Increasing combat mitigation 24 hours a launch

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by dirgenoobforreal, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    Is horrible, and not even including it in the patch notes is even more sad.

    I hope everyone not level 60 yet enjoys the 3x more effort they have to put into farming instances.
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  2. Fabled New Member

    True, patch notes should have said something. But it was not in the patch either, it got done before the patch after they realized that they had screwed up. When I woke up this morning, EVERYTHING at all levels took x3 longer to kill. I'm currently leveling an alt in CT atm, and it's taking ages to kill stuff. Let alone solo things. I died soloing a lvl 40 named on my 50 Necro....
    If you have f***d up this bad, then do a proper rollback and adjust things, not just nerf it for those that haven't gotten max level yet. This is extremely unfair, towards all players at all levels.
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  3. Dimek Member

    I thought it odd that I was dieing to things I was able to kill the other day with no problem. Seem like KoS all over again.
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  4. Satyr Well-Known Member

    Has combat mitigation been adjusted for epic content too? I agee that it's unfortunate, particularly if there have been adjustments to prior tier content. However I'm currently pulling zones on a zerk that was pl'd to 60 in a week and has no gear or spells. Once people are geared I think the content will be much more balanced, and then in three months AA will compensate for lower level content. If only it could be like KoS, because in that xpac current tier heroic content was perfectly balanced, even though 20-60 content and raid content was broken.
  5. Cheallaigh Well-Known Member

    nope dime you're dying for whole other reasons... the whole "hold my beer" thing I've see you doing.

    that explains some of the stuff I was experiencing earlier on cheal.
  6. odagg New Member

    try solo on a dirge with the increased mob hp this bites why does daybreak have to screw up this game all the time it was fine at dof launch
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  7. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    The typical Daybreak adjustment by sledgehammer. No such thing as minor or incremental tweaks in this company. Been like that since the days of Verant.
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  8. Atan Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if this was adjustment by sledgehammer or just restoring the adjustment they made to mobs when this sever launched. It appears that adjustment wasn't applied to DoF content in error.

    It is extremely unpalatable after leveling one toon to 60 under the prior ruleset and now working on my next one. It's a kick in the nuts for sure.
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  9. Trinity5 New Member

    This is absurd, we are having to exp on raid level trash mobs, the hp is ********, all the gear, levels and spells mean nothing now since the mobs take 3x as long to kill, you seriously are killing my desire to even play the game all because you want to force us to buy more potions, I was buying them now I refuse.
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  10. Fabled New Member

    I implore you to go and try Fyst in Deathfist Citadel now. Good luck to your poor souls.
    DBG, what the actual *****? Please come up with a fix for this madness. If all the raidmobs and everything else in the game is buffed that much, how do you expect to keep your playerbase? It's 12 weeks until the next expansion, making it this hard for something that is this short is just a dumb idea.
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  11. Trinity5 New Member

    It's like they don't realize people like to play alts, they will sell far more potions with people playing alts but with the extreme exp rate and now super inflated hp's it's not worth making or leveling alts.
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  12. Caul Shivers Active Member

    Daybreak please, take this in the nicest way possible, Gninja, Kander, Fyre, whoever...

    THIS is the thing that lost you the most players on Stormhold. First in Kingdom of Sky, then in RoK.

    Don't mess it up again, this server is doing good for now, don't mess it up for your own sake AND for ours.
    You had Deathtoll and Stormhold as TLE test dummies and they died - don't make the same mistakes.

    If you think combat mit etc. needs fixing, do it in smaller percentages or something - this is too much and unfun.

    I still remember the 4-5 min thrash mobs from AoAx4 in KoS on Stormhold.
    Please. No. Never again.

    Nimrael, Europa, Stormhold Fallen Gate
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  13. Satyr Well-Known Member

    I don't think it was, but I still remember with some amusement the 60 necro who claimed he wiped on 2 solo mobs in TT on day 1.
  14. Carynn Well-Known Member

    Duoing a single up, non-heroic, level 49 mob with two level 53/54 raid geared, grandmastered toons in the Peacock Thief in the House of Blades took close to a full minute to kill. You only have four minutes in the zone to succeed. Even with invis totems, which takes time be able to reuse, I failed EIGHT TIMES because of this increase. Content labeled as SOLO should not take a minute per mob, at any level in the game. Whatever was done, undo it. Things were fine on day of launch and this out of the blue, unmentioned increase is resulting in decisions NOT to buy xp pots, instead of whatever stealth cash jollies that DBG may have hoped it would create.

    The guild Nostaligia has close to 900 accounts. A suggestion will be made for us to not use xp pots of any value. Even at the lowest 89c per pot, that's quite a bit a money to lose.
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  15. Cheallaigh Well-Known Member

    wed I was killing stuff... thurs, things I was killing on wed are killing me instead, I'm getting frustrated as all hell.
  16. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Whatever the buff was, it was not applied to DoF mobs.
  17. FrozzenFire New Member

    I completely agree on this statement. Today I log'd in and I couldn't kill the same monsters I used to kill just 2 days ago. "What the hell appened all of a sudden?", I asked myself. Then someone, in the general chat, mentioned an "increased mitigation". But this is not a fix, this is pure madness!

    It's 11 years since I first played EQ2 and I swear I NEVER complained over the game on the forums.
    But this is too much. I just hope this is just a mistake.

    Doing such a great change to the game mechanics without even notifying it, is something you really should be ashamed of.
    There's no way I'm going to bore myself to death while "playing" this game like this. When I realized about the huge nerf, we ran RE once (and it took F-O-R-E-V-E-R on such an EASY instance) and I got immediately bored by it. This is not even a game experience, I'm just looking at the screen, hitting some buttons (and struggling) without seeing anything happen, even if I have got master spells only, top-grade gear and so on. This is incredible (in a negative way).

    Furthermore, to be honest, in my opinion, live servers are not enjoyable because of the ascension stuff.

    And because of these two reasons, I think this is a good time to take a break and say goodbye to EQ2 until next time.
    Not that you care of course.

    Until you realize that I can't be the only one thinking about this.
    Who knows, maybe when the new expansion goes live, you'll fix the gameplay.

    See yas
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  18. Mizgamer62 Well-Known Member

    Maybe it will finally sink in that every time they launch a new TLE it will be the same set of disappointments each time. This is just like SH all over again. This is the best that they can do with TLE and it is all it will ever be no matter how many times the content is reincarnated. SMH. :(
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  19. Justmeagain Member

    Great I just started a few days ago and have a berserker at lvl 21. This is just what we need. Bad enough how hard it is to find anyone to group with at this lvl might as well just kill trying to solo anything as well. I will not be buying pots, heck I might not even be playing much longer.
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  20. NYC2200 New Member

    This stealth nerf is a royal kick in the sack. Takes forever to kill anything in DoF heroic content now compared to what it was before. Grats DBG on taking more fun out of the game, well done.

    Another money grab, no thank you i'm not giving you guys any more money via potions.
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