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Discussion in 'Roleplaying' started by Cuteypie, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. Aranedhel Member

    Look for "Frozen Hellfire " on Oasis, we play early to late most evenings, EST., with some individuals playing on the overnight. Drop and give us a holler, see we are a good fit! Regardless of where you land, good journeys!
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  2. suka Well-Known Member

    you know, it can't be said too often. not to throw a dampener on anyone, but do be careful when choosing friends in the game.

    the people who posted here are wonderful, don't get me wrong. but there are certain types in the game that you need to be aware of.

    one is children. yes they are sweet and innocent and we want to keep them that way. but playing with a child who doesn't tell you they are a child can get you into trouble. be careful of that one.

    another is crazy people. these are the fun ones. but they can ruin your reputation - which is important. whether it is by doing stupid stuff that gets you reported like being a bully or a jerk in the game, or by killing mobs that make you see a faction loss without asking you if you want to lose that faction.

    i had one such person ruin my epic one day on eq1. she killed my quest npc and i had to wait 3 days for the repop to finish my epic. - and had to rebuild faction because that one kill while grouped with me caused me to be kos.

    yeah there are a few people around that no one should befriend - people who can get you in trouble or who run around begging for money and other things. being aware will serve you well.

    we don't want to scare anyone, but do be aware that while most people in the game are decent and wonderful and enjoyable, there are a few who you need to be cautious about.

    when you meet someone new, approach cautiously. group, buy keep a close eye on how they act. don't assume anything. and don't say things that hurt feelings. just observe. you will soon know if you can trust them, if they are what they say they are, and if you want to be associated with them.

    meanwhile, if you meet someone who harasses you or is a jerk to you, remember that they may be having a bad day. something happens once, i think "ok bad day, let it go". saves a lot of embarrassment later.

    but repeated actions have some recourse. don't run to soe with a report immediately. contact their guild leader.

    guilds are responsible for the behavior of people in their guild. and they have some influence. if you can reach an officer or leader they might be able to talk with the person.

    as a last resort, contact soe. there is a policy in place called a "play nice policy.


    they take a dim view of certain activities.

    so have fun. but trust with open eyes. be aware of how you affect others and of how others affect you.

    yeah i know - leave it to Grandma to post the words of caution
  3. Tierisch Well-Known Member

    Missing you =)
  4. Tierisch Well-Known Member

    Valenaryn, welcome to EQ2. I'll second Aranedhel, come see us on Oasis at Frozen Hellfire. There are a few of us who have an EQ1 background, so you should feel at home. I am the one who does the odd hours and overnight playing, too, as I work nights.
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  5. HaphazardAllure Well-Known Member

    Sorry it's been so long! I should be able to stop by Oasis again sometime this weekend. :)
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  6. Moonlit_Evening Well-Known Member

    I saw this thread and became curious about Roleplay in EQ2. Granted I have rped many a time, but not through mmorpg or eq2. Though, I do have a back story for my erudite dirge chara Xirevening on Unrest. I just may consider creating another version of her on Oasis for the sake of roleplay. If I do create her on Oasis, is there a specific protocol I should follow to join Frozen Hellfire? Also here is the brief bio I typed up for her. In case anyone is interested.


    My name is Xir Evening Moonlight,

    I was born in a world of Hate. Wandering the lands of Neriak endlessly. Searching for a home. My religion was hate, my world was dead, and I wandered it alone.

    Until I discovered a portal that led me to Greater Faydark. Taken in by such beauty, I longed for the companionship and luxury of finding peace here. So my journey continues seeking inner peace, and protecting my home and it's inhabitants.
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  7. Moonlit_Evening Well-Known Member


    I was looking for a magical edit button but could not find one >.> That is XEM's basic story, but as a character. She tends to keep to herself since she can be timid and is introverted. While she is a Erudite she obviously, does not follow the status quo since she is a dirge. Which means that her emotions can effect her to the point where she has turned them into a weapon. However, like the erudite within her, books and learning about species/languages excite her, and she would probably put her life on the line to learn about these things. Also distinct to her is that she can be a homebody and finds enjoyment in gardening, decorating, and carpentry. These things, especially carpentry would generally not sit well with a erudite since they are labor intensive. XEM also seems to have strong roots with the Earth, which is part of what drew her into Greater Faydark. Furthermore, when she finds a place to call home her loyalty knows no limit, and if those she deems her family are wounded or Mithanial Marr and Tunare forbid, killed. She will seek vengeance. Which is what happened on Unrest server during the orcish siege in Kelethin. I would like to further add that the Dwarves in Butcherblock hold a special place in her heart. Since similarly, they want to reclaim their home Kaladim and have lost many of their comrades for the sake of saving their home.
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  8. Aranedhel Member

    Hope to see you in game soon, been away for about the past week, there really is no special procedure to join us, just keep a weather eye out for one of the members and give them a holler when you can.

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  9. Tierisch Well-Known Member

    Nice to meet you Xir. We look forward to making you part of the family.

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