Legends of Norrath Membership Pack Changes

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Dexella, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Avianna Well-Known Member

    Yup restricting the current set is a bad idea. Please change it to allow all sets.
  2. Lucus Well-Known Member

    to be clear any choose-a-pack boosters you've acumulated before debt of the ratonga (including december) cannot be redeemed for the latest set. however choose-a-pack boosters you gain after will be able to be redeemed for the latest set.
  3. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Are you certain? the one I claimed today couldn't be redeemed for the newest LoN expac...
  4. Lucus Well-Known Member

    the free boosters you recieve this month and all previous months cant be redeemed for the new set however you can get the new set from free boosters from the new year onward.
  5. Absyntheea Well-Known Member

    And where exactly are you reading this? I don't think I have read anywhere that they will allow us to claim CAP for DOR boosters after this month, nor that they will restrict the saved up packs from previous months from being redeemed for DOR boosters.
  6. Taysa Well-Known Member

    This change just feels so silly, in my opinion. And it makes me think to the service men and women who are stationed in places where they cannot access the game for months at a time, but are still holding subscriptions for when they return. This logging in once a month penalizes those who simply cannot log in, for whatever reason life throws at them, and it's unfair.
  7. Tazany New Member

    Watch it all. I claimed some packs a day before this change went live so I got told I won't be getting any packs this month. This due to the fact I got a set of cards the day before this change so the "1st log in of the month after this change" is being given as reason yet the day after the change would in fact be the 1st day of log in. They don't see it that way they feel anyone who already had packs shouldn't get any until a month has passed.
  8. Lucus Well-Known Member

    dexella said that cards obtained in december can be redeemed for sets 1-14 with the new set excluded notice she (or any other redname for that matter) have not specificly said that packs after december cannot be redeemed for set 15 debt of the ratonga.
  9. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    Bottom line, if you want 'new' stuff cash is the only way you are gonna get it.
  10. Absyntheea Well-Known Member

    They haven't specifically said that you could redeem the CAP for DOR after December either.
  11. Hot_Rod Member

    Yup, once my 1 year prepaid sub is up I'll be going to a monthly one and skipping the months I don't feel like anything new is going on that interests me specifically. Of course SoE still has $200 of mine tied up in SC I intended to use for subscriptions, so they still make out like bandits (literally).
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