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Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-Sassinak, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-Rrys Guest

    Fallen Dynasty has a solo instance? what/where?
  2. ARCHIVED-Unmasked Guest

    There are trials on each floor of the monk tower with either a solo or heroic instance. The quest to get into the tower is solo but the quests to progress further in aren't usually soloable.
  3. ARCHIVED-Magical Guest

    Let's not forget the two solo instances on the starter islands:
    Queen's Colony : forgot the name (6)
    Outpost of the Overlord : Cave of Elders (6)
  4. ARCHIVED-Shen Guest

    Nice post. I have one zone that has been bugging me. I play on PvP on Venekor and I have a lowbie that I use for PvP. Quite often I fight with a Q in the Graveyard and he will run away and zone into a tomb in there. It is on the left side of the path if you are looking at where the Hangman is right below where the Bonewatcher spawns. It is not selectable for me and nothing around it seems to start an access quest for it. Anyone know what this zone is and how to get into it?
  5. ARCHIVED-Guy De Alsace Guest

    Did Dire Hollow the other day with my Monk. Mobs are easy, there were no nameds and no ring event started. I also got 2 chests with some weak platemail treasured in it in the whole instance.

    However its a great place to go if you need to get your Ghost lore and legend as many of the mobs in there are ghost archetypes. Other than that its pretty uninteresting.
  6. ARCHIVED-Sassinak Guest

    There are three versions of Dire Hollow, the ghost version is one of them. Named are uncommon there, I've never gotten one personally. I have way more luck getting named in Underrot Caverns, I almost always see a named mob there. Very hard to solo the named while blue or higher.
  7. ARCHIVED-Original Cinadien Guest

    can we get this post updated?
  8. ARCHIVED-Denon Guest

    If you are L60+ and a solo player ... you are out of luck. SOE does not make fun solo content for you anymore.
  9. ARCHIVED-livejazz Guest

    Perhaps not solo INSTANCES, but I have no trouble finding fun solo content at 62nd level. I'm currently enjoying the heck out of soloing in Lesser Faydark & Loping Plains.
  10. ARCHIVED-Alteri_1 Guest

    Thanks for the info Sassinak! Rather be busy grouped with my guild, but it's nice to know where to go when you either have, or want to be by yourself :smileyhappy:
  11. ARCHIVED-Tiabella Guest

    I too very much appreciate this post. I add your site to my favorites so I can access it frequently. Being on a PvP server and sometimes not having a group can make leveling/questing a real pain. I recently bought the Splitpaw Saga before reading this (sigh) for me and my wife and were thus far VERY disappointed. We accessed it through a portal in TS and killed like 12 mobs (literally) that dropped nothing. Had to move some [I cannot control my vocabulary] boxes as well just to navigate the area.
    I think this should be stickied.
  12. ARCHIVED-SlythieToves Guest

    Bloodskull Valley: Excavation. How do you set the bloody machines on fire?
  13. ARCHIVED-Losstarot Guest

    This is a great list indeed :p Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together! I have a level 20 Necromancer and a level 15 Monk who surely will be able to get some use out of the information you posted here.
  14. ARCHIVED-Tothemoon Guest

    Level 70 here .. BEGGING for a level 70 solo instance :) Something where there would be a descent reward at the end, repeatable. I mainly solo and at level 70 the game has dried up completely except for tradeskilling. <crosses fingers>
  15. ARCHIVED-ParlMoebius Guest

    SlythieToves wrote:
    You need to pick up the torches that are found along the crumbling wall, you'll need a new torch for each device, if I recall.
    Also, just a note, I got a very nice fabled caster ring from a random snake drop in the underrot caverns (been quite a few levels back)... one of the few solo random drops that I've seen like that.
  16. ARCHIVED-Krandras Guest

    Well met
    Hi just found this thread and was wanting to ask a couple of questions?
    First of in ref to these solo Instances which ones can you harvest in ? What tier are they at?
    I found the tower by the enterance to Nek Forest ! (What is that zone the eternal gorge for anyway lmao? Apart from harvesting?)
    Thank you
  17. ARCHIVED-Gareth WarHammer Guest

    I dont believe you can really harvest in most of these instances.......not saying that that arent instances u can solo in and harvest .....there might be one or two......but thats about it ...and if and i mean if u could it would probably equal out to the tier of the mobs.....
  18. ARCHIVED-Zidab Guest

    hey thanks for this thread! I love to solo. I hope with the NEW expansion coming out some of you high lvls will have tons more things to do.
  19. ARCHIVED-Harvash Guest

    Gareth WarHammer wrote:
    don't remember the tier, 4 iirc...but CoD can be good for harvesting, zone in..clear, zone out...repeat, fresh nodes no
  20. ARCHIVED-Cambios Guest

    Are these "solo instances" solo FRIENDLY, or solo required?

    Can you duo/trio them?

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