that separated Odus from the rest of Norrath. Maybe I'm getting the Luclin Nexus occurrences conflated with the Farisian Nexus occurrences.
  5. Meirril Well-Known Member

    That is competing theory number 3. The whole story of the Farisian Teleportation System being activated and connecting to the Luclin Nexus which created a feedback loop that resulted in the phasing of Odus may have happened after Luclin was destroyed, or it could of been what destroyed Luclin.

    It could even be possible that all three events are true and it just happened that Kerafyrm destroyed the Desolik crystal which was stored in the Nexus at the same exact moment that the new teleportation system was activated. However, that seems like an awful lot of coincidences. Also, how would Kerafyrm escape the explosion since the Nexus is deep under the surface of Luclin?
  6. Rezikai Member

    Though weren't the forces of the Awakened and El'Arad in cahoots with each other? perhaps less of a coincidence then we think...
  7. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    This is mere conjecture, mind you, but what if forces loyal to Kerafyrm (or Kerafyrm himself) purposefully passed incorrect information to El'Arad, resulting in a feedback loop that both phased Odus and destabilized the Dresolik Crystal (I'm assuming that is the "massive gem" mentioned here) enough to cause a chain reaction that ultimately caused a release of energy sufficient to break Luclin apart (although not to completely obliterate it*)?

    I haven't read every single bit of lore, but it seems to fit what we have been told** so far.

    * Mentioned here.
    ** Namely that Sol Ro and Rallos Zek were responsible for the Dresolik Crystal being at the Luclin Nexus, that Kerafyrm supposedly took steps to prevent the Dresolik Crystal from being transferred to Norrath, and that Odus was phased as a result of a feedback loop involving the Farisian Nexus.
  8. Meirril Well-Known Member

    The Way El'Arad refused to listen to the necromancer that discovered the flaw in his design and basically ousted him from the councle chambers by attacking his credibility instead of investigating his claim leads me to believe that El'Arad knew exactly what he was doing when he created the feedback and sent Odus to Ulteria.
  9. Emissary Vex Active Member

    It's part of the pre-release lore Tome of Desiny

    Rallos and Solusek wanted to wipe out all mortals, Brell wanted to destroy only the races guilty of challenging them; but the council only agreed to remove themselves from Norrath and cut off access to the planes.

    The gods began to leave the chambers, but Quellious lingered. She noticed as Rallos
    approached Cazic-Thule and began to whisper something to him, and watched as
    Solusek Ro did the same to Brell.

    It is more then implied that Rallos and Solusek went along with their original plan to wipe out the mortals; by the fact that it was Rallos' army that attacked the Nexus. Quellious knew their plan involved Luclin and gazed upon it in the second chapter when warning her disciple.

  10. Meirril Well-Known Member

    Yes, the attack on the Nexus was one of the last acts of the gods before they departed. The forces came directly from the plane of each respective god. And if those were suppose to be genocidal actions then it all when horribly wrong. First, if this was suppose to be the big event that doomed the mortal races why did it take 450 years for Luclin to blow up? Second, if this was suppose to wipe out the mortals then why did Rallos and Solusek both leave Avatars to carve Norrath into the shape they wanted in the absence of the gods? And why did Cazic's go-to man (the Greenmist) stop them? For that matter, if Cazic wanted to participate in genocide with the Greenmist in his back pocket...the Greenmist has a reputation for wiping out entire races. So far twice.

    Also it was probably necessary to take over the Nexus to prevent mortals from attempting to access the planes. While most of the planes were access from the Plane of Knowledge and the Plane of Tranquility a few could be accessed with assistance from the Teleportation Spires (Plane of Sky). To prevent further experimentation that might allow future generations of Adventurers from breaking into the planes it seems like a logical step to deny mortals teleportation. Considering how cooperative Luclin has been with the other gods...I can see why a few of them would take drastic measures to carry this out.
  11. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    As I understood it, the Dresolik Crystal was supposed to be transported (by either Sol Ro, Rallos Zek, or maybe even by both) to Norrath after being imbued with some of their destructive power as a sort of Doomsday device. The explosion of Luclin was (again, as I understood it) a result of the premature detonation of the Dresolik Crystal. Some of this is from reading archived lore forums so it may, or may not, be canon.
  12. Meirril Well-Known Member

    The attack on the nexus was about 450-500 years ago, a short time before the War of the Fay. That is the reason the main invasion force used boats and that the elves got no warning that the army was coming. The attack cut off all contact with Luclin.

