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  1. ARCHIVED-Ruadhin Guest

    I'm not sure how you can call the Grimgadget zone a solo zone. I tried this twice the other night with my level 25ish (higher now) Necro. The first 2 groups were easy to kill, but then you come to the group of 15-20 (not an exaggeration) LINKED mobs that all attack you at once. I have an Adept I pet with the Master 2 defensive stance, but even though all the mobs were green, it doesn't take long for that many mobs to drop him.
  2. ARCHIVED-Sassinak Guest

    Nonetheless, the encounter is not heroic. Each of the mobs in that encounter is incredibly weak.

    I'm sure some classes have difficulty, but many classes have the tools to beat it. With good defense you can tank them all. Area Effect damage kills them all really quickly. Feign death or evac lets you kill the encounter a few at a time. And so on. In the worst case, you can bring a friend or two to help you.
  3. ARCHIVED-dalaorn_eq2 Guest

    There are also a couple of other solo instances connected to CL, but they both require one-time-item drops from mobs that disappear from your inventory when you enter the zones. I remember them both being greyed out by the time my toon was in the high teens, though.

    One is clickable from a grave behind Zarvonn's Tower. The other you enter through a casket in the tomb at the graveyard near Freeport, the tomb you respawn at after you get killed by Lucan in the FP->Qey betrayal quest, which oddly enough I remember had bloodsabers and architecture similar to Qeynos's sewers :smileyindifferent:. I don't even remember what the zones were called, but they were tiny.
  4. ARCHIVED-cyclonus11 Guest

    I was hunting in this zone for a few days, then after the KoS patch, it was gone! Do any of you know if it's been moved somewhere, or if it was altogether removed? I didn't see anything about it in the patch notes...
  5. ARCHIVED-Sassinak Guest

    cyclonus11, it moves around the whole nymph area and can be very hard to find. Sometimes it is totally buried and cannot be seen. I have only managed to find it about 1 in 3 times that I looked for it. The spider one in EL is just as hard to find.
  6. ARCHIVED-nickattom Guest

    This is great, has anyone done any in KoS yet?

  7. ARCHIVED-Conequis Guest

    I don't think there are any. At least none that I have found yet.
  8. ARCHIVED-ZartTalas Guest

    Very nice post - great on PvP servers to know where to adventure somewhat safely.
  9. ARCHIVED-IllusiveThoughts Guest

    the solo instance for the class hat quest but that doesn't count

    I've seen tons of doorways in barren sky that do nothing. I bet theyre for future adventure packs, or were zones that never made it into production due to time constraints
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  10. ARCHIVED-Sassinak Guest

    At the fanfaire SOE indicated that more solo instances are coming. I expect they'll be a few in DoF and more in KoS. The old world has plenty of solo instances already.
  11. ARCHIVED-Guy De Alsace Guest

    I've done a couple of these but they are invariably small and uninteresting with absolutely awful loot in them.
  12. ARCHIVED-Sassinak Guest

    There are good ones and bad ones. The earliest ones added to the game are the worst. The ones added in later months are better. I broke the list down into categories at the following page: Solo Instances at EQ2I
  13. ARCHIVED-Erladdin Guest

    Are there any 60-70 solo instances?
  14. ARCHIVED-Sassinak Guest

    None yet, but it sounds like Fallen Dynasty will bring us some (next month).
  15. ARCHIVED-Bledso Guest

    Sass you do great work and I am very appreciative of your help.
    looking to do the everfrost instance - monitor lizard area (which I don't know where this is)
    Only one question I have the WP's you give are only 2 digits when there are 3. I punch in the 2 numbers you list but it does not get me to where I need to be. What am I doing wrong.
  16. ARCHIVED-Erladdin Guest

    If you only have 2 numbers for a waypoint then insert 0 (zero) for the middle number.
  17. ARCHIVED-Golelorn Guest

    I guess someone forgot to add more solo instances? :(
  18. ARCHIVED-Sassinak Guest

    In DoF they put solo sections in the shared dungeons instead. I guess we could list those too.

    In KoS... well they dropped the ball there.

    But Fallen Dynasty has the return of solo instances! :)
  19. ARCHIVED-Iisbliss Guest

    Hi, I am a soloer... I love this thread = )

    You left off Serpents Lair. This is a little instance in Serpent Sewer in Freeport.

    The Access quest is a bit of a pain, since Crazy Peepers seems to be a camp mob, but I finally finished it.

    Serpents Lair is a small ring event, was doable for me at level 33 solo, with some thinking, and the final boss loot was a master chest with a very nice legendary ring, and it was even a Level 34 item...which for once was a nice suprise to have the loot match the level needed to do it.

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  20. ARCHIVED-Chantryia Guest

    Nice Thread :) good job

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