Heroic tree, Critical Bulwark AA---What would you like?

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Tekadeo, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Soul_Dreamer Guest

    I like the idea of Avoidance while DWing, 1.5-2% of "Riposte" per point?
    Crusaders have jack in this section of their heroic tree as well so a some addition of avoidance for them when using a 2 hander would be good and then all shield using tanks are being brought up a little.
  2. ARCHIVED-Daecollo2 Guest

    Netty wrote:
    10% Potency is very nice, alot better then most people give it credit for, i'd rather take 10% damage for everything (except auto attack), over a temp buff that temporarly makes me immune to control effects.

    Guardians are already immune to control effects, so the buff is worthless to them.
  3. ARCHIVED-Netty Guest

    Beko@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    10% pot does nearly nothing for a berserk. Try and parse it with out and with it. For heroics EI might be a waste but on raids its a god bless. Guardians arnt immune to them its a proc... And last time i checked this is the zerk forum so even guards where 100% immune to it that wouldent matter. The fact that the adorn is better than the guardian immune effect says alot really. And i have found many uses for EI.
  4. ARCHIVED-Daecollo2 Guest

    Netty wrote:
    10% Potency is amazing, what are you talking about?

    10% more damage on Abandoned Fury/10% more damage and threat for insolence/10% more damage for procs you get from other classes on raids. (example, COB/Mystics Group Buff's Proc.)

    For Raids 10% Potency is amazing, it ADDS up.
  5. ARCHIVED-Zeuhl27 Guest

    10% potency for our terrible combat arts is amazing for raids? lulz
    I'll take the temp bonus from EI any day. And 10% damage reduction for a temp buff that I can cast often? Yes thank you.
  6. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    Soul_Dreamer wrote:
    I love this idea.
  7. ARCHIVED-Zeuhl27 Guest

    Thought you quit. My hopes are crushed...
  8. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    Talathion@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    you would
    i can hear the crying now of all other fighters over several stoneskins per minute.
  9. ARCHIVED-Thetmes Guest

    Like I said DW spec is what we need. Change the Fighter Tree around some. Us the Wis and Stam lines make one for shields the other for DW spec. Then change a few things in the Shadows tree to support both specs. Then do the same in the Heroic tree and be done with it.
  10. ARCHIVED-bluedego Guest

    I 100% support buffs to zerks.. personally i'd love to see you guys in raids again.
    I dont even know of any zerkers on unrest that play. Except 1 terrible one.
    Not a troll.. I'd honestly like to see some serious buffage. OR massive mob damage reduction.
    Other tanks complaining put fighters into this current state.. Unless you play a zerk.. you should NOT be giving input on them. It doesn't make you kool, or get mad "respect". Matter of fact it's just annoying.
    Anything futher shouldn't be humored and just ignored.
    Heaven forbid a dev actually reads this thread.. the good input you guys have is buried in 50 pages of pointless rambling.
    Maybe even click the link on the side that says report this post to a moderator.
    GL ZERKS! I play an sk and a monk
  11. ARCHIVED-Yimway Guest

    In order for me to consider bringing a zerker back into a raid force, they're going to have to buff melee dps significantly, like at least to the degree they impacted it in EoF / RoK.
    To do this thogh, requires a pretty significant re-work of the class and careful consideration given to how we're already able to effectively cap too much in the game.
    I mean something crazy, and I mean really crazy like 33% combat art reuse speed for the group when berzerk. Perhaps an auto attack modifier on group buff, etc.
    BTW, I only posted cause Rage said zerkers should be the only ones to post =P
  12. ARCHIVED-Soul_Dreamer Guest

    Lyger@Permafrost wrote:
    Which is why it's "Non fighter", it would only benefit the groups DPS/Heals. The Shammy pet offers more, AOE avoid/cures(Admittedly very few take the cure AA)/wards/haste and stonekin to the pet and shammy...
    My AA will stay as it currently is if the change goes in with HP, it's too weak to spent points on. Currently it's 10 HP, 8 CB, 10 reuse, 10 EI, 10 Emboldened, 2 Percect C.
    I wouldn't accept a Zerker in my raid force in their current state.
    1. There aren't any good ones left.
    2. Even if there were, a Good zerk is light years behind other tank classes especially the brawlers.
  13. ARCHIVED-Zeuhl27 Guest

    Soul_Dreamer wrote:
    Sadly what I bolded is why I roll with a brigand in raids and my zerk sits at home...
  14. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    2 words: class consolidation

    i don't foresee this rotation of tanks changing anytime soon otherwise. shelfing a toon you love for several years at a time is getting very old. it's obvious SOE doesn't have the resources to balance the classes.

    zerks aren't the only ones crying this expansion.
  15. ARCHIVED-Zeuhl27 Guest

    You're very much correct Lyger. What they should have done in the beginning is released the game with fewer classes. You really only need half of them. They could have just used the resources spent making 24 (25 now) and instead made 12 with a more indepth AA system. That way it's easier for SoE to balance the archtypes against each other and we can use the AA trees to fit our individual playstyles.
    I really don't like the fact that my zerker is forced to the sidelines as much as he is. Unless I'm with guildies each time I try to get my zerker into something I have to prove that I can handle my job. All I ever see tanking these days are brawlers and SK's. It's not just zerkers that are getting the short end of the stick, I can't remember the last time I saw a paladin. People snatch up my brigand constantly for groups or pick up raids, but if I try to join on my zerker the first thing I hear is,"Dude you sure he can handle this?" Or, "You sure you'll be able to hold aggro?"
  16. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    don't get me wrong, i like that the game has diversity of good and evil reverse role classes. but this late in the game with the amount of specialized gear it is just beyond anyone's control to make the classes ever truly feel balanced again. SOE knows this, there will always be moaning whiners claiming that one class is better because it has better DPs versus their own defensive prowess.. where to draw the line? you can't make everyone happy, they tried with the tank revamp but they had their own ideas on that and it wound up a disaster with little choice of offensive or defensive.. why choose an offensive tank class if you have no DPS?
    so now we have gaps from casual to hardcore, some classes benefit more and some less as they progress. ours generally less with our DPS buffs having been compromised for many expansions by diminishing returns and our defensives being nerfed by complainers of other tank classes saying we were too powerful in the very endgame roles.
    so what to do? my answer was i hung up my horns to show my disproval, as many others have done and ultimately given my only ultimatum as consolidation which will never happen. SOE is too proud of having so many classes and will keep with the FoTM role is has taken on of buffing certain classes each expansions. eventually zerks will have a place again, even if it is as the jack of all trades/master of none class(unless you count destroying gobs of green mobs a specialty, keep in mind most raid settings do not even require this class focus) again along with SK as the redheaded stepchildren of EQ2.

    i would rather have a combination warrior which has a true offensive DPS stance and true defensive stance versus what we currently have(the issue of switching instantly was cured when gear could not be swappable in combat). but again, if i hold my breathe i would die before it happens. i consider myself a zerker, if i could accept that i believe others could also just in order to enjoy the game again. i have never been approached about this as my idea and that is(or rather was) my job.
    it appears SOE has stopped taking many people's feedback and returned to designing the game on their own again, of which i certainly can understand to a point, if you take the wrong ideas it can blow up in your face. as i was at one time a promoter of the tank revamp but it ultimately was up to 1 or 2 people within SOE to make the real decisions, one of which was a high DPS class who obviously felt tanks should not be doing much more than what a healer could accomplish.

    about the only thing i really would hope for is a forum where zerks can give their feedback without every other class **itting on it, watering it down, being ignored of notice because of that.

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