House items that don't stack, but should

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  1. Mirt Well-Known Member

    Please post things here that don't stack, but should, giving the exact name of the item.
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  2. Mirt Well-Known Member

    Please keep in mind that things that can be written in and house pets shouldn't stack, so don't post those here please.
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  3. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Here's a list, in no particular order, of things that I've found, or others have emailed me about:

    Potted white lilies
    a rotting piece of pomegranate
    an overripe pomegranate
    a dormant Erollisi mantrap
    a frightening Erollisi mantrap
    an intricately wrought bench from the Shard of Love
    a roving purple nightlight
    Crushbone standard
    a lucanic vase of malice
    a burynai teddy bear
    a pristine small wooden table
    a pristine gnome resting chair
    a pristine freeport bedside table
    a pristine small quaint maple table
    a pristine medium bench
    a pristine large quaint maple table
    a pristine maple high backed chair
    plain maple room divider
    plain maple tile
    a pristine oggokian chair
    a pristine faydark wooden stool
    a pristine large bench
    an oggokian torch
    a pristine oggokian rock table
    a pristine faydark wooden table
    a pristine faydark tavern table
    a pristine freeport coffee table
    a pristine erudin globe
    a pristine thexian wine rack
    a pristine gnome simple table
    a pristine thexian chair
    a pristine thexian table
    a peacock feather
    a tattered veil from the shard of love
    bixie lamp
    torch of the celestial watch
    draconic brazier
    torch of the concordium
    sullonite sconce
    an ornate freeport candle
    deep sea catch
    ripper snapper plushie
    deep sea koi catch
    rainbow koi catch
    shallow waters catch
    golden rug of the beloved *
    trapped iceclad crab
    spiceleaf herb
    Norrathian holiday candles
    coldain chalice
    coldain cooking utensils
    coldain saucepan
    fayberry muffins
    gnomish pirate spirits
    steaming jumjum pie
    pristine river rock hearth
    large fae crate
    Kelethin brazier
    memorial fae statue
    small fae crate
    Faydark flower torch
    cylinder of superior growth
    rug of golden flora
    pot of Thekela's honey
    table of the forest bloom
    enormous potted seedling
    detailed map of the Faydark
    royal Kelethin bed
    magical fae forge
    ornate fork
    a bottle of glowing material
    Wantia chair
    draconic vase, version 3
    draconic vase set, version 4
    draconic vase set, version 5
    ancient shissar artifcact replica
    urn of baelon
    thulian container
    ceremonial urn of the faceless
    flame of the silver reaper
    draconic crate
    a small ornate Freeport barrel
    a vultak high-chair
    War boar of drunder
    goahmari herb
    blue termite
    green termite
    orange termite
    an Emissary Glochk Effigy
    a tiny magical stuffed hawk plushie
    a magical mini beaver plushie
    a tiny crab plushie
    a slimy gelatinous cube plushie
    arcane dragon statue, verion 1
    arcane dragon statue, verion 2
    benevolent dragon statue, version 1
    benevolent dragon statue, version 2
    drakota statue, version 1
    drakota statue, version 2
    fierce dragon head statue, version 1
    fierce dragon head statue, version 2
    noble dragon head statue, version 1
    noble dragon head statue, version 2
    red burynai shiny
    green burynai shiny
    blue draconic bench
    wantia chair
    a pristine oggokian rock table
    counter of draconic alchemy goods
    dwarven work table
    granville's dining table
    wantia end table
    shipwrecked scavenged table
    wantia bamboo stool
    an ornate Freeport stool
    a small ornate freeport end table
    golden fae tavern stool
    a small ornate freeport table
    lion's mane corner counter
    throne of the siren queen
    an ornate freeport chair
    granville's coffee table
    lover's settee
    lion's mane counter
    covenant district merchant station
    wantia round table
    heavy gnomish cannon
    a tiny anemone plushie
    fae's feast candlestick
    a frightening erollisi mantrap
    clockwork assassin
    a tiny magical stuffed hawk plushie
    a tiny magical stuffed aviak plushie
    a tame fearstalker
    a burynai teddy bear
    flaming whirlwind
    a pristine generic elm chair
    a pristine troll wooden crate
    a pristine river rock hearth
    plain elm room divider
    plain elm tile
    a pristine primitive elm chair
    a pristine troll chair
    "crafted altar of ____" (all crafted altars do not stack)
    thurgadin souvenir metal tile
    thurgadin souvenir stone tile
    thurgadin souvenir snowglobe
    genuine velium powder
    coldain sacred incense
    green wisp
    a bouquet of woodsun flowers
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  4. Brewmyst Active Member

    simple roll of fabric
    stack of Coldain plates

    There's more, I just don't have my list handy
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  5. Brewmyst Active Member

    found another.

