Increasing combat mitigation 24 hours a launch

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by dirgenoobforreal, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Ratface Member

    Honestly don't think this effects the Elitest guilds, more the average player. An I don't know what the 1-50 game is like now, but I expect its pretty grim trying to level up with limited groups and buffedmobs.
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  2. jessejames Active Member

    what is an elitest guild? I'm curious
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  3. Dilf Member

    I'm not having any issues on any of my chars killing mobs efficiently with the recent stealth change, but I'm still heavily penalized by not spending tons of cash and using up all of my DBC to buy group/individual exp pots. This is what I really hate about FG and Phinigel.
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  4. jessejames Active Member

    How are you penalized?
  5. Zenji Well-Known Member

    well you know it's just like shopping online.

    Say you and I both order something online, you pay for 2 day shipping and I don't. I then get to be bitter that you get your item before I did. :p /s off
  6. Xeryn Member

    In general chat today, lots were complaining how long it is taking to kill anything, especially lower levels.

    These expansions only last 3 months this time on TLE, if you started at server launch or not long after you move with the server.

    With this change to HP/Mob Mitigation, is incredibly difficult for people to catch up. We have old guildies showing up wanting to join but it is super tedious now. Even revert it back to how we all levelled on Fallen Gate. No-one is asking for easy but you are making it super-difficult for people to just quest and enjoy the game without being left behind.

    If this was a regular server, fine.. But we only have 12 weeks, to level main, do peacock, do raids, enjoy alts, nevermind help other guildies to level who are behind.

    To be honest, I'm 60, doesn't affect me so much, but it is madness to cripple the lower level players trying to catch up or be motivated to continue.. Please do the adjustment tweek you said was easy to do. Just a little... tone it down a bit.
  7. Zule Member

    tone it down a bit???? it should be removed completely.

    please use your brain and tell me one, just one meaningful reason for making it even harder to catch up for players who are already behind.

    WTF is going on with this game? since KA the amount of grind required just increases continuously. trying to turn us into grind zombies? Thanks, I'll take a break.
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  8. Jandraligeli Member

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  9. Lorilie Member

    I personally like it, it makes it seem more nostalgic to not kill heroic names in 10 seconds or less. You actually care more about maxing out gear because you can see a difference in the fights.
  10. Zenji Well-Known Member

  11. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Devs, please remove combat mit and just increase regular mitigation. This mechanic is horrible unless you add it to every classes regular debuffs not just a few select classes.
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  12. Justmeagain Member

    I really want to enjoy this server but at this point I can't. I am to the point of giving up. At 23 you rarely ever see a group and trying to solo now is just silly. I don't understand the logic behind this at all. If anything as new xpac unlock it should be made easier for low lvls to catch up not harder. I guess they don't want new players on this server. NP my all access time runs out soon enough. IF this doesn't change I will have to look elsewhere.
  13. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    This server has a healthy playerbase across all levels! And yet, it takes me 30+ minutes to find a RoV group, while on live it takes me 2 minutes to find an expert group... but yeah, live is definitely the unhealthy server type...
  14. Zenji Well-Known Member

    how long does it take you to find a group for content 30 levels below cap on live? because that it what you should compare it too.

    Or you know play at current content on FG and it takes 2 minutes to find a group..
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  15. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    Isn't your main complaint that you can't find groups without being endgame in live? You can't really find groups without being endgame on FG either, at this point.
  16. Zenji Well-Known Member

    This thread has nothing to do with live, and no one here is complaining about live. Take your Live vs. FG crap elsewhere.

    If you struggle finding groups at any level on Fallen Gate, either you are playing at odd hours or don't know how to read the LFG channel.

    Do you find them faster doing current content? Of course, because that is where most of the server is. The same is true for Live, nothing will ever change that. Not sure where the argument came from.
  17. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    I was responding to the other guy that said something about it first. I generally try to avoid responding to these forums due to elitism.
  18. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    What do you expect? MOST people leveled the classes they want to play on Fallen Gate during Shattered Lands, it was literally all there was to do for a lot of people in raiding guild for 4-6 weeks.

    Do you want DBG to add bots so you can level in a group? There's only so many people playing Everquest 2 and the game has A L W A Y S been top heavy, so is Fallen Gate. Takes 5-10 for any class to find a group to do DoF because, guess what, that is the expansion we are currently on.
  19. Satyr Well-Known Member

    2 weeks prior to DoF launch there were people in LFG complaining about not being able to find a group. They were also LFG spamming: a late 30's troub, warlock and shadowknight and a 40ish fury. I invited them all to group, and dropped, figuring they would sort their lives out. Apparently when I left they all dropped because there was noone to tell them where to go, most went back to spamming LFG and 2 sent me abusive tells for wasting their time.

    People in my guild do it to unless I direct them to group with the other LFG people in guild. People are weird.
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  20. Trinity5 New Member

    Well, i'm glad they finally admitted it, I won't be continuing to play like this. Should have left it as it was or adjusted what was needed. Sad they made this choice as I really enjoyed the server until that patch. Glad there are some that enjoy it now, hopefully enough to keep the server going.

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