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Discussion in 'Roleplaying' started by Cuteypie, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. HaphazardAllure Well-Known Member

    Ok, good luck to you, see you soon! :)
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  2. Narudar New Member

  3. Tierisch Well-Known Member

    Hah, 48, ehh? ;) That's a really good vintage!!! Anywho, I had one problem where it didn't like one of my CCs and even though I wasn't trying to use it to pay with, it blocked purchases. CS finally removed it from my account and voila, things are working. The other thing, accounts and toons have to be of a certain age/level to transfer. That, also, could cause a hold-up.
    Well, post here when you arrive, and we'll make sure to get you an invite!!
    PS: in no way do I believe 48 has ANYTHING to do with ineptitude!!
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  4. Narudar New Member

    A little known 88 Wizard by the name of Narudar has arrived on the Oasis server where he has heard untold glories and treasures await those brave or foolish enough to seek them out. He is currently searching for a possibly elusive band that goes by the name of "Frozen Hellfire". What he will find is anyone's guess but it matters not since he is just an ordinary guy with nothing to lose. He does not imbibe but it is said that his one weakness is women. Sometimes quick witted but often sleepy he can often manage a quick evac or devasting fireball as needed. Perhaps I have given away too much or not enough, only time will tell.
  5. Tierisch Well-Known Member

    Found you! Now if only we could awaken the sleeping wizard by the docks!!
  6. Narudar New Member

    I was so wired that I could not sleep and went to wallgreens and purchased a cheap mic and headphone set so I should at least be able to talk the next time we meet up. Had a lot of fun and learned a bunch already. Looking forward to what the future has in store. Thanks a ton. Up for work in 5.5 hours, but whatever. It wont be my first exhausted day.
  7. HaphazardAllure Well-Known Member

    I had too much going on to make it on last night, sorry I missed meeting you Narudar! I should be able to make it on tonight, and hope to get my voice chat set up as well. :)
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  8. Narudar New Member

    cool. I'll be there.
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  9. Tierisch Well-Known Member

    Well, I am sorry you had to going to work with less than an ideal amount of sleep, however, I am glad we were able to meet you and help in some small way, Narudar. The guide event was a little bonus :). Hope to see you all this evening.
  10. Narudar New Member

    I am hereby freely admitting that I am a technological goober. I realized today that my Iphone headphones have a built in mic and as it turns out work very well.
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  11. Narudar New Member

    I went back out tonight for about half an hour and hit 89 doing solo quests in stonebrunt. I will get to work on 90 when I get home tomorrow.
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  12. Narudar New Member

    I would like to announce that lady liar croae the blind paladin has come into her own at lvl 95. It looks like her dps matches the monks altough she has about 100k less hps she heals and rezes and other cool pally things. She is my main chika.
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  13. Narudar New Member

    Of course I typoed some of that. Sneaking a post on my phone at work. Yeah, that is a valid excuse
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  14. Tierisch Well-Known Member

    Sneaky you!! Sorry I've been a bit off lately. Let's try to hit it tomorrow. How are you coming with the fabled part of your Epic? That's all soloable by the way.
  15. suka Well-Known Member

    who was she? i have a friend who lives in uk and has a farm. she plays eq1. she also is in the service and rides motorcycles. your post reminded me of her.

    I am glad to see people meeting other people. I met someone on LOTRO and am in the process of stealing her lol. she is my age, enjoys the same things i do, and is awesome. she made a toon here, entered my guild, but is having problems running the game on her computer. hopefully that will get fixed. i love stealing friends from other games, but of course, i do play with them on those games too.
  16. Valenaryn New Member

    hey all im new to eq 2 i used to play eq 1 and lotro i would love to meet some friends and rp and have some adventures may i join you all, and if so where do i go to meet you?
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  17. suka Well-Known Member

    first, tell us your playstyle and a bit more about you- like what server are you on? i am on butcherblock if you need a guild and i play on both eq1 and lotro as well- luclin on eq1 and brandywine on eq2. i mostly solo, but will group when needed if i am not busy.

    i am mostly into decorating and crafting. i also like welcoming people and helping them get started with bags and other things - especially if they are in my guild. i am available to answer questions- by email (my guild has an email at ringswithin@gmail.com) or ingame mail or pm here on the forums. i sometimes send a low level toon to a newbie area to hand out bags so if i know where you are i can send someone- and they are usually by the first quest giver in the zone. (if you are on butcherblock)

    some people here like to group, and to raid, and to simply role-play. so tell us more and you will most likely find new friends. and don't be afraid to make a friend of someone who likes to solo and chat. sometimes they are the best.

    each person has several different facets to their personalities. no one person can fill all of those voids in a friendship. it takes several kinds of friends. so open up and make new friends.
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  18. Valenaryn New Member

    well, i like to explore and have adventures. i tend to play rangers or healers, i don't mind logging in and chatting or finding a nice spot to Rp or even Rp while we quest. like on lotro i was in a guild that would cap thier level and do the quests as a fellowship and we would be like so and so wants us to hunt down the thieves who took his hanky! and we would walk our way to the thieves camp and scout it out then plan our way in and so forth ect ect , it made it fun rather than go here kill this turn in go here get that turn in....people are what can make a game fun and im looking for that here, i have a 16 warden on AB server but i am willing to go to another server if i can find people who want to have fun, become friends, get to know each other. i want that kind of connection. i want some adventures with like minded people. =D
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  19. suka Well-Known Member

    if you are needing backpacks. Yveala is in Qeynos today on butcherblock. 8 bags per person. open a trade window with her. her next stop is going to be kelethin. do get there and get your bags. daturi was up. if you need her to come back in, let me know. she goes mainly to freeport with backpacks.

    these are the thick bear hide backpacks - 46 slots

    Note that these are curtesy of the Rings Within the Circle guild. you don't have to join us. we appreciate everyone. our hall is in freeport and open to everyone for crafting and amenities.
  20. suka Well-Known Member

    AB is the busiest server and is the best for finding groups on. good luck to you, i am sure you will meet some wonderful people there. it is good to find someone to group regularly with so you can get to know them.

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