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Discussion in 'Roleplaying' started by Cuteypie, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. Cuteypie Member

    Hey guys.

    I'm Cuteypie from Permafrost, and I've been playing this game for a very long while. Norrath is like a home to me - it's not just some virtual fantasy world anymore. It lives and breathes through memories and lore and its own inspiration to my own ideas. I have loved every bit of the adventure, even though - quite frankly - I suck at adventuring.

    I used to have a friend named Ritch, and we roleplayed all the time in Gorowyn. I'm currently typing this on a mobile platform, so I will spare my fingers the pain of writing out all the things we did. I had so much fun. Timorous Deep is my homeland now. The game realy meant something to me after all was said and done. Now, I don't really know where he is or what he's doing, but I miss him enough that I check EQ2U from time to time, only to be met with the same information. It is rather heartbreaking. It's sad when friends you loved dearly suddenly disappear, and apparently didn't love you enough back. Maybe I'm just still sore about it, but I miss him and the roleplaying and the trouble we got up to in the city of the Sarnak.

    So let me get to the point - I'm sure you don't want to hear my rambling anymore. Most of my current friends simply do not want to roleplay and do not show great interest in lore like I do. I was wondering (maybe a little desparately) if there was anyone out there on Permafrost, or anyone really that would like to come to Permafrost, that was looking for a friend that likes to roleplay and craft and fuss over furniture and break out into random fits of giggles, rants, or nostalgia. Heck, I don't even mind making a toon and duking it out the best I can on another server. I've been without roleplaying and the fun memories and stories that come with it for too long, and I really mean it when I say I'm longing for a friend (or friends) who would be willing to do that together.

    Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now. But everything I said I mean wholeheartedly. So if you read it all, thanks for listening to my wistful sentimentalism. :)
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  2. Kurogo Active Member

    If you're open to joining AB server, all my toons are there. Send me a PM and we can exchange info.
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  3. suka Well-Known Member

    i'm not big on roleplaying, but your post gives me an idea. maybe we could start a thead for people looking for a team or companion for playing with. I mainly solo, but it would be nice to meet people who are on my server or even in my state who enjoy decorating and crafting and mentoring down to play areas they missed while leveling up. a lot of time people solo because they simply don't know anyone who enjoys the same things they do. or the other person may enjoy a couple of things, but not the same way you do.

    even finding people to chat with while decorating a house, to share ideas with, and to look at a place and give some feedback. i know we do that on the forums, but for me, meeting people like the few friends i have on my server who share my interests has been really nice. I would like to meet more.

    we don't have to share a guild. we don't even have to play together. but to chat and share interests would be really nice.
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  4. Lurking Mystic New Member

    Does anyone do RP on Everfrost server? All of my characters are there and I'm not in a rush to drop a load of cash to move them all to another server where RP might be more prevalent. If RPers exist on Everfrost, send me a tell on Hollyanne, Pestulant, Sinrae, Terina, or Featherfists. Despite the fact that she is the lowest level of the five names I mentioned, Hollyanne is my intended main. I just happen to spend a lot of time on the other characters too, either crafting, gathering, or helping lower level players on quests or in dungeons. With enough people interested, I wouldn't mind creating or joining an RP driven guild on Everfrost. I have actually considered creating a guild simply for the fact that I'm sick of coming back from little (or big) breaks from the game, only to find myself guild-less and not knowing anyone.
  5. Oary Member

    Hello, Cuteypie. I am sorry to hear about your long lost friend. I too have had friends come and go in the last 10 years. I have never gotten in trouble in Gorowyn, but I do know how to aggravate the guards in Qeynos. I started as a Paladin and betrayed (killing 500 orcs old school style) to become a Shadowknight, but I still know some of the secret passages into the city, and would love to share and maybe make a new friend in the process. Send me a letter and maybe we can get into trouble together sometime.

    Take care,
  6. Sharp Shooter Member

    I love roleplaying and came from the EQ 1 world. Been here only a year, but I am (unluckily) on Oasis and have 13 toons. I, last year, was looking for a group -or partner to play with. I am also a questaholic and have one 95 toon, 11 level 30 toons and 1 new Aerakyne as soon as the server opens up. I am interested in creating a group who wants to EXPLORE the world, and would love to have some companionship. Anyone interested in joining me in Oasis, give Sharpshootr, Dartagne, Clerissa, Chrystyn, Euromastyx, Agami, Agamidae, Purrshing, Mephistophules, Mity, Lumbiddle, or Gwaenor a tell.

    Note. I play late afternoon and evenings EST.

    (At your service)
  7. Cuteypie Member

    I am so sorry I've been quiet - but I haven't been EQ2-ing much because of many factors. I don't mind talking to any of you, and when I get a better chance I'll go through everyone's replies again.

    Say hey, Oary - you didn't specify... are you on Perma or no? If you're not, then that's totally okay, because I like talking cross-server, too. I think I'm looking more for companionship than RPing, but both are gladly accepted!

