Legends of Norrath Membership Pack Changes

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Dexella, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Dexella Associate Producer

    There are some changes coming to the free pack program for Gold Members of EverQuest and EverQuest II.

    First, the old “anniversary date” has been completely removed. Starting with the launch of Debt of the Ratonga, free member packs will be awarded on the member's first log in that month.

    Furthermore, each player MUST log in during a calendar month to get that month’s worth of packs. Packs will no longer accumulate from month to month. If you skip a month without logging in to Legends of Norrath, you will not receive free packs for that month. Any packs that have already been accumulated (but remain unclaimed) will still remain on your account; this change only applies to future months.

    The Choose-A-Pack cards awarded in December may be redeemed for any regular LON booster pack from sets 1-14.
  2. Calthine Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Cloudrat Well-Known Member

    Ok since you are giving the 5 packs to gold members and not bronze, they aren't really free and since the people who are gold members are paying , what difference does it make if they log in or not?
  4. Absyntheea Well-Known Member

    Likewise, I don't see the reason for the change in accumulation.
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  5. Calthine Well-Known Member

    Virtual database space? Because it's a reward for logging into LoN? Just guessing here.
  6. Stitchersherd Member

    I agree that it is punitive to deny paying customers a long standing perk if they fail to log in but their subscription is still active. It isn't like it is costing SOE money, besides a couple of lines of code per account, to have LON packs waiting for loyal customers. Or is this the first indication that SOE wants to drive paying customers away from the Everquest family and towards Planetside2?
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  7. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    Wow. I thought it was spelled out that as long as we keep the gold membership that we would continue to get the same things we got before they went to free to play but would lose out if the gold membership status was dropped for any length of time. I would think getting 5 lon packs was listed as the items we got before without any stipulation of logging in to your legends of norrath to receive them. Can they really get away with no accumulation? I am thinking no. Even if they are legally allowed why would they want to upset their paying customers? This is so annoying. I was paying a membership for a couple of years without playing at all and now I buy collectors and spend tons on station cash. Must rethink my logic of supporting them.
  8. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    What's wrong with logging in once a month? If it matters to you, you'll remember to do it. I'm glad I don't have to wait extra days during the month. As it is, I couldn't really remember my exact day. One month this year, there was some error or something, where I (and others) didn't get my pack well after that date. Maybe this is in response to that
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  9. Torryn Woodsrunner Active Member

    What's wrong with leaving the accumulation the way it is? There are times when you can't log in that month, but you're still paying for it. For example, servicemen and women on deployment, who still pay their sub every month, but don't log in, because they can't. People who take a break for a month or two, but don't cancel. There are plenty of examples of people who PAY their sub fee every month, but can't or don't log in that month. Those people might enjoy the fact that there's a stack of LoN packs waiting for their return.

    There is no justifiable reason to penalize those PAYING subscribers. And that's what this action will do. First of the month rollover across the board? That's just fine, penalizes no one. But removing pack accumulation is penalizing the people who are paying money regardless of their login status, and is an overall 100% BAD IDEA.
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  10. Calthine Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure if we look we'll discover something about how membership percs may be changed by SOE at their discretion. It's only a handful of virtual cards. Those of us who like them will remember to log in to get them. Those who didn't care never checked anyway.

    Personally I'm lousy at checking. But I gave most of the paintings away anyway :)
  11. Nicolos Active Member

    So that means Debt of the Ratanga packs can't be claimed? That certainly is a change too since we have always been able to claim the newest sets.
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  12. Lucus Well-Known Member

    This. I could agree with it if it was tied to the EQ2 login and not the tcg. personalyl i think this is a statistic or finacial backed change. if you have to login once a month to claim they can boast player counts in the TCG by logins only, or they hope to cash in on ppl who miss a month and are tempted to buy boosters to maek up for they 5 lost.

    in any case i cant see them comnig up with a valid justification for this change.
  13. Avirodar Well-Known Member

    Hello Dexella,

    I wanted confirmation on the wording you used, namely "Packs will no longer accumulate from month to month.".

    It -seems- like you're saying that all we have to do, is log in once a month, and our free packs will continue accumulate. If I have 20 unclaimed packs, and I logged in that month, I will be awarded with 5 more (reaching a total of 25 unclaimed packs). Is this correct?

    However, the way you worded it left another angle for interpretation, where if we have unclaimed free packs, even if we logged into LON that month, the free packs will NOT accumulate. So if I have 20 unclaimed packs, and logged into LON that month, I would still be at 20.

    While most people will read it as option #1, option #2 has a genuine angle. In a hypothetical month from now, if people complain that they did not get free packs (because they still had unclaimed packs), you could say with complete legitimacy "I told you all that packs no longer accumulate month to month.".
  14. Estred Well-Known Member

    I think the goal behind the log-in to get is both to save data space on gold subs that may spend over a month inactive (log time) and also to encourage people to play LoN. I myself may try it if more played it but as stands I have no desire from my experience there is next to no "newbie friendly" LoN unless you like solo-quests through the scenarios.
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  15. Doomspore New Member

    Really, I mean who cares. You might get lucky every now and then and get a painting. At least that's the way it's been for me.
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  16. Deeamon New Member

    So, when does this new system get applied to other rewards, like Vet Rewards? After all, if you are willing to spring this at the last minute..... This is a bad move on your part SOE as you are punishing paying customers. I would love for the person who made this call to post as to why this changed was warranted.
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  17. Stitchersherd Member

    What I really don't understand, and if I'm honest what irks me more than anything, is that less than a month ago SOE EASED restrictions on F2P (no more gold cap restrictions) and their next move is to penalize the paying customer. Really? Just REALLY? I'm baffled, truly baffled but it is definitely evident that there are fewer and fewer incentives to renewing two annual passes in this household.
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  18. Caela Well-Known Member

    I could tolerate the change if they could have also done something useful, like change the freaking number of clicks it takes to claim your free packs... I think it's 9 clicks per pack just to be able to choose the pack. Then you have to open the packs, but at least that is easy enough and you can do 5 at a time.

    I did notice it said I have to log into Legends of Norrath - that is something I rarely remember to do - but maybe i'll set up a reminder in Google Calendar :)

    I logged into Hubby's account (he doesn't play anymore) last night and had 141 unopened packs, plus 40 that still needed to be claimed. I got the one thing I really wanted - a rent free Qeynos house. I have 30 packs to claim, and wondering what the good loot cards are.
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  19. Iren Active Member

    dont think people will like this but they should understand it from a selling companys pov
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  20. Faliz Member

    I have to voice my concern regarding this change as well. I serve in the military and simply do not have someone who can check my account for me. I lost several years playing this game due to such and when I came home and was able to get back into game there were the LoN packs waiting for me to pick up and keep playing.

    I don't mind that you're only going to give free packs to those with gold membership, completely understandable to me. I just wish you would allow packs to be accumilated as long as we have a Gold subscription. I don't see how this really hurts database sizes, after all it's a simple check you're doing based on when the account versus the last time we logged onto LoN through EQ or EQII right?

    However if you're going to remove the ability for accumilation of packs for Gold subcription members you could at least try to appease us for this sudden change. One suggestion would me to remove the lock from cards received this way, at worse leaving the lock only on loot cards. This will at least encourage more players who play LoN to trade cards and support the game and not simply claiming cards for loot only. It's bad enough I find LoN more convoluted to play than MTG (less so than CFV however).

    Last but not least on a non-related noted I've opened over 450 packs now of Ethernauts and still haven't received a 5 Room Home so those who are getting it, you make me cry! =(
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