How to level transmuting and adorning

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    what would be a good strat to level transmuting ? The cheapest transmutable item on my servers broker lvl 1-10 is like 12 gold but usually more like 25 gold. Tier two items would be double the price.
    Do i have to kill Orcs in Greater Faydark until my finger bleed and then move on and kill zillions of mobs ? Any suggestions how to make this a bit more sane ?

    Are the raws from leveling transmuting enough to level adorning or do i have to kill a few zillion more mobs ?

    I am using a bit sarcasm, because money never had a high priority for me. Playing for 5 years and maybe have 300pp on all of my alts together. So, i dont want to become a adorner to make money. I just play my main and one alt and have sometimes nothing to do.
    How do you level it ?
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    The way I have been working on it is to either mentor down via the chronomage and just slaughter everything in places like wailing caves or fallen gate for low levels. Another option is to have a low level toon and do the same thing and just move things via shared bank.
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    i level my transumting from 1-450 in a day. Only cost about 50plat buying items off the broker. Working on lvling adoring now, but lvling the transumtting left me well short of items needed to lvl adoring.
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    Dunce123 wrote:
    you did that just after the new transmuting skill was inarugrated then because I can assure you that it costs more now.
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    I spent 120p leveling my transmuting skill from 0 to 375, I then transmuted drops from SF/SH to increase it to 450.

    The price of doing this really does depend on the server. But if you are doing this then transmute the maximum level items you can, I found a much higher level chance doing that than muting lower level stuff.

    As for adorning, it has allways been a pain to level that and I hope it stays that way.
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    Make a level 4 warlock , level lock him at level 4 , give large bags and go and AE areas with low level mobs grouped close together , fill his bags , transmute those when the bags are full , rinse cost apart from time.

    Take those muted T1 raws , make T1 adorns , the ones that only use 3 raws to make, don't be tempted to make a variety of items that take 5+ raws, skillup is slightly slower but you can do it , zero cost apart from time and fuels.

    It took someone in my guild following this advice a week to go from 0-450 on both skills , other route is to spend 50-150 plat on the broker(depending on your broker prices) for items to break down and then combine into adorns.
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    slothmister wrote:
    I'm leveling Pheep's transmuting and I also find I get a 98-99% chance at a skill up when I transmute the higher end items.
    I use the Cloak of the Harvester which gives a +25 to Transmuting. With that on I have a nice 10 level spread for items.
    I've really been putting to use chronomagery...I think the mobs in Temple of Sol Ro are glad I'm not harassing them anymore, LoL. Now it's the Clefts of Rujark. :D
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    Anyone else notice that when you read adornment book 9 and then go into your recipie book, they all say they require 425 adorning skill...... but you can still make them at 400? So what's the need to level up adorning after 400?
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    Wullail@Splitpaw wrote:
    Are you saying you got to 450 adorning using only T1 raws? I thought about doing this, but wasn't sure if it the skillup chance on T1 was decent enough to go all the way with it.
  12. ARCHIVED-slothmister Guest

