Increasing combat mitigation 24 hours a launch

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by dirgenoobforreal, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    I started this thread and today they lowered combat mit again without saying a word.

    So to show how much I appreciate that, THANK YOU!
  2. Caul Shivers Active Member

    They did? Need to check, but if they did, well... Hoorah then.

    From what little I played today, mobs still seemed to have a ridiculous amount of HP. And I play an assassin. :p
  3. Highland Lass New Member

    This doesn't seem fixed to me, guildies are struggling to solo or do questlines. It's not really much fun .. again just like what happened on Stormhold.

    Not sure why we are bothering, again.. another TLE exactly same issues that we spent months fixing / petitioning on Stormhold. Making this tweek to hitpoints, just makes it less fun & time consuming, not everyone can get in groups or find a tank, especially healers solo'ing.
  4. Vipersx Member

    I have not problem with mobs taking longer to kill as long as the exp gained reflects that. Although since the update there is something wrong with experience gained. Prior to the update it was taking about 1 and half to 2 hours to lvl in the mid 30s. Since the update, it is taking about 8 to 10 hours per lvl. I used to buy exp potions and use them, but after the first night i realized that exp was barely moving and it didn't not seem worth the price at that point. With an exp potion it should not take almost an hour to get one yellow bar (10%) of a level. I feel like many people were able to beat the bullet and get to max or near max level before the change. Now many people who where behind will struggle to catch up. Some may choose that it is not worth it any more.

    I think that the server currently has a good population, and i would hate to see it drop off because of something like this. I had quit EQ2 for almost 2 years. I recently came back because i was never able to find a replacement for my everquest fix. I had been very excited about playing again and it has been a blast, up until this last change.
  5. FrozzenFire New Member

    The only way to make this thread "heareable" is this: cancel your All Access Membership. Don't buy Kronos. Or at least don't buy potions.

    Or at least that's what I'll do: I don't want to pay something that I can't enjoy (even if I would like to enjoy it!)

    The same goes for me: I really enjoyed TLE server until this week. I came back yesterday to see if there were any fixes, but no: it was even worse. What's the point in maxing our gears (grandmasters included) if mobs are more hard than ever even if green encounters?
  6. Caul Shivers Active Member

    DB, please look at this before it gets too late (again). This is EXACTLY the issue that led to the exodus in KoS on Stormhold/Deathtoll.

    XP gain was good and fun, and meant probably for humans, for a grand total of 2 days. Vitality lasted for about 30-40% of a level, but the xp gain was decent.

    But the xp gain being nerfed (for no reason I can think of other than "sell more potions"), AND the mitigation/HP change, the game is getting to the point where half the classes are no longer logging in unless they get instant groups.
    Healers and tanks can't solo, it takes ages, and even for the other classes it's a slog.

    Please. Again, for your sake and ours, take a look at this before its too late.

    (tbh, I think its time we bug you about this on Discord... :D )
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  7. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I grinded for an hour today with two group pots and a 100% experience self one and vitality and got maybe 60% at level 57... on launch day people got 5-6 levels in that amount of time!

    My assassin at least, was doing more damage when mobs were red than now when their orange a few days later. This is kinda ridiculous to me. Assassins are also just... bad so who knows.

    The fact the server is even balanced with combat mitigation is just a horrible idea in so many ways, regular mitigation works solely because every class has SOME form of debuff that allows a group to work regardless of setup, however with combat mitigation it basically requires my group/raid force to run specific classes which, if you read feedback, people hate (max hp debuffs!)
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  8. Satyr Well-Known Member

    You aren't leveling very efficiently then, I was dragging people through monks and getting a level every 40 minutes with 2 pots and a 100% up.
  9. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I wish I was good at this game~
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  10. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    So does your guild.
  11. BulletCatcher66 Active Member

    XP gains seem fine by me. Thanks for making the game slightly more challeneing. Being able to have the content handded to me so easily was discouraging. It affected the specific experience I was looking for. Going to fast, to easy of XP isn't right. Lets keep the content around. So it takes you a little more to clear the contnetn. Its ok everyone. you all wanted to experience this content, so here it is.

