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Discussion in 'Developer Roundtable' started by ARCHIVED-Rothgar, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Rothgar Guest

    I'd like to hear your opinions on the current "Looking to group" window.
    Do you use it?
    What do you like about it?
    What do you NOT like about it?
    Do you have any suggestions for making it better?
  2. ARCHIVED-Kulssin Guest

    I have no problems finding a group. Never needed it. I use the guild chat to form groups and am usually up and running inside of 10 minutes.
    Great thought when going from level 1-20 took a bit of time.. but these days people are in guilds by level 20.
  3. ARCHIVED-Babblejork Guest

    It is not useless, it is however more complicated then the LFG window of the past. That said, the ability to specify the role you hope to play within a group is very helpful.

    What bothers me, and this might have nothing to do with the LFG window and more with play style, but since the release of the new LFG window, there seems to be far fewer players utilizing the tag.
  4. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    Rarely if ever use it. It's easier to go into the server channels (level 70-79) and say "Level XX Soandso LFG"
  5. ARCHIVED-Babblejork Guest

    Xalmat wrote:
    There are times when broadcasting on the channels does bring a tad more interest. However, I have been able to find many groups by using the "Groups looking for more" option.
    So overall, I both use and like the LFGwindow and have now suggestions as to how to improve it.
  6. ARCHIVED-iceriven2 Guest

    its a good window there just isnt much need for it with the chat channels.

    Biggest problems with grps is the lack of classes needed to do stuff... if a new lfg window can spawn a tank for a grp then i am game!
  7. ARCHIVED-Ashad Guest

    What if you could put all your alts up as well. Say you are on your level 20 tradeskiller alt, but you'd love to group with either your 80 Conjurer or your 50 Fury ... you can put all of them up for LFG. I know right now my main has little to do outside of groups, but its boring to sit being LFG for hours on end so I tradeskill or what have you until a group is found normally.
  8. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    I never use it. I'd like to see the "LFW" features given more flexibility, though.
  9. ARCHIVED-Sykophrog Guest

    It's probly too late to change people's habits at this point but I remember before the new interface with LFG that there used to be a wider usage of the "LFG" tag.
    When all you had to do for LFG was type in /lfg and it tagged you it seemed more folks showed up on a "/who all lfg" search than currently. Now this could simply be my own experience with it, but I havent found much use for the new interface beyond the GFM (group looking for more) feature.
    Personally, I'd much rather have /lfg just tag you "LFG" instead of opening up that window and having to use that interface for a simple status flag. I'd prefer being able to do a simple tag with a 4-key combination, and then IF I wish to have a larger interface to search for others I could open it, or leave it be if I choose not to.
  10. ARCHIVED-Thundy Guest

    The window is just fine, but it's useless since everyone just uses the chat channels anyway.
    Please don't waste development cycles revamping this thing (again) because people will just not use it.
  11. ARCHIVED-Brook Guest

    If you really want to add some functionality to the window have a tab to display full patch notes daily so we don't have to pull our hair out trying to figure out the stealth changes (fixes?) yall put in ;-)
    It would probably have found more use if you guys hadn't turned this into basically a solo game, otherwise its fine as it is.
    On another note, how bout fixing the low mem mode problem instead.. its really irritating.
  12. ARCHIVED-xfreshx Guest

    The lfg tool is probably one of the best tools this game has to offer, the only problem is that hardly anyone uses it. Here are some of my experiences with the lfg tool:
    -If a player has set their default to "Anonymous" then they can't show up within the lfg tool. When the tool was first introduced, a lot of people were asking, "why doesnt my name show up in the lfg window" when their default was anonymous. In the past, players set their tag to Anonymous to avoid spam, "ninja" group invites, or to avoid from letting other players who have added them to their friends list to see what zone they are in. I think the mindset of the general player base is that they need to be tagged as anonymous, because of past experiences. Possible SOLUTION, re-introduce/advertise in game the usage and benefits of the lfg tool.
    -Most people just post in chat windows that they are lfg. I have no idea why this is the most accepted method for lfg in this game, personally I can't stand it. Since the bulk of our community chose not to use this tool in the past, now many people dont even bother checking it for other players lfg. Possible SOLUTION, provide a tracking system that displays how many groups a player has started and accepted to join. Then offer rewards once they hit a certain mark, such as a useful item, nice looking cloak, item adornment, etc. Yes people will abuse this system to get the reward, but they will have to use the tool to get the reward and hopefully this will create a new habit for them searching for things to do.
    -It's not easy getting a group on the two servers that I play on, unless it's guildys. There are a lot of reasons to blame for the lack of grouping, but to stay on topic a good reason is that many people don't like to start/lead a group. Possible SOLUTION A good way to bring more players together is to allow the lfg tool to display a players alts/main when just one of their characters are online. The player can enter information about each of their characters in the lfg tool for what they prefer to do. When a player is online and has multiple alts with their preferences set within the lfg tool, another player will see a lot more options for things to do and others to group with. When another player searches the lfg tool, they can simply click on the alt or main charcter listed within the lfg tool, to send a tell directly to the character that is online. I have 6 characters on my account and I do a lot of sitting around looking for people to hang out with. If other players were able to see that I have other characters looking for things to do, I think there would be much more group opportunities for me.
    I hope others can offer ideas as well, I'd love to see this tool be used more often as intended.
  13. ARCHIVED-Besual Guest

    I don't use it.
    I don't mind PUGs but typing /lfg and get annyoed by the window I turn LFG on less and less and just use the chat channels.