    I should say that I am usually stalking around in the wee hours of the morning due to my schedule (but I'm still open to hanging out through other mediums, I guess, whether on forums or email or pigeon or the Dragon Express...).

    Well, thanks again you guys for your replies! I'll follow-up as soon as I can!
  8. Tierisch Well-Known Member

    I am on the Oasis server and fairly well entrenched there, so not easy to move, with a one man (errr hrmm woman) guild and no one to share with. I am mostly a soloist and crafter and have long thought it would be nice to have at least a few friends, who don't raid or NEED to do daily and weekly quests just to obtain the latest coin. I would love to stop trying to always get to the next highest level and go explore some of the lore and do some heritage quests, mentor down, decorate, craft etc.. As I said, I am on Oasis, just look for any Toon in the "Frozen Hellfire" guild, that will be me ;).
  9. Aranedhel Member

    To any who might be interested...
    If you are willing, would you consider rotating servers? We could each start a character on one another's "home" server and take turns playing through various content, I'd be willing to "hop around" abit to enjoy some company for a change. I am in a situation akin to Tierisch on AB, got a nifty vanity guild so that I plug away at leveling (on the long haul to 55 atm).

    Anywhoo, if there are any interested parties, post a positive response and maybe we can put together a cross-server questing coalition!

    Aranedhel, Doomfarer's of Norrath - AB
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  10. Tierisch Well-Known Member

    Ohh that sounds delicious. It would make for a nice change, and if one of us always had a guild on which server we were on, we could meet that way. Mine is available on Oasis of course. Any servers where there was no guild we could just make one. I volunteer to level any guild. I'm pretty good at it :) mine is 71 now and I only level it now when there is a double status weekend. Let me know what you think!!
  11. Cuteypie Member

    Omg, yes, Aranedhel! I would totally do that! I won't be on at the best of times, but I don't mind trying!
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  12. Tierisch Well-Known Member

    So we have AB, Permafrost and Oasis so far. Just FYI I work nights, so I am usually on late afternoon and evenings CST and on Monday and Tuesday night I usually play all night, since that's my weekend.
  13. Cuteypie Member

    There's a possibility I could hop in Monday nights on Oasis, or you could come over to Perma... or we could all meet on AB, or... something ;)

    What about this coming Monday night? The 17th (well, technically the 18th after midnight...)? It would be great fun!
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  14. Tierisch Well-Known Member

    I'm game, name the server, I can be there!!! How about we meet on the Oasis server? I am in the process of adding some useful starter items to the guild bank's first couple of tabs, and I'm pretty much fully equipped for transportation, crafting etc. Anything we need I can make on the spot!! Aranedhel are you game? How about anyone else. Should we designate a spot? I have empty slots, I can just make a new toon to level with you guys.
  15. Tierisch Well-Known Member

    I'm also on tonight. My ranger Toxik is getting together some ammunition to restock the depot. And a little later Viczen, the provisioner, will be cooking up a storm to prepare for company.
  16. Aranedhel Member

    How about we start on Oasis, see how we work as a group and go from there, my hours are 6am-9am est, 9pm-midnite, mon-fri, with the sat/sun depending on what I've got going on IRL. I will be logging into Oasis 11/16 and starting a character, my preference runs to 'zerker. See you there!
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  17. Cuteypie Member

    Where at on Oasis? Wanna go evil or good? If we go evil Neriak would be best for us together. If good then ... um... I don't have a lot of goodies :) Maybe FFang?

    Anyway, I won't be on until about 1:30 am. Unreasonable, I know, and I do apologize wholeheartedly. If I do make it, then I am flexible but not a tank. I wouldn't mind rolling a priest - maybe Templar? Or a Druid? *altoholicism kicks in*
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  18. Tierisch Well-Known Member

    Aranedhel was on Oasis yesterday. he made a Zerker (10) in Halas. I made a Paladin there as well, although we didn't really have time to do any grouping. I have a feeling he won't be on in the middle of the night like you and I. So how about you pick your hearts content, and then contact me. If you know how, just do a /who Frozen Hellfire and who ever you get, that will be me. Or I can post closer to the time and let you know which of my ladies is on. I can make a tank, that's no trouble, or one of my tanks can mentor down. Once you contact me I can invite you to the guild and summon you so you can get your Call to Guild and anything you may need. There are bags and boxes ready in the guild bank, and I have depots for food, ammo etc.. I am looking forward to meeting you!

    PS: Neriak on the evil side is fine. I like it because it's easier to get to a bell from there, although the story line in Timorous Deep is fun as well.
  19. Aranedhel Member

    A fella named Rysilus in Age of Decadence plays in your time frame, keep an eye out. I grouped with him early this morning (
    he pulled an all nighter lol) has a 15 Fury in FFang, gonna miss not seeing you guys tonite but 1:30am is waaaay past my bedtime lol.
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  20. Tierisch Well-Known Member

    Thought so ;). We'll keep an eye out. Next time hopefully we'll get a bit more time. And let me know when it's time to come over to your server.

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