    The Shattering was a much more recent event. Approximately 30 (or 50) years ago there was a blindingly bright flash of light and a "beam" that struck Luclin and it exploded (permanently blinding the witness who relates the story to us). What caused Luclin to explode, whether the beam originated from Luclin or Norrath, even if there was a beam are all points that can be debated. As I said before there are three competing stories to account for Luclin's destruction. Out of all the Luclin lore the eye witness account is the strongest but it only points out what someone on Norrath could of observered on that night.

    FYI: the lore about the Dresolik Crystal doesn't have an in-game source. This may mean it is very strong evidence like the "official" lore of Everquest, or it may mean it is very weak like the "Maps of Myrist". Unfortunately without collaborating in-game lore I'm of the opinion that it isn't too late for the devs to totally change whatever the beta story was and come up with whatever works best for their future plans.
  13. Mixxit Active Member

    And there is an additional few snippets on the fabled planes of power lore

    This is the EQ1 Lore for it but there is no specific wording of dresolik in the eq2 attack on the nexus launch lore (which I think is what you are meaning) just

  14. Meirril Well-Known Member

    "Thu Oct 9th, 2008" is all I needed to see from Zam. I'm not sure what all this pertains to but it isn't EQ2 or the attack on the Nexus (as we understand it).

    The last bit you have there is from EQ2, and the reason we know anything about the attack on the Nexus at all. That was the story related by the last person to use the Combine Spires that we know of before the entire network shut down. We still don't know why it did. It could of had something to do with the crystal being placed in the Nexus. It could of been the Nexus itself was destroyed (without destroying the entire moon). It could of been that Luclin (the goddess) was somehow captured or killed and that stopped teleportation from working!
  15. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    To be fair, that was the date the item was last updated. The text also appears in a post from a Mistress Queeg on that page from March 20th, 2003. On cursory inspection, the text of the item appears to match that in MQ's post.

    As far as what it pertains to, aside from the Dresolik Crystal in general, your guess is as good as mine.
  16. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    On a completely different note are either one of you attending SOE Live this year? Meirril, Mixxit?
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    im british so its a bit far for me :(
  18. Emissary Vex Active Member

    You obviously still have not read the lore I linked, the Tome of Destiny was released LONG before EQ2 came out and the "Attack on the Nexus" is literally a chapter of it.

    I wouldn't dismiss something just because of time; you are forgetting time is almost irrelevant to God's. Maybe the Combine managed to defend the Nexus but after 500 years they finally failed.

    This lore is also from the Tome of Destiny

    "Just rumors. Luclin has been cut off from us for so long now, many had all but forgotten about it.
    The priests think its destruction is a portent that the gods will soon return. Others speak of an
    invasion that happened there long ago and claim this is the result. The ogres blame it on gnome meddling; the humans suspect the ratonga. The Overlord has begun an investigation of his
    own, but at this point nothing is certain."

    Its in the Tome of Destiny, Cazic didn't want to wipe them out, he wanted to be allowed to grow his influence and keep the mortals in check with fear.

    What are you talking about? Luclin doesn't trust the other God's that's the entire reason she hid the moon she claimed.
  19. Meirril Well-Known Member

    No plans to. I'm sure if I did my guild would keep me in a drunken stupor.
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    I'm surprised no one actually responded to your suggestion (on the first page anyway).
    [spoiler]I hate to break it to you, but Erollisi is dead. That's why the Shard of Love is all messed up (you learn more about it in the Shard), and the statue and Sisters of Erollis, and even the founding of Erollis (AKA New Halas).

    So....yea. Sorry to break it to you, but she's not coming back.[/spoiler]