    Sharakari@Unrest wrote:
    I can not say I have noticed this, but I did pre-SF.
    The point is that you can craft the adorns at 400 but as they require skill 425 you will have alot of stuff to counter and it will take a while to craft them.
    Is there a point to level adorning over 400? Not really. My adorner was 400 pre-SF and is now sitting at 415. I have simply been crafting adorns as and when the need arose and have been leveling that way. I will hit 450 eventually but am not in a rush to do so (this is my first alt).
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    Sharakari@Unrest wrote:
    I did notice this. The level at which you can scribe a recipe is not always the same as the level of the recipe itself.. and once it's in your book, you can go for it. No real need to rush through Adorning, but I decided to work on it as I want to be ready for any new recipes with higher requirement.
    Narsikus@Kithicor wrote:
    This is a very interesting topic. Pre-SF, I went from 100 to 400 on three alts entirely on T1 materials. The chance at a skillup had a floor at 25%, regardless of how grey the recipe is.
    Now that I am moving them from 400 to 450 using Adorning, I am seeing some very strange results. This may be entirely RNG related, as most such reports are, but I want to mention my experience in case it is reproduceable.
    Using entirely T1 materials, I am seeing skillup rates around 66% if I stop the recipe after 1 bar. If I make 4 bars in an attempt to recover some fragments, I am seeing the usual 25% rate. It is exceedingly strange, but I wouldn't expect such a high rate to continue to be evident after more than 100 skillups if it were solely RNG..
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    Alenna@Guk wrote:
    I did this on Sunday March 21, 2010
    You can level up your skill transumting any lvl items. so i just bough everything that i could transumting starting with lowest cost lvl of item didnt matter.
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    slothmister wrote:
    I agree. It seems odd to even level adorning to 450. I truly only did it because my guild had plat awards for the first players to max in several areas, one of which was adorning.
    Does seem like there should be some advantage to being 450... maybe an adorning/tinkering Signature/Heritage line like the Solstice and Betrayed quests!
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    I'm using a number of the methods mentioned above. Mostly I chronomaged and decimated Oakmyst, over and over. I spent about 10 plat when I ran out of patience, buying only breakable items at 9g or below. That went faster since I could buy 5 or 6 items at the current xmute tier level, get the skill up point, and then go on to the next level, rinse and repeat. Then I was high enough to start breaking all the junk I had in my bank. Then my sage and crafters made a few items for me to break while they were skilling up. Then back to Oakmyst. Now I'm at 395/409 and can break stuff I'm getting in the normal course of adventuring.
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    So before SF, all you had to do is level transmuting, now you have to level transmuting and adorning? Isn't that harder and more time consuming now? Am I missing something... Wasn't it hard enough and expensive enough as it was? I they mentioned they were gonna make it better. I leveled my transmuting skill from 1 to 30 and it's cost me at least a dozen(s) of plat I think, cheapest item is like 30gold. So I went to The Ruins & Sunken City for an hour mentored to lvl 10, and killed everything. Although I filled my bags half full, got 100s of items, only ended up with a few transmutable items.. Almost all attunable gear I got was not labeled as "Treasured", just worthless vendor fodder.
    Sorry if I'm totally wrong, I'm working on my first tradeskiller now :-(
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    Jonaroth wrote:
    At some point, the discussion about how it was done pre-SF will have the same relevance as quills, parchment, and metallic ink for sage recipes. But for the record, prior to the last expansion, there was only one skill (transmuting). It could be leveled from 1 to 100 by transmuting items, but from 101 to 400 had to be leveled solely by creating adornments.
    My personal guess is that any transmuter is going to get the required transmuting skillups in the course of preparing the materials they need for the adornment levelling. The biggest reason I feel for new transmuters is that they are competing against a larger population of people who chose tinkering, but can now level transmuting also.
    5 Ways To Level A Transmuter:
    #1: Select transmuting while still a low-level character, and transmute the items you find in the normal course of adventuring.
    • Cost factor = Minimal (the mobs give you materials, you use them.)
    • Opportunity Cost factor = Low (no additional time spent working on the skill, some loss in coin you could have gained by selling the items to other transmuters)
    • Time factor = Very High (this will be a very long process as your skill will be maxed by the higher of your adventure/tradeskill level, and you will not be accumulating large quantities of material with any speed)
    #2: Farm low-level areas for items and rares to use as transmutables.
    • Cost factor = Minimal (the mobs weren't using those items anyway, and the nodes are just sitting there.)
    • Opportunity Cost factor = Substantial (rares require additional combines, time will be spent in newbie areas instead of interesting instances and at-level questing)
    • Time factor = High (not many people have the patience to work these zones without taking major breaks to get away, drops can seem capricious.)
    #3: Purchase transmutables from the broker.
    • Cost factor = Very High (you'll be searching for Adept spells and transmutable Items in massive quantities, and just about everyone selling knows that you're not planning on actually using the items to kill orcs in CL)
    • Opportunity Cost factor = Low (Earning a single plat in a high-level instance can turn into 20 or more T1 transmutables, depending on your market situation)
    • Time factor = High (you will usually buy out the market at your desired price range, and would be wise to wait for the market to refresh rather than upping your offer in order to get done more quickly)
    #4: Purchase transmuted raws from the broker.
    • Cost factor = Astronomical (you're buying from a transmuter. you're paying the cost for all his materials and time, with a healthy profit)
    • Opportunity Cost factor = Medium (Earning high-level plat and handing it to transmuters.. hey someone's got to make the economy go 'round)
    • Time factor = High (the supply of powders and fragments is much more limited than that of transmutables, and have fewer sellers to fill it back in after you buy)
    #5: All (or some) of the above.
  19. ARCHIVED-Jonaroth Guest

    thanks for the write-up, Grayven. I understand it better now.
    Just got my transmuting up from 1-450 in about a day, cost me couple hundread plat though :-( ... Now I have to start the adorning part, which I know I dont have even near 1/4th the fragments and powders required to do so. So I guess I'm gonna have to transmute more stuff to get them as the price of powders and fragments is redicilous. Because my skill is maxed out I might as well make an alt transmute the lower level stuff so atleast I can get more skill ups out of that... So now having to make more transmuters... wow.
    Man, I really wish they would change how many powders and fragments are produced by transmuting, like if they put in a chance to produce 2 or 3 fragments or 1 or 2 powders every time you transmute, would make this whole process a lot easier for people. It's redicously expensive right now. It amazes me how people go through this process. :-(
  20. ARCHIVED-SirDinadan Guest

    Jonaroth wrote:
    Well, every alt should always be a transmuter, unless you are some sort of completionist who would then obsess about having a low adorning skill. It doesn't restrict you from being a tinkerer, anymore.. and having every alt able to break down no-trade items they happen to get is extremely helpful.
    I would say every transmute should either be a fragment, or a powder and a fragment. Unless I missed something, even the T1 recipes now require 6 fragments, and only return 3 if you make four bars. (So much for my pre-SF inclination to kill the adorn combines after one bar.. even though the chance at a skillup is the same per recipe as long as you make at least one bar, it burns way too many fragments to do that now.)
    Going from 1 to 400 in adorning post-SF is a major accomplishment. Forgive me, though.. I'm going to stick with the two I have from pre-SF and not start any others, as I value my sanity.

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