Legends of Norrath Membership Pack Changes

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Dexella, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Terein Active Member

    While you're changing things can you please change the interface for the choose-a-pack packs, it's TERRIBLE and takes waaaay too many clicks to do what I want to do.

    There was never a real plat limit, it was just an annoyance that made you put your money in crafting fuel. The change allowed them to buy Kronos, that's about it. Also complaining about SoE making the game more accessible doesn't help anything, beyond giving you an excuse to quit I suppose.
  2. Salavar Active Member

    I have never in all the time they have been giving these things away had more than a painting or a horribly ugly cloak, none of which I have claimed as they are of no use to me, so I personally have no issues with the changes because to me this is like trying to win the Powerball, the odds of me getting a mount or something I might like are slim to none.
  3. Flynnn New Member

    I can totally agree with Faliz here, as well as the others who disagree with this move.
    Like Faliz I sometimes am away from home for months on end, and can not be around every month to claim my packs.
    I was away working for some time and I also came home to numerous packs ready to be claimed.
    As for the ones thinking it's Data space, really? The game has fewer players playing then I have seen since this games launch. I can almost guarantee they have enough space.

    Things SOE should be doing to fix LoN should be:
    Allowing us to claim X-ammount of packs at once. (The 9 clicks per claim is just wrong)
    Fixing the "Crash to desktop" when exiting LoN (Been plauged with that for years now.)
    Ratio of cards - loot (This for one sickens me, Been trying for sun-blazoned pegasus since Preistess of the Anarchs dropped, spent upwards of 400+ packs on it, still no mount, Yet I have doubles and triples of everything else loot related in that pack. And I know players who very first pack of PoA, boom, mount.)

    From a player who has spent more money then he's willing to admit on this game, bad move SoE Bad move...
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  4. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    I used to play some, but now I've only been going after the houses. I remember when they started this, the packs and all their contents were unlocked. What seemed like a good gesture and method of promoting the game ended up costing them sales, so they started locking the packs and their contents. I think they want to go back to having people actually pay into the game again for items like house deeds.
  5. Salavar Active Member

    You could very well be correct.
  6. Faliz Member

    Something I'd like to add to this about LoN packs and loot. While not directly related I do wish you would give us some type of "desire" to buy the Booster Boxes. At $100 in real currency for a virtual trading card game, that to my knownledge has never printed 1 single card, you could at least give us a "Choose a Loot" card like you did with the release of Legacies. Knowing I could specifically get a particular loot card when dropping $100 on 36 packs of cards would be awesome. I should take this to the LoN forums probably but they're so slow lately I'd rather have dental surgery.
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  7. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    That sounds fair if you actually purchase with a card directly. As they're available on the marketplace for SC, you could have considerable savings. After a triple cash purchase and the recent rebate sale, they only cost a person about 16$
  8. Terein Active Member

    Wow really? I've gotten 3 mounts and a house. I also got a really cool glowing blue eye thing once, I really wish I could get another now that I changed servers. :(
  9. Ridolain Active Member

    I can fully understand for those who are away a long time and can't log in. It is a stupid move. But I also see it as SoE's possible way to help those who never got their packs at all.

    For me though, I find LoN difficult to play and I spent some time trying to learn it. So I dont' really care about it, just to see if i can get some loot. /shrugs
  10. Faliz Member

    Yes I'm speaking about about using hard cash, not SC. Then again many people would not see the worth in paying more than $16 in hard cash for a mount any ways. $16 for a locked loot card that cannot be traded isn't unfair, even if you do calculate using SC purchased on a 3x SC day and then use it in the market place when it's 50% off. It's a virtual trading card game thats streamlined. Compare their costs to something like MTG and see who pays more for marketing per player.
  11. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    Cards you purchase aren't locked though. The only ones that are locked are the freebies.