    Thurgadin Mystic Magefire
    The Minds of Meldrath
    Map of Old Tunaria
    Dark Marble Statue of the Sisterhood
    Windswept Frostflower
    veiled bow of the shard
    The Book of Bound Mithril
    an aviak bath
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  6. elflover Well-Known Member

    Sorry if there is any repeats:

    Decorative Vines
    Penumbra door
    Cardinian Table
    shipwrecked scavenged table
    group of rolled rugs
    a tranquil bonsai
    a harmonious bonsai
    Fiery Jewel of the Underfoot
    Rack of Cardinian Fabrics
    Scourage Catapult
    table of the forest bloom
    Fountain of Storms
    Toxxulia plant
    authentic replica Charasis platform (illuminated)
    authentic replica Charasis platform
    Draconic Brazier
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  7. elflover Well-Known Member

    Goahmari Herb
    a dormant Erollisi mantrap
    Satyr Ritual Totem, version 1-4
    Kelethin brazier
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  8. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    none of the draconic statues that are made from the research apprentice recipes stack
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  9. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    Doesn't Stack
    Seeds of Vengeance
    an unfinished Wantia armoire
    Wantia armoire
    Wantia ornate vessel
    Coffin Pillow
    Hoard of the Ancients
    Lamp of Devotion
    a sabertooth tiger plushie
    a tiny sea turtle plushie
    a tiny barracuda plushie
    Sablevein Crumbler Plushie
    coldain leather bound book
    Synthetic Kaborite Ward
    a Lucanic Vase of Malice
    Pink Vesspyr Bloom
    Pristine desert poppies
    Decorative Swamp Plant
    Decorative Withering Flowers
    Decorative Swamp Lily
    Decorative Squash
    Rivervale Vine Knot Door
    Rivervale Vine Wreath Door
    Lion's Mane Circle Counter
    an empty Paineel bath
    Mistmoore Piano Bench
    Mistmoore Piano
    Majestic Crusader Adherent Motif
    Merchant Stall of Tozzkalem
    Tunarian Sculpture
    ornate knife
    Crushbone Torture Chair
    Draconic Collection of Exquisite Antiques
    Draconic Pedestal, Version 1
    Draconic Stage
    Draconic Trinkets Crate
    Fancy Plant Pot
    Fresh Fruit Assortment
    Fresh Oranges and Limes
    Grilled Omenfish Plate
    Seared Omenfish Platter
    Veeshan Devotee Rug
    Dwarven Mine Lantern
    Tyshgwyn's Stoneplate Barbute
    Rise of the Orcs - The Deadtime
    Ancient Bar Table
    Authentic Cooking Pot from The Vigilant
    Blue Odyssey Wool Rug
    Draconic Vase, Version 2
    Draconic Vase, Version 3
    Draconic Vase, Version 4
    Draconic Vase, Version 5
    Draconic Vase, Version 7
    Draconic Vase, Version 10
    basic coldain crate
    elaborate coldain crate
    frosty Halasian barrels
    Halasian Andiron
    Halasian barrels
    Halasian bench
    Halasian feasting table
    Halasian hardbound book
    Halasian high backed chair
    reinforced Halasian chest
    Round Rug of the Frigid Waves
    simple Halasian chest
    sturdy Halasian chest
    Unlit Halasian Andiron
    Woven Rug of the Protector
    Wool Rug of New Beginnings
    Woven Rug of Prosperity
    Large Rectangular Combine Rug
    Pristine wild shrub
    Rickety Stage
    Round Rug of the Eternal Hunt
    Silken Padding
    Torch of Celestial Watch
    a Qeynosian large ornate rug
    a Qeynosian large wooden barrel
    a Qeynosian medium wooden barrel
    a basic wooden stool
    a simple stool
    a wooden bucket
    a pristine primitive elm bookcase
    an Ornate Freeport Sandstone Bench
    an ancient tomb
    an oaken bed
    golden fae chair
    grand Kelethin bookcase
    metamorphic stone

    Bugged Stacking
    Carved Freeport Door (only stacks to 2)
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  10. Eradani Well-Known Member

    Basic Table
    Faydark flower torch
    Fiery Jewel of the Underfoot
    Hewn Stone Sign
    Kelethin brazier
    Lion's Mane Circle Counter
    Memorial Fae Statue
    Sablevein Crumbler Plushie
    Spiceleaf Herb
    Thalz'Iz'Zaz Tribute Statue
    Torch of the Concordium
    Wool Rug of the Pine Forest
    a wooden chest
    a covered statue from the Shard of Love
    a peacock feather
    a plain chair
    a pristine thexian wine rack
    an ancient tomb
    an iksar throne
    an Order of Rime brazier
    an oaken bench
    bottle of glowing material
    detailed map of the Faydark
    enormous potted seedling
    large fae crate
    plush icemane pelt
    pot of Thekela's honey
    reinforced coldain crate
    royal Kelethin bed
    rug of the golden flora
    shipwrecked scavenged table
    small fae crate
    table of the forest bloom

    most of my snowglobes stack except:
    Shard of Love Globe
    Souvenir Charging Boar Snowglobe
    Souvenir Defeated Sarnak Snowglobe
    Thurgadin Souvenir Snowglobe

    are books supposed to stack? some of mine (in the bank) are stacking but most aren't
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  11. elflover Well-Known Member

    Player written books do not stack, but i have a 2 tinkering tomes that do but they are from guide event so guessing some game books do dont have many of the same to know for sure.
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  12. Kloo Active Member

    Draconic Pedestal, Version 2
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  13. Lera Well-Known Member

    Making player-written books stack results in the contents being lost. They originally did stack, but that got fixed.
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  14. elflover Well-Known Member

    O i know Lera post above asked if books were suppose to stack, player written was a no and some of the stuff from game i have do but not sure if all do.
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  15. Brewmyst Active Member

    Erollisi's Arrow
    The Enemy Within
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  16. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Empty Far Seas Bookcase
    Far Seas Bookcase
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  17. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Sounds like most of the non-stacking items are old ones? :-/

  18. Brewmyst Active Member

    Frosted Marble Statue of the Sisterhood
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  19. Wilowsong Active Member

    A roving purple nightlight.
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  20. elflover Well-Known Member

    house pets dont stack anything you can write or name doesnt stack
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