How to level transmuting and adorning

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  1. ARCHIVED-Dalannae Guest

    CelandineStar wrote:
    master crafted spells are experts and yes they can be transmuted so go ahead and make them ofr lower levels.

    if it is any consolation i can remember it took me AGES to get to level 400 and a ridiculous amount of platinum as there was no way i could get enough treasured items myself without becoming so bored i would no longer want to play at all! now i just transmute the vendor trash stuff i dont want that i find as i'm going along, and make adornments when i happen to have enough powders and underfoot fragments, and i am now 415 already. the profit margin if you buy the fragments and powders from the broker is minimal and some days would be at a loss. i am in a tiny guild but if you are in a big one maybe some guild members will send vendor trash treasured items your way to help you?
  3. ARCHIVED-hortefoutre Guest

    It eems that many people do the same error, leveling on t1. I m now at 160 transmuting (more with the cloak), it took me minimal time : one run in fallen gate, one in the caverns (the ones in anto) each time in yellow/oragne. An then crushbone.
    At 160 i still get almost always a skill up tranmuting level 30-40 items.
  4. ARCHIVED-Kenban Guest

    landineStar wrote:
    Your math is off. 6 * 1.5g * 50 is 450g or 4.5 plat not 45.
    Its unresonable to be able to expect that you can buy enough raws all at once. I did it over a few weeks (plus I did have some in the bank already before I started). Several times people dumped huge amounts of raws at cheap prices on the broker (100+ sometimes). Just keep watching and you will get lucky every once in a while.
    Worst case skill up chance is 25% (according to the devs mine never dropped that low but might as well use it). You only need to get your skill to 400 since thats when you can scribe every recipe. At a 25% chance thats at maximum 1600 combines. Your wrong about the 6 items for a combine since you get some of the fragments back on a successful combine. But shoot lets use 6 anyways. Thats 9600 items. Assuming 2 gold each thats 19,200 gold. Which is 192 platinum. Thats not cheap but its also worst case in many ways. Really you should be able to do it much cheaper.
    I really think its very doable for under 100p. I had tons of adorning raws left over when I finished (still have a lot) and made money overall since I spent so little on the original raws.
    Having said all of that Domino posted a little while ago about making a helper quest you could complete once a day which gave you the raws to perform I think it is 10 adorning combines a day free of charge. Doing only those combines would take some time but would be cheap. As it stands right now it is too hard and requires too many resources to level but with something like the daily adornment helper quest I think it would be resonable.
  5. ARCHIVED-Sylvrin Guest

    Daily adornment helper quest?
    Oh this I have got to hear about!
    My main artisan profession is jeweler and I am level 82 now. Adorning just seemed like something a jeweler should do as a secondary skill. I just never dreamed it would be this difficult!
    I did this "find a chronomage, kill everything in tier 1, do all the quests in tier1, transmute everything you can, then make a few adornments and hope to all the gods of Norrath you get some skill ups" insanity for about a week and got so discouraged I haven't gone back to trying anymore. I found in doing this that transmuting went along just fine and has leveled nicley but adorning lagged far behind. If, however, I can do a daily quest and get some low level raws to adorn with, that would be great and I would consider trying it again!
  6. ARCHIVED-Shade Slayer Guest

    Just chrono and farm nameds. It's more fun also.
  7. ARCHIVED-erin Guest

    Odys@Storms wrote:
    How is this an "error"? I've leveled multiple transmuters, adorners and tinks, on T1 stuff. Works fine for me.
  8. ARCHIVED-wullailduo Guest

    erin wrote:
    Horses for courses , I also have leveled multiple transmuters and 1 adorner using T1 and it's worked fine for me also , time spend leveling vs time spent farming items points to lower tiers being more 'bang for my buck'.
  9. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    erin wrote:
    For those who want to do it the absolute fastest, it's an "error". For others it's the best way to do it. It's not an error, it's a choice.

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