How to level transmuting and adorning

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Eugam, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-hortefoutre Guest

    I just did some testing, i had 6 t1 pelts and 13 t1 roots, with a 20-30 skill i got like one skill up for each 4 transmute. So i chrono to 20 (15 would have been better) and i went to fallen gate and got almost 1 skill up for each transmute (item, adept, masters).
    My sample size is not large but it seems that skilling up is much faster when the items are from the proper tier (fallen gate one were t2 my mc t1) or when they are treasured and not MC.

    I will keep in mind the idea to use MC items, but i will probably favor chronoing in the right zone.
  2. ARCHIVED-Thunderthyze Guest

    Jonaroth wrote:
    Yes, because the game isn't already ridiculously easy enough as it stands. Seriously, no-one is making you become an adorner if you can't be bothered to put in the effort.
  3. ARCHIVED-SirDinadan Guest

    Holymoly@Runnyeye wrote:
    If you have issues with other parts of the game being 'ridiculously easy', there are forums to register that complaint. Adorning is most definitely not one of those areas, and it got harder with the recent expansion.
  4. ARCHIVED-Nooblet Guest

    Grayven@The Bazaar wrote:
    And the NPC tells you that upfront when you take up the skill.
    Now you know why the stuff is expensive to buy eh?
  5. ARCHIVED-SirDinadan Guest

    Nooblet wrote:
    It's only expensive to buy if you buy them. There are many ways to level adorning; in fact, a helpful soul just recently attempted to help list them.. where was that..
    But even if they don't want to pay for materials or transmutables, new adorners are still impacted by the new "balanced" fragment requirement. An adjustment to increase the supply of fragments wouldn't make adorning easier than it was pre-SF; it would still be somewhat harder than pre-SF, but easier than it is now.
  6. ARCHIVED-Volmir2 Guest

    Tbh I'm glad there is 1 tradeskill that is quite hard to skill up, limiting the competition and actually letting those who do go thru it to make some profit.
    I've been preparing for the SF launch for months (my main was a tinkerer) and while leveling 2 alts (mostly soloing, including a lot of named heroics and some dungeons, so a lot of treasured drops), I have been saving all the transmutable items. Additionally I was buying T1-T3 rare loams,gems and soft metals in order to make expert spells to transmute (I expected low tier powders to be the expensive part, the way it was pre SF, but isn't really the case anymore). I ended up having banks of all my 7 toons on account to be mostly full (all 36 slot boxes) with items and spells. I also bought a few hundreds of T1-T3 fragments at 1-2g apiece. All that was enough to skill up 3 transmuters (main 1-400 and 2 alts 100-400), however was also barely enough to get my main's adorning to 400, I was mostly using the correct tier recipes rather than greying it out, with the exception of T7 and T8 where I ended up not having enough materials and had to finish with some grey combines.
    So yeah, I'd say adorning has become way harder than it used to be, however with transmuting split from it and being relatively easy, I don't see a problem with it.
  7. ARCHIVED-hortefoutre Guest

    Can someone comment on grey skills up ?

    My experience, on a limited but reasonnable sample, is that you skill up much faster from green or blue (i m speaking about transmuting not adorning).
  8. ARCHIVED-wullailduo Guest

    Narsikus@Kithicor wrote:
    Yes , I did 0-450 just using T1 , took about 10-20% longer than someone using items from the tier they were currently at , but I figure , if you're going to have to farm those tiers for drops , it'll take you a lot longer to farm them than it took me to craft those extra items.
  9. ARCHIVED-ashen1973 Guest

    I've maxed 4 muters now, using mainly low level items and can honestly say i have seen no difference in skill-up occurances. if you want to get lots of items to mute, very, very cheap and very quickly, grab the bristlebane recipe book and go harvest the Jesters bushes while you can. Any of the equipable items you can craft can be muted and you get 2 items for each craft.
  10. ARCHIVED-Jonaroth Guest

    Wullail@Splitpaw wrote:
    Are there any adorns you can make with just 3 raws? I'm leveling my adorning skill now, just at 175/450 right now, and I havn't seen anything that takes less than 7 raws.