    Can't solo all the content? Thats ok. I thought some of it was intended for groups. that whole teamwork thing. You know, one of the major reasons EQ2 TLE exists.

    P.S. you folks will never be happy. "XP is to slow..." "XP is to fast..."
    The insatiable crowd.
    (I love reading all your "my idea is the best" suggestions... everything would be grand if DBG just did what all you suggest)
  12. BulletCatcher66 Active Member

    Exactly "for no reason I can think of..." Your arrogance and ignorance prevent you from seeing anything other than your narrow point of view would allow. Changes were made for other reasons than your cynical one.

    No, its not getting to the point that people arent logging in. You're wrong. There are Sinking Sands 3 & 4 constantly. multiple versions of Living tombs. You're wrong friend. I encourage you to get out there and LFG outside your guild.

    Healer's and tanks can't solo? Or it takes ages? Should warriors, priests, scouts, and mages all be able to solo all the content? Certain content requires multiple PCs. There is solo content, but it prob doesn't offer the reward you feel entitled to huh?
  13. Caul Shivers Active Member


    A. My guild was the last guild to function on Stormhold. We watched guild after guild fold and die, mostly due to exactly the points I made above.
    What guild were you in on SH? Were you there for the KoS exodus? Or the RoK mob HP/mit changes and guilds quitting?
    If you were, how do you not understand what I'm talking about...? If you weren't... Well, maybe listen to people who were there to tell you what killed the server.

    B. What on Earth are you talking about? Of course there should be soloable content, or are you relying to find a group at any given point of the day? I'm not saying "healers can't solo heroic stuff", I'm saying it's taking ages for them to kill solo mobs after a needless HP / mit buff.

    I'm not even going into the thing where you seem to think that nerfing the XP gain somehow makes the game "more challenging".
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  14. Jandraligeli Member

    I'm also very curious what your character was on Stormhold. Not that I think it'll give you anymore credence, your opinions are garbage and you do nothing but derail valuable threads such as this with your own vitriol. Issues much?
  15. Cheallaigh Well-Known Member

    considering the thread isn't about slow/low xp... bullet clearly assumed instead of reading what the issue was.
  16. Ruallin Ebonhammer Active Member

    In all fairness if mobs take longer to kill - the effective experience rate is lower. Having said that, I think DB went a bit too far in adjusting the hp/mitigation of the mobs. I did manage to get a few levels before the change which was nice though.
  17. jessejames Active Member

    I don't understand what people are complaining about. I kill things faster than on the release day. Soloing will never be balanced. Heroics aren't "meant" to be solo'd. Some classes can due to solo imbalance but if you try to fix that you mess up group/raid balance (which is already screwed). If soloing is important to you and you spend your majority time doing it why play a class that takes forever to kill
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  18. BulletCatcher66 Active Member

    I am nobody. Of course my opinions are garbage... they go against the echo chamber of elitest guildies here. They cant get content cleared in less than one week so they tell everyone the sky is falling. Im not derailing, im offering a differing opinion. Get over it. your ideas and thoughts are not the only one, nor are they 100% accurate of current conditions. You and others have good input and do a great job of testing the stuff, but when it isn't working as you expect (and there is a difference between players expectations and developer intentions) people start preaching fire and brimstone, the end of days for TLE EQ2 server, yadda yadda yadda. its the same apocalyptic derangement syndrome from Stormhold.

    Fine, a thing or two are broken for the top tier raid guilds, a very small sliver of the FG population. What about all that is working right? What about all the good things working. So much complaining, its cancerous to the population.
  19. Xeryn Member

    I feel sorry for the lower level players mainly, was just in Enchanted Lands there, a few people trying to do the solo quests, dying to the entry mobs as they are just TOO hard.. Please look at this daybreak. Just a little tweek would help.

    We have people joined us late for the server, it is dire for them to catch up.

    Where is the fun, if you can't just go run some quests by yourself, not everyone wants to group, all the time.
    These are solo mobs... not dungeons or named.
  20. Cheallaigh Well-Known Member

    I wasn't referring to soloing, when a group of 45-54's are wiping in a group taking down fyst in the cit, there is an issue. guildmates had grouped and taken him down before the changes on thurs, this is just one example.

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