    My suggestions:
    /lfg should just toggle your LFG flag. Add a new command like /lfg_options to bring up the window. The window should add / show your timers and we should be able save some comments like zones we prefer / are not willing to do or quest steps we are working on. Enter such data every time... nope, better not to use the window at all and just use the chat channels.
    Just my 2c.
  14. ARCHIVED-TheSpin Guest

    3 Pieces of feedback for you:

    I would prefer if it was easier to turn on (LFG) and I didn't have to use the window to do it.

    Being able to display characters on your account that you aren't actively playing would be a good feature. I would like to be able to look for a group on my 80 while solo questing on a lower level alt.

    I think that the "willing to mentor" checkbox should be checked off by default.
  15. ARCHIVED-KerowynnKaotic Guest

    Calthine wrote:
    QFE!!! "LFW" Love Please! ..
    ( .. I don't use the LFG window either .. but that's cause I'm either solo'g with myself (alt box) or grouping with my hubby .. or grouping with friends .. Don't need to find more weirdos to hang with .. I have enough of them .. )
  16. ARCHIVED-Calain80 Guest

    I really like the enhanced LFG Window, but do I use it? very seldom. Here is why: 1st It came to late. The really old LFG window was useless so all people started to search for groups in the level channels. After doing so for two years? the new window was implemented. While it is great almost everybody was accustomed to lfg / lfm in the level channels which works quite well most of the time. So they stayed with this. Old habits die hard. 2nd, as far as I know the default UI still shows the old lfg window first with the need to press the advanced button to get to the "real" lfg window. So even if one wants to try out the ingame lfg functionality they see the basic window and how bad it is and stop there going to the channel. It would be a lot better if the advanced window would pop up directly. 3rd due to the first two reasons there are seldom more then 5 people lfg (whole server). So using this tool does not help much. It's the old "the chicken or the egg" problem. 'Cause almost no one uses it, you will not find a group / player by it. And 'cause you won't find a player / group most of the time, almost no one uses it. 4th I have the luxury of having a lot of IG friends. Often I get an invitation for a group just after saying hello in guild / raid ally channels. As I already know these people it makes grouping easier, 'cause I know how they will react to certain situations. If you are able to build a whole group with friends, it reduces the need of the LFG window. All in all I think the advanced LFG / LFM window is well done. It is only underused due to coming to late. :-/ I have still a few suggestions: Add a way to lfg with you alts. I have seen people withe all there alts in the lfg text line. But as far as I know this text is lost every time you log. Also if you filter, 'cause you only need special roles filled up, these people will show as "no not fit" even if they are also LFG with an alt that may fit perfectly. This would also be the greatest bonus of the lfg window, as you can't read the level 70-79 chat if you are leveling a lower level twink while you are waiting for a group. If this would be implemented and communicated, it may help the lfg to catch up on the "channel search". Remove the basic lfg window completely. If you type /lfg /lfm ot open the LFG window through the menu it should directly start with the advanced window. Set the "I will Mentor" option to "off" by default. It would be nice if double clicking a name in the search result would start a tell to the player. (May be an other char if it is an alt showing up). if you set an LFG / LFG filter and a new player / group is added that fits that filter (full stars only) some kind of notification without the need to refresh the search every 30s or so would be nice. (Maybe even a big (optional) on screen message.) This is all I can think of now. ;)
  17. ARCHIVED-Sinder65 Guest

    The window is useless, players would rather use a channel and /who commands to create groups themselves.
    Also when you type /LFG it brings up that window, would be easier for it just to flag you LFG. You should be able to put a default list of content or roles your class performs and it flags as that every time. It should also kick you out of anon.
  18. ARCHIVED-chily Guest

    xfreshx wrote:
    If someone is anon the most time ok, but when he/she starts to look for a group it there should be a warning box or so that reminds about anon or role on.
    Some ppl think that they get asked about class and level if they show up in the lfg window but i doubt any of em get asked unless they know each other but for that they don't need lfg.
    the spamming in channels is defo more common, and those *shouts* are either in the 70-79 channel or in the 1 - 9 channel to grab ppl from alts too.
  19. ARCHIVED-Quicksilver74 Guest

    Never use it. I've tried a few times, nobody is ever there.
    Suggestions to making it better:
    1) It'd be nice to be able to inspect a player through the window- see if they have good gear or if they have their epic... could be helpfull if you want to find the best fit for your group; and vice versa, the LFG player can check out the group that wants him BEFORE accepting the invite.
    2) Maybe some way of a group summoning you to them through the LFG window, or at least into the same zone that the group is in. in TSO, groups might be doing everfrost, and you might be in moors. Not all players have a guild hall yet, and maybe if at least 3-4 people are in a zone, you can pull new people through the LFG window to the entrance of the proper zone? Would be different than call of the hero, but still usefull.
    3) Spell Quality - it'd be nice to know if a potential group mate is running apprentice 1 spells, adepts, or masters before inviting them. Maybe give the option to allow or disallow potential players through LFG window to see your spell quality.
  20. ARCHIVED-Omadesala Guest

    Crabbok@The Bazaar wrote:
    By the way, i used before this LFG window but i think it's too complicated, a good way to improve it will be to make a version of this LFG for quest. A lot of people have heroic quest sleeping on our quest journal just because it's boring to run everywhere finding people interested making it. Why not having a button or something in front of quest saying "Search Quest Member" to find people who are interested grouping to make it ?

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