    So what can be made with only using 3 raws? I'd love to be doing that...
  11. ARCHIVED-Jonaroth Guest

    Oh... right.. I just remembered when you make the lesser ones you get 3 raws back, so technically it takes only 4 raws if you bring it to the 4th quality.
  12. ARCHIVED-Jonaroth Guest

    double post, sorry
  13. ARCHIVED-CelandineStar Guest

    Ok, I have been trying to get my adorning/transmuting up for about a week and a half now and I have to say, this is AWFUL. Everyone who is saying "quit whining" obviously started with the new system at 400 because this is excruciating to the point of being unplayable. Those who were transmuters before the expansion have an insanely better advantage than those of us who just picked it up.
    My experience so far:
    Every hour farming T1 zones for adepts, mentored via the Chronomage = approx 12 transmutable items. ASSUMING all of them give you shards (they won't) that is three combines so three skillups... wait, that's assuming you get a skillup off each combine, too. Let's just estimate two skillups per hour of farming. So in order to get to level 50 transmuter I have to spend AT LEAST 25 hours doing nothing but farming level 5 mobs. 25 HOURS. PER TIER. Just for the shards!!! Plus the time it takes to get actually CRAFT the items. And that's all assuming the rng doesn't hate you. Or you could drop hundreds (if not thousands) of plat on those same items if they're available on the broker.
    This is not difficult or challenging. It's BORING. It is tedious and decidedly un-fun. I am currently at 4/450 adorning and 41/450 transmuting, so for the first two tiers, those who were transmuters pre-expansion leveled, what, TEN TIMES as fast as it is possible to do now? Transmuting was always awful, I know. But it has just been made worse and telling people they are asking for ezmode when they bring it up is just dumb. Shards should be fixed across all tiers to be less rare OR handcrafted items should drop shards. If someone wants to sit and craft 300 items to break down, I say let em. 200 handcrafted for the shards, 75 mastercrafted for the powders, plus at least 400 adornment creations... 700 or so combines per tier? That seems reasonable to me.
    Please, please look at this! I was so looking forward to being a transmuter... and I'm about to give up on it completely. :(
  14. ARCHIVED-Kenban Guest

    CelandineStar wrote:
    During RoK I had a 400 in transmuting. Then at some point I decided that it was at best a way to make money and realized that I needed to go with tinkering because its actually useful. At the time I noticed just how easy it is to level tinkering compared to transmuting having done both at that point. Since SF was released I have leveled transmuting from 1 to 450 and adorning to 400.
    I really don't think transmuting is that bad because you really don't have to start with T1 ever if you go after some items which provide +skill points. For example if you have the crafter faction you can get the unicorn which is +47.5 points (thought it was 50 but looking at it right now). Cloak of the harvester is 25 points and easy to get. There are others as well and all of these items stack. Assuming you don't have these items its going to take some work to go out and get them but every 5 points is another level you can transmute. The unicorn and cloak add 14 levels plus even at one point you can transmute level 5 gear so you can start with level 19 items if you want. All you need to transmute any item in the game is 425 but you if your willing to equip those +skill items you don't even need that so with just the cloak and unicorn you can stop at 353 (might be 352 does the .5 round up?) and transmute any item.
    Very little to sugar coat adorning its painful. I did it by making T1 mastercrafted and transmuting it. Since expert spells transmute like they are legendary you get a lot of powders. It also helps that the rares are a few gold. Last I checked the rares are cheap enough you can make the mastercrafted, transmute it and sell the adorning raws and make money.
  15. ARCHIVED-SirDinadan Guest

    Kenban wrote:
    One major process change with SF is that powders are no longer a limiting factor in combines. Previously, the fragment requirement for T1 recipes was so low that they were ubiquitous, and a single powder generally equated to a combine.
    Now the fragment requirement for a T1 recipe is 6, with 3 returned for four bars. So, at best, you could transmute treasured and keep even with the recipe requirements.. although my experience was that fragments still ran out faster than powders. Transmuting legendary currently just makes you scramble for fragments elsewhere.
  16. ARCHIVED-CelandineStar Guest