    As far as the cost comparison goes, I can only guess that MTG covers theirs better by not simply giving out 75 cards a month for free. The cost per player of LoN is likely to be higher, since most "players" aren't investing any money at all, but it's not so much a cost as it is lost sales. I doubt that's the case with MTG. As far as I know, every MTG player pays for everything.
  12. Juraviel Active Member

    I could not agree more. Being punished for not logging in, BUT keeping my account actively paid every month seems wrong to me somehow as a Gold Membership Subscriber. My membership may be changing soon though, very soon in fact.
  13. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    To each their own, I guess. I don't see how this would be a deal breaker for an EQ2 subscription. You pay to play that game, not LoN.
  14. Juraviel Active Member

    Yes, to each their own. No guessing about it.
  15. Faliz Member

    Yes I'm aware that only the free packs are those with a lock. I'm stating that if they want to continue doing 2x and 3x SC promotions with discounts/rebates on market place items that "IF" they put a lock on such loot cards they would still get a lot of people paying $16 in real life currency to utilize such a loot card.

    You're right they added LoN packs as a promotional gimmick to existing EQ/EQII account holders to entice us to play more LoN and spend money playing such as well as EQ/EQII. However lets face it they spoiled us because this is something that has been going on since 2009. Quite a free promotional offer and from what I can tell they never listed the 5 packs of LoN in the "Gold" membership description when the game went free to play.

    Even though more than likely we won't hear any more about this directly I'm sure Mark Tuttle and the LoN staff will be watching how these changes effects sales of LoN directly.
  16. Dexella Associate Producer

    Yes, you are correct.

    Let's assume I am a Gold Member that has 0 packs right now (to make the numbers a bit easier...).

    When I log into Legends of Norrath, I get my five free "Choose A Pack" (CAP) loot cards. These CAP loot cards will remain on my account until I redeem them for packs.

    If I redeem them immediately each month, nothing really changes. If I choose not to redeem them, they will accumulate for each month I log in to LoN. For example:

    If I log in in December, in January, and in February, I'll have 15 CAP loot cards (5 per month) to redeem for packs.
    If I log in in December, skip January, and log back in in February, I'll have 10 CAP loot cards (5 for December, 5 for February).
    If I don't log into game until February, I'll only have 5 (the 5 for February) to redeem.

    I hope that clarifies things.

    Also -- since others have mentioned the click-through/claim system, I wanted to point to Mark Tuttle's Producer's Letter from today and note that there have been changes (live today) to the Collection Manager and the Lobby.
  17. Mentin Member

    * The free pack cards becomes less accessible
    * The latest expansion is not incuded

    All points to Sony wanting to make more money off LoN. They have been tightening up their sales efforts on several fronts the last months, the biggest and most notable step was when they discontinued sales of expansions and game time for SC. The hints to spend SC/money are a lot more visible in eq2 now.

    Nothing wrong in attempting to make more money though. Sony is a business after all.
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  18. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    my irritation is I was saving up free packs from this month and last month specifically to use to try for Debt of the Ratonga loot. I can't afford to spend the huge amounts of money it takes to get loot from buying pack. frankly, I have everything I want from any of the other sets. if I can't use the free packs for Ratonga deck...I see no reason for me to bother logging into lon. even the scenarios don't give you anything anymore but a playing card. no loot. like it or not, alot of people that play the scenarios/claim boosters are doing it not to play the game, but for the loot cards.
  19. Deleroux New Member

    This is a totally wasted change that will only have adverse effects. I like being able to check in every so often to have extra loot cards available for EQ2 through LoN. Forcing someone to login to a secondary window just to show (oh, hey I logged in give me some cards). Of course, this is just an extra perk that was free anyway so no big deal. Well, I totally disagree in perks that may or may not be given. They add just that much extra value to a game that other gaming companies do not offer.
    I would be playing any number of other games at this time, but like the offers here and EQ2 as a game.
    As it is now, to me it just seems like a way to force more interest into actually making someone possible play LoN instead of just use for extras.
    I have come and gone from SOE games throughout the years. Currently, I am enjoying the cost of monthly subscriptions especially the All Access. Considering what I was paying before, and at one time two All Access accounts this is a nice deal.
    However, even the small things like this make me wonder about future scenarios any company has in mind.
    Going back to older costs for subscriptions are they actually looking to slightly move back to having less and less for that monthly subscription. Is Free to Play really taking its course?
    Noone will ever know, and all we can do is sit back and watch and take whatever is thrown to the wayside.
  20. Lucus Well-Known Member

    to clarify nowhere has it been stated that latest xpac cannot be redeemed through CAP what was said was:

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