    Kenban wrote:
    Transmuting is not the problem. Adorning is the problem. You cannot skip tiers of adorning in any way that I know of.
    Unfortunately, breaking down rares only gives you the powders. For every single powder, you need around 6 shards (you get three back for a pristine combine though). I have a ton of T1-T2 rares and had planned to do most of my leveling that way, but with the changes to shards I have two choices: farm T1-T2 treasured or buy it. I wouldn't mind either one if we weren't talking about an ENORMOUS investment of time or money. Much more than it was before. And just as a reminder, pre-expansion I could make 70% of the adornments I needed. Now I can make none. I am more than willing to skill up to get these back, and have no problem with that change, but right now on our server a single treasured T9 adornment is running about 3-5 plat. No wonder the adorners don't want anything to change! :(
  17. ARCHIVED-erin Guest

    CelandineStar wrote:
    This is incorrect. Breaking down mastercrafted items gets you powders and fragments. You can max adorning, just like tink and trans, by doing level 1 stuff. You don't have to go up in tier at all.
  18. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    Right. Here's the breakdown of what gives you what, from
    • treasured item: fragment (common) or powder (rare)
    • mastercrafted item: fragment (common) or powder (rare)
    • Adept 3: powder (common) or infusion (rare)
    • legendary item: powder (common) or infusion (rare)
    • fabled item: infusion (common) or vial of mana (rare)
    (click the above link to see what is and is not transmutable)
  19. ARCHIVED-Cusashorn Guest

    I just started making adornments yesterday after much transmuting. I quickly came to realize that I won't be moving onto Tier 2 materials for another 40 or so skill points. Better get back to farming the Qeynos newbie zones...
  20. ARCHIVED-CelandineStar Guest

    My apologies then. I thought that Mastercrafted included the Adept 3 spells and I got no shards from transmuting those. However, unless you have a ton of rares sitting around, the issue is still going to be the same. I don't know what the chance is on shards vs. powders off of the Mastercrafted items, but even if you got one shard off of every breakdown, you would still need 6 rares per skillup. At least T1 rares are going for 1-2 gold on my server, that's something anyways.
    6 x 1.5 gold x50 skillups = 45 plat
    That's not terrible, but that's also a perfect scenario for T1, assuming shards from all items (which isn't possible) and a skillup on every combine (also not possible).
    It is ALSO assuming that after buying 300 rares, the prices are still holding at 1-2 gold per rare, which is probably not going to happen either.
    I feel like people are missing the bigger picture here though. I'm now at 40 Adorning and 118 Transmuting after around 12 straight hours of farming T1, and Transmuting would be higher if I had already moved on to another tier. You cannot argue that breaking this out into two components has made it easier. If it's working as intended, fine. But I personally think that the price of adornments has been and continues to be far out of line with the actual item and the general economy. Part of this is because the process is so time-consuming and expensive, and I had thought revamping the system was supposed to help with that. Instead the process was made harder and the recipes got dropped into the hands of a few, further inflating the price. It's just frustrating to the extreme to see people claim it's easy enough as it is because they've already done it and they don't want it to be any better for others. I never understand this mindset - I was one of the first maxed Tinkerers on my server and I was thrilled when they cut the loam amounts for everyone else. Sure it would have been nice if it was in time for me, but I'm not ticked that people came along after me and had an easier time.
    Just RAWR. Back to farming again this morning - I missed out on a T9 instance run yesterday because I was busy killing thousands of level three mobs. What fun! /end sarcasm
    (And for those that are actually reading this because they are working on leveling, the level 3 goblins outside the nursery in GFay dropped a bunch of the TI Adorning books, and the elementals near/in the cave outside the starter village in Darklight seem to be the best bet for farming T1 Treasured/Adepts. There are enough mobs and they spawn fast enough for two people to be there at once and they drop items quicker than anywhere else I've tested.)

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